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21 Best SEO Software for Agencies 2024 (Category Wise)


Listed 20 Best SEO Software for Agencies Category Wise of 2024. Get the Top SEO Tools for your Digital Agency after comparing their Features, Pricing, Accuracy, and Other Data. We mentioned all SEO Software in the category wise so you can choose accordingly.

Are Looking for the best SEO Tools & SEO Software for your Marketing Agency??

Most agencies work around the competitive market, So It is Important to choose the right tools. They require a system that helps in forecasting, analyzing, and executing business projects. 

SEO tools aren’t only useful for tracking your rankings or conducting keyword research. 

So, if you give them your word for placing them at the top, your position in SERP will be proof of service delivery. Using SEO tools for your agency – before trying them on clients – strengthens your promises.

In this Post, We are sharing some of the best SEO Tools For Agencies, that can make SEO Work on a large scale.
Best SEO Software for Agencies
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Let’s Start!!

Why a Good SEO Tool is Important for an Agency?

Digital marketing is the marketing strategy that happens online. It involves digital channels such as websites, social media, emails, and search engines. These channels use paid and SEO services to improve business performance. 

SEO marketing is the running of campaigns that attract exemplary visitors to your site. It entails keywords and search intents that place you on top of search engine results pages (SERP). 

Defining SEO

Typically, the process focuses on understanding your target audience. That way, you can create topics that naturally fit your keywords.

It is tough to choose the right SEO software but the main thing is it depends on your requirements.

How We Can Help You To Find Better SEO Tools For Your Agency?

SEO tools investigate the potential of Web pages for high placement on search engine ranking pages. They provide information on backlinks and keywords as well as insights into SEO competition on the Internet.

SEO Tools

With SEO tools, you can see which new and existing keywords your competitors are ranking for. You can then add these terms to your own list, use the tools to identify related keywords, and even consider expanding to new markets.

Here we have mentioned various categories of SEO tools that will help you to find out the better SEO Tool for Your Agency:

  • Keyword research tools – Discover organic, high, low, and medium keywords necessary for ranking. 
  • Competitive analysis tools – For information about competitors and strategies giving them a competitive edge. 
  • Link building and outreach tools – For backlink acquisition and management. 
  • Rank tracking tools – Determines current SERP position and how to improve or maintain it. 
  • WordPress Plugins – For support of your WordPress SEO efforts through relevant suggestions.
  • Site audits tool – Run regular checks and report health issues and areas that need change.
  • SEO suite tools – These are one-in-all tools. They support several categories of search engine optimization.

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Let’s start the countdown of Top SEO reporting tools for agencies and Marketers.

Uncover the Hidden Gems

The Best Tools to Boost Your Online Rankings

Keyword research tools help you discover topics that interest specific audiences. Research tools tell you about topics that are doing well on search pages. 

Here is a table for a better understanding of Agency seo software:

SEO ToolWebsite
Google Keyword Plannerads.google.com/keyword-planner
Ahrefs Keyword Explorerahrefs.com/keywords-explorer
Keyword Everywherekeywordseverywhere.com
Moz Promoz.com
Rank Rangerrankranger.com
Advanced Web Rankingadvancedwebranking.com
Yoast SEOyoast.com
Rank Mathrankmath.com
Screaming Frogscreamingfrog.co.uk

These SEO tools offer a wide range of capabilities, including keyword research, competitor analysis, website auditing, rank tracking, and more.

You can visit their respective websites to explore their features in more detail and choose the tools that align with your specific SEO needs.

Unlock the Secrets of SEO Success

Discover the Best Tools for Keyword Research

Through this software, you get topic ideas. You then use the ideas to create a content strategy. Keyword research tools place you in a competitive position in the market. 


Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a reliable tool for SEO and PPC Marketing. It supports the discovery of keywords necessary for paid and organic campaigns. The planner delivers search volumes and estimates that assist with ADs management. 

What makes it more interesting is that it is a free tool. To access it, you need to create or access your Google ADs account. From there, choose to discover new keywords or get the search volume and forecast. 

Google Keyword Tools

The Keyword Planner is designed with the best SEO monitoring tools and PPC services in mind. It supports the operations of business marketers and digital marketing agencies.

Google Keyword Planner Pros & Cons:

  • Comprehensive keyword data
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Location-specific targeting
  • Keyword grouping and organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited keyword ideas for non-advertisers
  • Restricted search volume ranges

Google Keyword Planner Pricing:

To use Google Keyword Planner, you will need to have a Google Ads account, which is free to create. Once you have an account, you can access Keyword Planner through your Google Ads dashboard without incurring any additional charges for using the tool.

Get The Credits With Best Deal:

Google Ads Credit 2024 – Avail Up to $10,000 Google Ad Credit

However, keep in mind that if you choose to create and run PPC campaigns using Google Ads based on the keyword research you do in Keyword Planner, you will incur costs for advertising based on your chosen budget and campaign settings.


Ahref Keyword Explorer

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


Ahrefs is a comprehensive solution for improving your search engine rankings. Plus, with excellent customer support and a user-friendly interface,
Starting Price


Free Trial

7 Days Trial for $7

Money Back

48 Hours for Monthly Subscription


Best Tool for Professionals but It is Expensive.

Ahrefs is an excellent keyword research tool because of its massive database of keywords. It delivers more than 7 billion keywords that are updated every month.

What’s even better is the different search engines it collects keywords from. It collects data from Google, Bing, Amazon, and many others. 

ahrefs SEO Tool Home

Interestingly, Ahref keyword explorer shows keyword difficulty. If, for instance, you were to search for a ‘web design company in Massachusetts‘, the tool would indicate how difficult it is to rank for the term. 

The benefit of this is a better understanding of keyword selection. You also get accurate results for the thousands of keyword ideas available online. 

Other SEO aspects that Ahref will help you discover include:

  • Estimated number of clicks on keywords
  • Advanced SEO metrics for better results
  • The parent topics for target keywords
  • Data from over 170 countries
  • Position history and SERP overview

Pros & Cons of ahrefs:

  • Offers a wide range of SEO features
  • One of the largest backlink and keyword databases
  • Known for its accuracy and reliability
  • Allows you to spy on your competitors
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • Relatively expensive compared to some other SEO tools
  • Reporting features could be more comprehensive

Ahrefs Pricing:

  • Lite Plan $99
  • Standard Plan– $199
  • Advanced– $399
  • Enterprise– $999

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Keyword Everywhere

The most exciting part about Keyword Everywhere is that it is overlaid on major search engines. You can find it on YouTube, Google, or Search Console.

In Google, it is located on the right-hand side of every search result page. It shows the traffic volume on each search result. 


For every search you perform with Keyword Everywhere, you can view several reports.

  • People also searched for
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Keyword difficulties
  • Trending data
  • Related keywords

Keywords Everywhere have both free and paid plans. It’s available as a Chrome and Firefox extension. It shows CPC values and graphs to support keyword research processes.  

Pros & Cons of Keyword Everywhere:

  • User-friendly tool
  • Offers keyword data from multiple sources
  • Allows you to quickly analyze keyword data
  • Provides valuable insights into keyword competition
  • Offers both free and paid plans
  • Limited features in free version
  • Dependence on API credits

Keyword Everywhere Pricing:

  • 100,000 credits– $100
  • 500,000 credits– $500
  • 1,000,000 credits– $100



Sitechecker is an All-in-one SEO Platform for Agencies. With Sitechecker you can Improve your clients’ on-page and technical SEO, Impress clients with white-label PDF reports.

SiteCheker SEO tool

Showcase your success with an accurate Rank Tracker, Monitor your clients’ websites 24/7, Turn data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts into actions, and Get personalized step-by-step SEO instructions.

Pros & Cons of SiteChecker:

  • Automated website monitoring
  • Customizable monitoring settings
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Generates detailed reports with historical data
  • Offers different pricing plans to suit various budgets
  • May not have all the advanced features
  • May have limited integrations
  • May be limited to certain geographic locations

SiteChecker Pricing:

  • Basic Plan – $39/per month
  • Standard Plan – $149/per month
  • Premium Plan – $249/per month

For Better Competitive For Your Agency-

Best SEO Tools For Competitive Analysis

The online spaces are very competitive. Even established agencies need regular monitoring to maintain their top position.

Because of this, SEO companies need to know what their competitors are doing. They require tools that analyze competitors’ data. 

For better performance, these tools need to work in real time. They should also deliver data that is accurate and flexible. 



Best for services
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


SEMrush is a comprehensive and powerful digital marketing tool that provides a suite of features to help businesses optimize their online presence.
Starting Price


Free Trial

14 Days

Money Back

7 Days


Leading SEO Tool with Each Feature that you Need.

SEMrush allows the comparison of companies of different sizes. It gives you an insight into backlinks, keywords, and domain authority

Using this information, you can discover gaps in your strategy. You can then use their tracking tool to access progress. That way, you gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Semrush-SEO-Tools Goals

In addition, SEMrush boasts an extensive database. It has over 130 countries on its list. This means that its content is rich for successful campaigns. The traffic, queries, and targets are also well-laid out to help you discover what’s trending.

If you want to start your first free trial on an SEO tool, then Semrush is the best SEO software for agencies’ free trial or demo. If you want more details then we already have mentioned them below.

Pros & Cons of SEMrush:

  • Offers a wide range of SEO tools
  • Provides detailed data on Competitors’ Analysis
  • Has a massive database of over 20 billion keywords
  • Clean and Intuitive interface
  • Offers robust reporting and analytics features
  • It can be expensive, especially for small businesses or individual
  • Social media management features are not as comprehensive

SEMrush Pricing:

  • Pro- $119.95monthly
  • Guru- $229.95monthly
  • Business- $449.95monthly



Best for competitor analysis
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


$33.00 -15%
SpyFu is an all-in-one SEO and PPC tool that provides businesses and digital marketers with a comprehensive suite of features to improve their online …

SEO Tool

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited SEO, PPC and Keyword Research.

Moeny Back

30 Days


Best SEO Tool for Spy SERP and Competitors with all Important SEO Features.

SpyFu helps you study your competitor in many ways. It displays ranking history, top pages, and backlink data. With its over 7 billion results, SpyFu delivers insight into top performers.

This way, you can segment sites similar to yours so that you can know their progress. 

SpyFu Competitor Keyword Research Tools home

Another essential feature is domain comparison. With SpyFu, you can view and compare how domains are performing.

The comparison tables allow you to organize your data. It offers strategies for moving ahead and maintaining top positions. 

Pros & Cons of SpyFu :

  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Robust keyword research capabilities
  • Access to a vast PPC ad database
  • SEO analysis and rank tracking
  • Historical data for tracking changes over time
  • Potential data accuracy limitations
  • Learning curve for new users

SpyFu Pricing:

Basic Plan: The plan starts at $39 per month, the features that SpyFu provides such as 10k row search results, 10k row data exports, and much more.

Professional Plan: The plan will cost you $39 per month, wait yeah pricing looks similar but the features have some rich amount compared to the basic plan.

Team Plan: This plan will cost you $299 per month, it includes all the basic and professional features and also comes with more features.



Best in keyword research

iSpionage offers opportunities to learn and visualize your data. It’s a great SEO and PPC management tool since it includes more search engines. iSpionage supports the three major search engines, namely Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 

iSpionage Mainpage

The tool identifies top competitors in Adwords. It delivers information such as monthly budgets and PPC targets. By using this information, you can know strategies that can give you a competitive edge. 

Pros & Cons of iSpionage:

  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Valuable keyword research capabilities
  • Real-time ad monitoring
  • Landing page analysis for conversion optimization
  • Historical data for tracking competitor performance
  • Limited data coverage
  • Paid tool with associated costs

iSpionage Pricing:

Starter Plan: This plan starts at $59 which is good for small business owners or digital marketers, It comes with various features such as competitive research, sem campaign watch, SEO watch, and some other features.

Professional Plan: The plan for those who have small agencies, It will cost you $99 per month. It includes all the Starter plan features with a rich amount of number of existing features.

Advanced Plan: The plan for growing agencies and digital marketer teams, It will cost you $299 per month. This plan also works the same as well as the previous plans with a rich amount of features.

Enterprises Plan: The plan best for businesses and agencies. This is different from all the other plans: you can easily customize your plan according to your needs.

All In SEO For Your Agency-

Best SEO Software Suites

SEO suite tools are an all-in-one set of software.

They contain features that support almost all aspects of SEO marketing. They collect keywords, competitors’ data, audits, and outreach information.

We have added list-wise seo Suite tools, at their convenience since all services happen from a single location. 


Ahrefs: SEO Suite Tool

Best in overall
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


Ahrefs is a comprehensive solution for improving your search engine rankings. Plus, with excellent customer support and a user-friendly interface,
Starting Price


Free Trial

7 Days Trial for $7

Money Back

48 Hours for Monthly Subscription


Best Tool for Professionals but It is Expensive.

Ahrefs ranks among the best SEO platform for agencies. It contains the site explorer, keyword research, site audit, and rank tracking features. 

Ahrefs: SEO Suite Tool

For both new and established agencies, Ahrefs assists in creating helpful content. It allows businesses to analyze and track site performances. 

Pros & Cons of ahrefs:

  • Comprehensive SEO tool
  • Extensive backlink analysis
  • Powerful keyword research capabilities
  • Accurate and up-to-date search engine data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Limited social media tracking capabilities

ahrefs Pricing:

  • Lite Plan: $99/per month
  • Standard Plan: $199/per month
  • Advanced Plan: $399/per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $999 (Ideal for agencies)


Moz Pro

Best-in-class SEO software
Moz Pro SEO Tool

If you want a tool that will help you discover, analyze, and deliver better SEO strategies, then Moz Pro is the best choice. Moz Pro has a keyword tracker, rank tracking, and audit features at its disposal. 

It allows for link exploring to discover backlinks that boost the authority of your page. More importantly, you can create custom reports and use them to manage client progress.

Agencies can also customize the information for sharing with stakeholders and clients. 

Is a brilliant tool for optimizing pages for better ranking. It’s also fast and convenient for extracting large volumes of data. 

Pros & Cons of Moz Pro:

  • Robust link analysis and backlink profile tracking
  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis tools
  • On-page optimization recommendations and auditing
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard
  • Regular updates and improvements based on industry trends
  • Limited social media and content marketing features
  • Learning curve for beginners can be steep

Moz Pricing:

  • Standard Plan: $99/per month
  • Medium Plan: $179/per month
  • Large Plan: $299/per month
  • Premium Plan: $599/per month



Searchmetrics helps you uncover hidden gaps relevant to competitive market analysis. It reveals opportunities in regional, global, and local markets.

Through its competitive analysis features, you can discover operational data for better decision-making processes

Its API also enhances the quality of retrieved data. Searchmetrics covers all SEO requirements for successful digital marketing agencies. 

Pros & Cons of Searchmetrics:

  • Comprehensive keyword data
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Location-specific targeting
  • Keyword grouping and organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited keyword ideas for non-advertisers
  • Restricted search volume ranges

Searchmetrics Pricing:

There is no pricing shown on their website, we extremely apologize for the pricing details of Searchmetrics.

Best Linking Building Tools For Your Agency-

Best SEO Softwares For Link Building and Outreach

Links are relevant for delivering traffic to a website. And because of this, SEO efforts require link-building tools that enrich the prospecting process.

Through link-building and outreach tools, the best SEO agency tool can send responsive emails. The company also enjoys suggestions and tracking of better backlink opportunities.  



Best in Features

Pitchbox focuses on link-building and influencer outreach. It delivers better link opportunities by customizing emails to specific audiences.

Everything in Pitchbox happens in record time. You can find backlink opportunities, influencers, and bloggers in the shortest time. 

Pitchbox SEO Tool for link building

Furthermore, Pitchbox is designed with digital marketing agencies in mind. It maximizes every SEO effort to deliver the best results. 

Pros & Cons of Pitchbox:

  • Efficient outreach management
  • Personalized outreach
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Track campaign performance
  • Seamless integration
  • Limited customization options
  • Data accuracy reliance

Pitchbox Pricing:

  • Professional Plan: $550/per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $1500/per month



Best cloud-based platform
Buzzsumo SEO tool

Buzzsumo offers outreach programs that deliver better link-building opportunities. It explores various sites to discover trends that work. Through Buzzsumo, a digital marketing agency can find influencers that can attract more traffic to websites

With Buzzsumo, marketers can target link-building opportunities guaranteeing better results. Even better is the ability to track performance and capture leads when they are likely to convert. 

Pros & Cons of Buzzsumo:

  • Content discovery and research
  • Influencer identification and outreach
  • Social media monitoring and analysis
  • Competitor analysis and insights
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use
  • Pricing can be expensive for some users
  • Data may not be real-time or up-to-date

Buzzsumo Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $119/per month
  • Content Creation Plan: $249/per month
  • PR & Comms Plan: $249/per month (Get 5 alerts)
  • Suite Plan: $499/per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $999/per month


As the name suggests, Buzzstream creates a buzz in your link-building efforts. It provides link-building insights for all your outreach programs.

More impressive is how Buzzstream monitors your links. It tracks performance and ensures profitable link-building projects. 

Buzzstream mainpage

The tool also manages your emails. It allows you to create email templates to boost conversions. It also enables the sharing of templates with team members, thus enhancing link-building strategies. 

Pros & Cons of BuzzStream:

  • Streamlined outreach management
  • Relationship tracking and management
  • Automated follow-ups and reminders
  • Integration with other tools and platforms
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Pricing may be expensive for small businesses
  • Limited social media monitoring capabilities

BuzzStream Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: $24/per month
  • Growth Plan: $124/per month
  • Professional Plan: $299/per month
  • Customized Plan: Starts at $999/per month

For Better Rank Tracking For Your Agency-

SEO Tools for Rank Tracking

Here is the Best SEO tracking software which is relevant for monitoring performance. They tell you when you are doing well and when you start dropping from top positions.

Tracking helps marketers discover trends that can maintain top posts. It also shows when they need to update keywords and link-building strategies. 


Rank Ranger

Best for improving SEO ranking

Rank ranger allows for international tracking of performance. It tracks reports from search pages like Google, Bing, and Baidu.

Rank Ranger supports SEO campaigns by allowing SERP monitoring via zip code or city. It also offers advanced reports on mobile and desktop.


Rank Ranger has a fantastic interface that is easy to navigate. For example, if you want to compare the collaboration between your clicks and rankings.

It’s available on the dashboard. Information about the upward and downward trends of keywords is also available. 

The tools create graphs that enrich comparisons. Even better is its suggestion capabilities. Ranger has a site explorer that discovers and solves your SEO efforts gap. 

Pros & Cons of Rank Ranger:

  • Comprehensive SEO tracking and reporting
  • Advanced keyword research and analysis
  • Accurate rank tracking and SERP features
  • Customizable and intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Integration with popular analytics and marketing tools
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Support response times can vary

Rank Ranger Pricing:

  • Lite Plan: $79/per month
  • Standard Plan: $149/per month
  • Pro Plan: $699/per month
  • Premium Plan: $2700/per month


Advanced Web Ranking

Best for Competitor research

Advanced web ranking is accessible from any device. It’s also available in different languages and on various search engines.

Additionally, it delivers weekly, monthly, or on-demand rankings. It also allows for the customization of reports.

This makes it possible to share content in any format or size. Furthermore, the customization allows sharing through user accounts or links. 

Advanced Web Ranking

If you are looking for a tool with better competitor insights, this is the right one. It’s also convenient since it integrates with most third-party reporting tools. 

Pros & Cons of Advanced Web Ranking:

  • Comprehensive rank tracking
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Local and mobile tracking
  • Integration options
  • User interface and design
  • Limited social media and content marketing features

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing:

  • Pro Plan: $99/per month
  • Agency Plan: $199/per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $499/per month
  • Customized Plan: Starts at $700/per month



Best for SERP results
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos

Serpstat Review

$55.00 -20%
Serpstat offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses and marketers optimize their websites for search engines, analyze their …

SEO Tool

Starting Price


Key Features

Keyword Research, SERP Tracking & SEO Audits


Best Tool for Rank Tracking on SERP

Serpstat tracks rankings on Google and Yandex. It delivers live updates for all your search queries. Because of this, any sudden changes in position are reported immediately.

Additionally, the tool is excellent at segmenting activities. You can view reports based on project names, keywords, and websites. 

Serpstat Mainpage

It also allows for sharing of data with specific team members. Because of this, there is more privacy in the extracted data. 

In addition, you can export retrieved data. And since the data is organized, the client can easily translate it. By using Serpstat, clients can tell when efforts are positively impacting their business. 

Serpstat gives you an in-depth look at a client’s SERP position. It is an excellent tool for tracking performance without switching between tools. 

Pros & Cons of Serpstat:

  • Comprehensive keyword data
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Location-specific targeting
  • Keyword grouping and organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited keyword ideas for non-advertisers
  • Restricted search volume ranges

Serpstat Pricing:

  • Lite Plan: $69/per month
  • Standard Plan: $149/per month
  • Advanced Plan: $299/per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $499/per month

Some Better SEO Plugins For Your Agency-

Best SEO WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins help in the optimization of websites. They offer suggestions that place pages at competitive positions in SERP. Plugins are essential for attracting and retaining page visitors. 


Yoast SEO

Best for the technical optimization
  • Product
  • Specification
Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin designed to help website owners optimize their sites for search engines.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Starting Price


Key Features

Sitemap, Snippets & Internal link suggestion,

Free Plugin

Yes, Always Free


Best SEO Plugin with Needy Features.

Yoast SEO is essential for improving the readability and ranking of web pages. It offers suggestions on keywords and metadata that can push a business up the ranks.

Yoast SEO mainpage

Yoast has a user-friendly interface and generates clean XML sitemaps. It’s also a reliable tool for internal links and social media sharing functionalities. Yoast is a convenient SEO WordPress plugin for agency and business websites. 

Pros & Cons of Yoast:

  • Comprehensive keyword data
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Location-specific targeting
  • Keyword grouping and organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited keyword ideas for non-advertisers
  • Restricted search volume ranges

Yoast Pricing:

  • Per year Plan: $99/per year


Rank Math

Best WP SEO plugin

Rank Math is a simple-to-use WordPress plugin. It’s free and allows for targeted keyword searches of up to five terms. It also allows for editing of aspects like the metadata and meta description. 

Rank Math focuses on on-page SEO.

It checks content, URL, and titles for rankability. It also confirms the length of content. This is to ensure that it meets the ranking standards.

In short, Rank Math delivers reports on aspects of your website that might affect your SEO scores. 

Pros & Cons of Rank Math:

  • Comprehensive keyword data
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Location-specific targeting
  • Keyword grouping and organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited keyword ideas for non-advertisers
  • Restricted search volume ranges

Rank Math Pricing:

  • Pro Plan: $59/per year
  • Business Plan: $199/per year
  • Agency Plan: $499/per year

For Better SEO Reporting For Your Agency-

Best SEO Tools for Site Audit

A site audit tool scrutinizes your website for technical and SEO problems that can affect ranking. They confirm if search engine bots can crawl and index your page. They also check your site’s health and report upcoming issues. 


Screaming Frog

Best Google crawler for SEO

The screaming frog is a powerful spider crawler. It comes with flexibility and real-time reports of website problems. 

For both small and large agencies, here are aspects that the crawler will address.

  • Schedule audits
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Find broken links
  • Create XML sitemaps
  • Collect Data
  • Crawl JavaScript websites

Pros & Cons of Screaming Frog:

  • Easy data visualization
  • Technical SEO issue identification
  • Comprehensive website crawling
  • Customizable configurations
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Limited scalability
  • No cloud-based option

Screaming Frog Pricing:

  • Paid Verison: $259/per year



Best SEO checker

SEOptimer can identify issues dragging back your SEO efforts. It goes through your website to check the health of your page. If it discovers a fault, the crawler will deliver a report in real time. 

They also have customizes reports. It provides white-label SEO reports in several languages. Through the site, you can create branded reports for your clients. This way, you inspire action through appealing emails.

In addition, SEOptimer allows sending of reports through various customer management systems. It integrates with Active Campaign, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

Pros & Cons of SEOptimer:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Local SEO insights
  • Comprehensive website analysis
  • Limited advanced features
  • Reliance on manual input

SEOptimer Pricing:

  • DIY SEO Plan: $19/per month
  • White Label Plan: $29/per month
  • White Label and Embedding Plan: $59/per month


Lumer (Formerly Deepcrawl)

Best for domain scanner

Lumer focuses on technical SEO. It contains a user-friendly interface that filters breakdowns, trends, and general health issues. Every aspect is grouped in the dashboard. This makes it easy to identify problem areas. 

In addition, Deepcrawl is flexible. It can dig into deeper parts of your websites to perform comprehensive crawls. It’s also accessible on various devices.

You can use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer for the process. It is interestingly convenient since it allows for task scheduling. 

Pros & Cons of Lumer:

  • Comprehensive website crawling and analysis
  • Identifying technical SEO issues
  • In-depth data and insights
  • Customizable configurations and filters
  • Integration with other tools and platforms
  • Higher pricing for larger websites
  • Limited support for JavaScript-rendered content

Lumer Pricing:

There is no pricing shown on their website, we extremely apologize for the pricing details of Searchmetrics.

Which Tools Do I Choose?

Wrapping Up – Best SEO Tools for Agencies

We have shared the details of the best agency SEO Tools for big websites and companies, after reading this topic you have lots various options to find the right SEO tool for your agency.

There you have it – the Best SEO software for agencies of Digital Marketing. These tools will support your business in delivering remarkable results to your clients.

You can gain valuable insights about your competition, how your SEO efforts are paying off, and whether you are generating a solid ROI for your clients.

By employing the best SEO Rank Tracking Tools, the agency can convince clients of their competence. For example, a Milwaukee business searching for a ‘digital marketing agency near me’ will discover the optimized site in the top slot. 

SEO Software for Agencies

They will also help in analyzing and auditing site problems. SEO tools are essential for winning new customers.

They are also crucial for retaining old clients. SEO tools are necessary for analyzing and forecasting future performances. 

At the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned all the best SEO software &Tools That you can use for Digital Marketing, We have provided all the basic details about tools, so you can choose according to your need.


Queries Related To SEO Software for Agencies

Here we have added some frequently asked questions related to the SEO software and tools for agencies.

What Are the Best SEO Tools for Digital Agencies?

SEO Tools are mainly made for making your SEO work easy, with the help of SEO Tools, you can track and analyze your data and these tools also help you to improve your overall SEO.

What are SEO tools for youtube?

For youtube, you can simply use YouTube Analytics & youTube Autosuggest, these tools will help you to do youtube channel & video SEO.

What are free SEO Softwares for Agencies?

There are lots of free SEO Tools in the market it depends on why you need them, for Page SEO you can choose rank math, and for keyword planning, you can use Google keyword planner.

What are Small SEO tools?

Small SEO Tools is a bundled collection of PRO SEO Tools. Popular small SEO tools like Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Backlink Maker, etc.

WebMeTools Team
WebMeTools Team

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