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12 AI Story Generator Tools For Better Story Writing in 2024

12 Best AI Story Generator & AI Noval Writers Tools in 2024, Starting just at $15 months or Avail 7 Days Free Trial. Create Stories using this Top AI Story Maker software.

Ai Tools can be a better option if you want effective working with limited time.

We are in this era, where Ai tools can manage all your creative works, including creative writing like writing stories for your blogs and articles.

So, If you are looking for something that can make an interesting and engaging story??

Then AI story creator is the one-time solution for you. An Ai story generator tool can generate stories with the help of AI. So you don’t have to make an effort to write content.

In this era of AI Technology, Why should you keep yourself behind these amazing tools??

So if you are looking for great AI Story makers, we are here to help you.

Here in this guide, we will give you a list of top AI Story Writers. You can generate your own story with the help of these AI story generators in no time.

So let’s get started but first, we will discuss what is an ai story generator tool and how it works.

Type of SoftwaresAI Story Generators
No. of Software12
Details ExplainedOverview, Features, and Price
Software UsagesStory, Novel & Blog Writing

Let’s Start!!

What is an AI Story Creator/Generator?

As the name says, the AI story generator is a tool that works with the help of artificial intelligence. You can create a new story and novel with the help of this AI tool.

So in simple words, an AI story generator tool is an online tool that can create stories and novels. You have to provide data to a story generator AI tool, and it generates a new story in some time.

About AI Story Generator
Source: https://bloggerspassion.com/

You need an AI tool when you face a lack of ideas and writer’s block. But it does not work as a human writer, it depends on the algorithm. These tools come with an immaculate interface, and they are very easy to use.

This can be useful for the person or a company who looking to create content or stories. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you start using AI Story generators…

You often have the idea but don’t know how to start, so the best AI story generator is a rescue. AI story tool is a perfect idea for you if you are looking for Story writing.

First, they are not always perfect. Second, they can only generate specific types of content. And lastly, they require expertise and training to get the most out of them.

Checkout all the details about this:

7 Top Ad Copy Generator – Copy Facebook & Google Ads

Best and Free AI Writers.

Table Of Top AI Story Generators

S. no.Tool/Software NameStarting PriceFree Plan/Trial
1.Jasper.ai$39/Month5 Days Free TrialVisit
5.ArticleForge$57/Month5 Days Free TrialVisit
6.CopyAi$49/Month7 Days Free TrialVisit
7.WordAI$57/Month3 Days Free TrialVisit
8.Copysmith$19/Month7 Days Free TrialVisit
9.Ai Writer$29/Month7 Days Free TrialVisit
10.Snazzy AI$49/MonthYesVisit

Details & Their Pros & Cons.

Best AI Story Writers With Their Pros & Cons


Jasper AI

Get 10,000 FREE Credit

It is one of the best AI story generators available in the market. You can create a blog post in a few minutes with the help of this tool. Most people like it as an AI story tool, and the tool receives many positive reviews from people. 

Jasper.ai - ai Story Maker

The tool works on OpenAI’s advanced GPT-3 algorithms, which help it create new content by given text. Jasper.ai is perfect for those who have less time. So if you are looking for an advanced AI-based story generator, we suggest you get this. 

Jasper AI Story Generator

Jasper.ai Key Features:

  • It can generate watermarks.
  • It has a flexible report layout.
  • It can accept data from multiple data sources.
  • It allows developers to supply data in multiple ways.
  • It is capable of presenting data textually or graphically.

Jasper.ai Pros & Cons:

  • The tool comes with a lot of good features and shortcuts
  • It also has Grammarly support and a plagiarism-checking facility.
  • It doesn’t have any cons 

Jasper.ai Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: It starts at $39/month and gives you access to 20,000 words each month and all of the short-form copywriting templates. if you want an AI writing tool to create short-form content like headlines, and product descriptions – the Starter plan from Jasper is a great choice for you.
  • Boss Mode: This plan starts at $99/month and gives you access to 50,000 words along with the long-form assistant which can be used to write full blog posts, Using this plan, you can create long content like blog articles, and emails, social media posts, and more.
  • Additional: The best part about Jasper AI is that it offers a 5-day free trial to all users. You can visit the following special link to grab their free trial.



Best blog articles and stories

One of the best AI story generators that can amaze you with its features is short. ShortlyAI works on the advanced algorithm GPT 3, which helps the tool create human-like content.

Shortlyai story or novel or ebook writer

The tool is good to write a long-form article. The highlight of this AI story generator is its simple interface. It is user-friendly, and you can easily operate it without knowing about story generator tools.

Shortly.ai Key Features:

  • The Shortly AI site offers several video tutorials 
  • ShortlyAI can write your YouTube video script.
  • the interface features a sidebar with a wide range of tools that you can use while you write
  • Shortly AI features a myriad of writing commands that help you gain finer control of your writing.
  • Open AI’s GPT-3, is at the forefront of what makes Shortly AI’s unique and advanced approach to writing work.

Shortly.ai Pros & Cons:

  • The tool has an editor, so you will not face distractions while writing stories.
  • As a price point, the product is good.
  • It is less good than Jasper.ai

Shortly AI Pricing:

  • Monthly Plan: Shortly AI monthly plan price is $79/month which comes with unlimited words credit. It means that you don’t need to worry about the number of words generated by ShortlyAI because of the unlimited generation feature.
  • Annual Plan: If you’ll pay yearly then it’ll cost you only $65/month which is equal to two months of ShortlyAI free access. Customers are able to cancel this plan at any time
  • Additional: You can also get ShortlyAi Free Trial before landing on your final decision.  You can check our blog on Shortly AI Free Trial to know how you can claim the Shortly Ai Free Trial Credit.



Best-powered AI copywriter

With Copysmith, you can produce various forms of marketing copy through artificial intelligence and this also works as an AI Story writer.

This can obviously be a lot quicker than producing copy yourself or through a writing team. Copysmith not only helps with content creation but also with the content ideation process.

Copysmith AI Copywriting Tool Overview

Copysmith offers an innovative, time-saving way of producing a variety of good-quality marketing copy, which you can use to boost your business or brand. It allows you to scale your marketing content almost infinitely, with a content producer who never sleeps.

CopySmith KeyFeatures:

  • The AI can generate entire posts, outlines, or intros for you
  • The advert writer creates both advert copy and product descriptions.
  • Copysmith has rewriting software that can spin existing content
  • It has a natural writing style with correct syntax and continuity between points.
  • You can create YouTube video descriptions, FAQ ideas, sales email copy, event press releases, etc.

CopySmith Pros & Cons:

  • The interface is very user-friendly as compared to others.
  • Provides you with lots of content in a limited time.
  • Blog post generations are capped

CopySmith Pricing:

  • Starter plan: It gives users 50 credits a month, which is about 650 pieces of copy. It also provides access to 20 plagiarism checks, most content types, and email support. which cost you $19 per month.
  • Professional plan: you will get starter plan features and in addition to this one offers long-form content generation, 100 plagiarism checks a month, and third-party app integration. This is also the first of the Copysmith plans with unlimited credits. For $49 per month
  • Enterprises Plan: you can enjoy all the features of a professional plan, but it also allows you to add a member($49/month), for 20 users you can customize your plans and also allows for 500 plagiarism checks a month.



The best grammar editing tool

This is another amazing AI Story Generator tool, With Wordtune you can write more compelling and impactful content.

It is a Chrome extension that gives you great suggestions for words and sentences when you are writing. it can be very time consuming to check and edit the writing.

Wordtune - Best Ai Story Generator

It gives you far more capabilities than grammar and writing assistants you’re already used to. This nifty but powerful tool helps you express yourself better by offering you clear, compelling, and authentic suggestions to better communicate your ideas.

Wordtune Key Features:

  • It is accessible online, and there is no need to download it.
  • You can change the tone of your pasted text in a number of ways.
  • You can create remarkable content without having to spend hours editing.
  • You can also highlight different words or phrases in a sentence and rewrite those.
  • You can rewrite your text in 5 different styles – original, casual, formal, shortened, and extended. 

Wordtune Pros & Cons:

  • The user interface is pretty simple
  • You can work on any website at once
  • There is no Wordtune app for desktop users

WordTune Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Wordtune’s free version only offers the rewrite feature and limits the number of rewrites per day to twenty. If you don’t have much content to write, the free plan may be a good choice for you.
  • Premium Plan: Businesses and entrepreneurs with a heavy writing schedule would benefit from the premium plan. Under $10/month, the unlimited features represent an excellent value. It is priced at $24.99 a month, but if you get a yearly subscription, it’s just $9.99 a month, which is a 60% discount.
  • Additional: Students and educators are eligible for a 50% discount, see: Do you offer discounts for students & educators? For more info.

Checkout all the Top Alternatives:

12 Best Wordtune Alternatives



Best in Features

If you want to write copy and generate a story, it is the perfect Story Generator ai Tool. This tool can provide you with engaging and unique content.

It uses an advanced AI feature to give you good service. So if you want to generate some good content a few times, go for this tool.

CopyAI - Ai Writer generator

The good thing about Copy.ai is it produces creative content that feels like human-written content. The tool gives you some amazing templates to use.

Copy.ai Key Features:

  • It can easily be used to generate any content around the different niches.
  • It Can write your product description or caption for your social media post
  • the service can give you some ideas for your blog and social media content.
  • It can create Emails, including thank you notes, confirmation emails, captivating subject lines, etc.
  • you can generate various sales copies, including Pain-Agitate-Solution, Before-After-Bridge, and Feature-Advantage-Benefit, among others.

Copy.ai Pros & Cons:

  • It has 90+ copywriting tools that help you to write good copy
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Not good for long-form content

Copy.ai Pricing:

  • The monthly plan: It will charge you $49 per month as long as you stay with them.
  • The yearly plan: It will charge you $36 per month, but you’ve to pay for the next 12 months at once.  You can then enjoy unlimited runs per day, tools, the newest features, 24/7 customer service support, and a premium community.
  • Enterprises Plan: you will enjoy a free seven-day trial before you buy a monthly or annual plan. You can utilize the free trial to navigate through the features available as you work.


AI Writer

Best AI content writing tool
AI Writer overview

AI Writer is, at its core, a fancy way of saying “ AI Story Generator or automated content writing tool”, which you can use to generate blog posts and articles using the speed of AI automation.

How it stands out from a lot of its competition is that it focuses mainly on long-form content when a lot of other AI story-writing tools are more short-form based.

AI Writer Key Features:

  • Focus Mode, Reading Time, Automarkdown (since V1)
  • You can get the option of Syntax Highlight.
  • You can create Content Blocks.
  • You can use it hashtags feature.
  • Try the custom-made writing Fonts.
  • Our Word Export is very powerful, as it covers tables, pictures, footnotes…
  • A writing app should be fast.

AI Writer Pros & Cons:

  • AI writer Provides 7 days trial
  • Its interface is pretty simple
  • Sometimes not worthy of short-term content

AI Writer Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: If you just want to start you can choose its basic plans, which are best for bloggers and solopreneurs in which you will get 1 User, IA Text generator, SEO editor, Text reordering & More. you can create up to 40 Articles which costs you $29/month.
  • Standard Plan: This standard plan, is for freelancers writing oodles of content For everyone with some serious demand for each month, you can create Up to 150 articles and similar features to the basic plan. so this plan will cost you $59/month.
  • Power Plan: This Plan is made for everyone with some serious demand for fresh content where you can get up to 10 members, you can write up to 1000 articles and you will get all the features of the standard plan. with the price of $375/month
  • Additional: If you decide to pay annually, you will get 2 months free on any plan you want.



Fastest AI generator tool
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


WordAI is an automated content-spinning tool that writes all the sentences and articles by switching their words, but it remains the same. It creates …

Content Rewriter Tool

Starting Price


Key Features

Fast, Title + Paragraph & List Spinning, Multiple Languages


Expensive but worthy Article rewriter tool.

WordAI is an automatic spinning tool that is also a better ai story generator, that writes complete sentences and paragraphs so you can receive unique content.

It supports Spanish, English, French, and Italian and is one of the most discussed tools for rewriting content.

WordAi Overview

WordAI is a web-based API integration tool. In plain words, you can reach it from everywhere. Whether you are at the house or prefer software, the API will perform all that job.

And in this, you oughtn’t to play with spinning. You need to set the content there and click the spin article.

WordAI Key Features:

  • It can rewrite an entire article in just a few seconds.
  • It also provides great copy alternatives and can help you beat writer’s block.
  • It takes long run-on sentences and splits them naturally so they are short, clear, and effective.
  • It comes up with different ways to express the same ideas by rewriting every sentence from scratch.
  • It refines wordy content into clear and concise rewrites that help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

WordAI Pros & Cons:

  • Free 3-day trial – You can test the tool before paying.
  • Produces unique human-readable content.
  • This AI Story Generator Doesn’t offer any lifetime license.

WordAI Pricing:

  • Monthly Plan: You can start with a Monthly plan for $57. You will get the features of Content passes Copyscape, AI-powered writer, etc.
  • Yearly Plan: You can choose a Yearly plan for $27/month. It consists of the features of Human quality content, One-click article generation, and much more. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in case WordAi doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can always receive a refund.
  • Custome Plan: There is also a Custom plan which includes all standard features plus some additional perks. The most interesting feature here is customized rewrites which may be an option to enable/disable certain rewrite options.



Best for quality AI tool

Compared to other AI story generators, this tool is new. You can write many good stories, songs, and reviews by using this amazing tool. The tool is very effective and works on GPT 3 algorithm. 

Rytr.me overview

Rytr.me generates high-quality content by putting keywords. So if you want SEO-friendly content, you can get it by using this tool.

If you are thinking of quilty, don’t worry because this tool gives you three pieces of content after putting the text. So you can choose content according to your choice.

rytr story writer tool

Rytr. me Key Features:

  • You can use Rytr. me Chrome Extention
  • You may choose from a variety of languages and tones.
  • You may choose the number of text variations you desire.
  • You can Create Job Descriptions and even Interview Questions
  • It’s mobile-friendly, so you can quickly curate content from any of your platforms

Rytr.me Pros & Cons:

  • Generate high-quality content 
  • It comes with an annual subscription
  • The tool is not good for writing long-term content

Rytr.me Pricing

  • Free Plan: If You want to start with Rytr, you can try their free plan, but it comes with some limited features, with a limit of 5k Words.
  • Saver Plan: It starts at $9/month and $90/year; with an unlimited character-generating facility. Generate 50k characters per month Access 30+ use cases, and Write in 30+ languages. you also get a dedicated account manager, priority email & chat support with access to a premium community of Rytr.
  • Unlimited Plan: Rytr.me offers a lifetime deal. But the deal is for a limited time. That means if you want this lifetime deal, you have to take it right now. this unlimited plan will cost you $29/mo and $290/year.


Snazzy AI

Best copywriting tool

Snazzy AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that automatically turns your data into meaningful content.

The creators claim that it can help you publish 1,000x more content in just 1 hour. It requires you to input some words to help the AI tool generate the right content for you.

It uses GPT-3 along with a unique machine learning layer to create relevant copy & Ai story Generators for content creators.

It is a smart word tool for businesses and websites to use in order to generate ideas fast. Snazzy intakes basic information about a topic, which you supply: Company name, Keywords, Audience, and Description.

Snazzy AI Key Features:

  • Getting started with Snazzy AI is quick and easy.
  • In terms of support, Snazzy AI offers rather basic provisions.
  • Snazzy AI hosts a comprehensive privacy policy on its website.
  • Lets users generate creative content for their brands in minutes
  • Its automated landing page creation facility is of great help.
  • Gets the time-consuming processes completed in three simple clicks.

Snazzy AI Pros & Cons:

  • Its interface is very user friendly
  • It Comes with Fine-tuned AI technology
  • Lacks a plagiarism checker

Snazzy AI Pricing:

  • Free Plan: This option costs absolutely nothing to use and it comes with some great, casual functionality, it does limit you to just 5 content generations per day. This is enough to test it out, but you will definitely want more credits if you are serious about using it to create content.
  • Premium plan: It costs you $49/month but if you pay annually, you will get this with a discount of 49%, and it offers unlimited credits, which means there’s no limit to the tasks and projects you can do per month, it gives no restriction to the features on the platform.


Article Forge

Best AI content generator tool

It is also a famous tool to create long-form content. It can create quality content in a short time—this software helps to give a realistic touch to the story. You can use this tool to generate blog posts and scripts.

Article Forge - Story generator ai

If you are a writer, you must know it is not easy to create something new every time, and here the work of this AI story generator starts. Try out this amazing tool if you are stuck with your story.

Article Forge Key Features:

  • Fully based on AI-powered writer technology
  • It comes with the ability of a 60-second article turnaround
  • You can Automatically post to blogs
  • They provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • For beginners, they provide 5 days of a free trial
  • 1- Click article generation
  • High-quality articles

Article Forge Pros & Cons:

  • It is one of the old and trustable story generator tools
  • It is one of the old and trustable story generator tools
  • The tool is not reliable as many other tools on the list

Article Forge Pricing:

  • Standard Plan: It has a standard plan which cost you $57/month or you can choose its annual billing with costs you $27/month with 120,000 words/month limit.
  • Unlimited Plan: If You are looking for its unlimited features, It has an unlimited plan, which costs you $177/month or you can pay annually which costs you around $57/month.
  • Additional: The plans also offer a five-day free trial as such can use the tool for five days, and if you like the tool, you can continue their services. You don’t need to provide additional credit card details during the free trial period.

One more benefit here is that the company has a feature of 30-day money-back guarantee support. It merely implies that if you did not like the tool, the company is ready to pay your amount back.

iA Writer’s biggest selling point is its pleasing interface. The app comes with three custom fonts: Nitti, iA Writer Duo, and iA Writer Quattro. These fonts and the black-and-white contrast of iA writer look great and a joy to write with.



Best in performance

Writersonic is an AI-powered content writing tool that helps you generate any kind of write-up, from blog posts to marketing copy.

It’s like having a permanent copywriter in your pocket. The AI article writer or AI Story Generator is a very quick way to generate blog/story ideas, intro, and outlines.

It provides the users with several areas to choose from before generating the content. You simply give Writesonic a few keywords, a short product description, or some phrases to work with, and it will return a variety of computer-generated results.

WriteSonic Key Features:

  • It also includes various Additional AI Writing Tools.
  • The section includes adding copy for LinkedIn ads, Google ads, and Facebook ads. 
  • The AI article writer is a very quick way to generate blog ideas, intro, and outlines.
  • Regarding the advanced features, the Business package comes with 1000 credits.
  • This feature allows you to create landing pages, headers, and SEO meta descriptions.

WriteSonic Pros & Cons:

  • With writing sonic easy to write marketing copy
  • It is popular software with a strong community
  • May need manual adjustment at times.

WriteSonic Pricing:

  • Pro Plan: The plan starts at $19 per month, with 100,000 words, ChatGPT4  and GPT-4 32K unlocked, Writesonic offers 75 credits for you to use with support for up to 25 languages- one user seat and access to all existing features. 
  • Enterprises: If you are expanding your business to the next then you will some upgrades, WriteSonic’s Enterprises plan can help you to customize your plan according to your requirement. It includes everything which is available in the Pro plan.



Best AI story generator

Closerscopy is one of the most famous and useful AI story generators ever made. You can create powerful stories with this tool. If you often face writer’s block, you must try this story generator.

It has a powerful editor that helps you to get quality content. You can create every type of content in this tool, like plotlines, songs, and ebooks. The framework features are highlighted in this tool.

CloserCopy Key Features:

  • Use 30+ plug & play marketing workflows.
  • You can use 300+ plug & play marketing frameworks.
  • Longform continuously writes copy. No limits, no filters, and no restrictions.
  • It’s as simple as assigning a project to a team member and setting permission.
  • Check the density of your keywords or find out if your next email campaign goes to spam.

Closercopy Pros & Cons:

  • The community framework helps you
  • It has a lifetime premium plan
  • The interface is not easy to handle

Closercopy Pricing:

People like the pricing of this AI-based copywriting tool because all its pricing plans give you so many features at such affordable pricing as compared to other AI tools.

  • Power Plan: Its Starter plan will cost you $49.99 per month in which you will get 500 credits, Drag and Drop Copy Builder, and much more.
  • Super Power Plan: Its Professional plan costs $79.99 per month and includes everything from the Freelancer plan and also provides you with some additional features.
  • Super Power Squad: This is the most powerful plan of Closercopy, it includes all the previous plan features. Additionally, it provides 5 seats for members

Create Your Story Easily-

How Does AI Story Generator Works?

AI can create content through its subset called “content intelligence.” Content intelligence leverages AI capabilities to help marketers create compelling posts and get research-backed advice on their marketing strategies.

How Does AI Story Generator Works?

They use sophisticated story generator algorithms (SGAs) that convert written prompts into longer stories – or at least suggest the next few sentences for you.

Users can decide how detailed their input will be, then generate ideas to bypass writer’s block with as few as 15 words.

The software analyzes web pages and emails to identify keywords and phrases. Then, it creates unique articles, press releases, blog posts, and other content from those findings.

You can use AI Writer to write a variety of documents, such as eBooks, white papers, reports, and marketing materials. And because it uses AI, it can also detect plagiarism and automatically correct common errors.

Uncover the Best AI Story Generators

Conclusion: Best AI Story Generator 2024

Here we have provided all the major details about the best AI Story Generator that can help you to find the right AI tools for you.

AI is all the buzz right now, as companies both large and small are rapidly investing in the technology.

It can be used to create intelligent applications, such as chatbots that can help customers navigate a new product or service. It can also be used to automate tasks, reduce costs, and improve processes.

Material generators use artificial intelligence to rewrite current content (or assist in the creation of new content).

Best AI Story Generator and ai story writer

New material is created by rewriting or referencing content that AI keyword tools have discovered. In any case, an AI content generator or auto story writer may be a useful tool for improving your content.

At The end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned all the amazing AI story generators that you need to know, now it’s your turn to choose the best from the above, by comparing their prices and features. if you want to create an interesting and engaging story.


Queries Related To Ai Story Writing Tools

Here we have added some frequently asked questions related to Ai generated story-maker Tools.

Do AI story-writing tools provide unique content?

Yes, Most of the tools, like Jasper and Wordtune, etc. come with advanced AI technology that can create unique content.

What are the best AI story creators?

All the tools, we have mentioned in this list are the best AI story generators, it is hard to say which one is better because all these tools provide amazing features.

Which is the best AI story generator tool?

According to the WMT Team, right now Best AI story generator tool is Jasper. Its price starts from $29/month and gives you a 10,000-word free trial. It has 50 copywriting templates for all-purpose writing and content tasks.

What are the benefits of AI story-writing tools?

There are some amazing benefits of AI-based story-writing tools:
– Write stories part automatically
– Create a fresh and unique content
– No need to write common part
Easily write Novels, Ebooks, and Stories with AI copywriters.

Can we also write Novels, Essays, and Paragraphs with an AI story writer?

Yes, Story Generator AI tools help you in various ways like rewriting content, creating articles, and writing Novels, Essays, and Paragraphs.

How much do AI storywriters cost?

There are lots of AI story generator tools available in the market that come with different prices, mainly the price very on the features of the tool.

Are AI story generators free?

Some AI story generator provides a free plan or free trial. Jasper provides a 10,000-word free trial for their new users. Rytr, CopyAI, and AI-Writer also have free access options for new users.

Do AI story generators create original content?

Not 100% original, but almost original and unique. They create new content based on existing content or their AI algorithms, which work almost similarly for every tool. So the content can match some time from others.

Is it possible to create tales with AI?

A.I. can compose tales, that is true. Story structure, logic, and language are only data pieces ingested by AI using machine learning algorithms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create short stories, fanfiction, scripts, novels, and more.

Scripts may be written by AIs, right?

Conversion.ai, better known as Jarvis, is the finest AI scriptwriter. More than 50 complex tools are at the disposal of the Jarvis AI writer for creating creative, long-form scripts. Jarvis can adapt to any writing style and tone. The full screenplay can be written in a few days by Jarvis if he has the right supervision.

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