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Ezoic Alternatives & Competitors – High Paying Ads Network for Bloggers

12+ Best Ezoic Alternatives & Similar Ad network to Ezoic for Bloggers to make money. Compare all Ezoic Competitors with Ads type, Cost, Minimum, and Requirements.

Ezoic is a platform that helps bloggers and website owners to monetize their websites. Besides that, Ezoic also has tons of tools to optimize your website for ads, with its ad tester being one of the prominent ones. 

But still, there are some things that people don’t like about it…

that is why people looking for some other platform like Ezoic.

Are you also looking for a better affiliate platform??

Most customers shall be utilizing Ezoic to extend their advertising earnings. The major draw of Ezoic is that it increases the ad revenue of any site, particularly Adsense websites, and also there have some flaws that we are gonna share in this article…

That is why here we have mentioned some of the top Ezoic alternatives.

Top Ezoic Alternatives

Let’s Start!!

Reasons Why People Looking For Ezoic Alternatives 2024

Since launching around a decade ago, Ezoic has been continuously developed as a platform designed with publishers in mind. They focus on the user experience, as well as generating the most revenue for their publishers.

but still, there are plenty of reasons why people try to find Ezoic Alternatives, which are:

  • AdSense doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements.
  • You will not see the results immediately after switching to Ezoic.
  • by Ezoic, you have to have at least 10,000 monthly sessions. That’s pretty low compared to others.
  • If you don’t want to pay for the service, Ezoic inserts a small ad at the bottom of your page.

and that is why we come up with some best Ezoic competitors that you can choose as an Ad Network platform, some of them are very famous and some are underrated. now the choice is yours which is best for you.

Choose The Best Option For You!!

Best Ezoic Competitors 2024

Today we are here with our great Ezoic alternatives list. If you are searching for the same, you are here on the right article. So, these are our few Ezoic competitors to boost your income:


SHE Media

The next name on our list is SHE Media. If you have a female-oriented blog (where most of the things are posted related to females) that you want to monetize, SHE Media could be the perfect option for you.

She media can be the partner network that monetizes your blogs and websites catering to female audiences; SHE Media generates more than 50 million visitors per month.

So SHE Media gives you an excellent opportunity to reach out to a pretty sizeable audience and boost your income.

SHE Media also offers sponsored posts and amount paid product reviews. This gives publishers such as yourself even more opportunities for monetization, thus incrementing profit.

SHE Media Pros & Cons:


  • For the most part, the management team was extraordinarily competent and worked to help their employees grow.
  • As a women’s media company, many tent poles positively impact the world, making this work more meaningful.
  • There are lots of different jobs to do, so never a dull moment
  • Great people and a collaborative environment


  • There is a plan for SHE Media that involves very little of the current staff and hence lacks communication.
  • The company is not transparent. The prominent leader likes to have ideas that sound good in headlines, but in actuality, they have no such idea what it means or how to do it, leaving everyone very confused all the time.
  • Terrible leadership; lack of support



The second none in our Ezoic Alternatives list is AdThrive, an ad management service and a certified Google partner.

Although it requires at least 1,00,000 page views per month to qualify to the AdThrive Edge, you must have at least 7,50,000 page views per month to be eligible for its Premium.

Image Source: fatstacksblog.com/

Again, both are very good, but with AdThrive Premium, you get a little more personalized help to maximize your ad revenue for your blog.

According to the Work At Home No Scams website review, most bloggers have reported an income of $1,300 per 100,000 page views via AdThrive. They pay monthly with direct deposit.

AdThrive Pros & Cons:


  • They consistently pay on time.
  • They are speedy to answer your questions when you need to send an email.
  • You get certified by Google.
  • it offers a very active community.
  • They provide excellent customer service.


  • One Million views can be a lot for a beginner.



If you have your website or want to make one, you must know about MediaVine. And if you down know about it, then let me tell you, MediaVine is a company dedicated to management and advertisement optimization and boosts its income.

A trustworthy and reliable ad management platform is an integral part of that team. Mediavine is an example of an ad management platform, which works a bit differently than networks such as Adsense.

Ad management platforms completely manage the ads, and are a great fit as your blog grows.

MediaVine Pros & Cons:


  • Mediavine is all about speed and super-fast ad loading times.
  • No need to worry about different advertising networks, just think about the content to be placed on the blog.
  • They maintain a good relationship with the bloggers to reach to the right audience.


  • The mediavine ads are not better for blog posts with less than 500 words.
  • To be effective your blog posts should be more than 1000 words then only the mediavine ads would generate a flat revenue share.



The fourth name on our list is Monumetric. This is another perfect option if you have a blog and want to boost your income. You can add advertising to your blogs, and the payment will increase according to the number of visitors you receive on your page.

monumetric overview

This service has an excellent reputation among all the publishers because it offers excellent tools that help you manage and control where you want the advertising to appear. This means that you can choose with whom you want to work, according to the ads they offer.

As for the minimum visits that Monumetric requires, you must have a minimum no of 10,000 visits to your page per month to be able to join.

Monumetric Pros & Cons:


  • You will receive professional support from the beginning.
  • They place the ad units for you and according to you.
  • They provide more significant potential for ad revenue.
  • They provide a wide range of ad units.
  • They work with PayPal, which is widely used, and hence it is the best payment method.


  • You need at least 10,000 page views per month to join the Monumetric service.



The third name on our list is Media.net. If you are looking for alternatives to Ezoic in 2024, then Media.net can be a great option to boost your blog’s income monthly.

In addition, publishers can use the Media.net self-service platform to create and customize ad units, which display relevant text ads from across the entire Yahoo!


Unlike Ezoic, Media.net does not ask for any minimum traffic, which is a perfect thing. This is because so many advertisers participate in real-time auctions to serve only the highest paying ads on their pages.

Media Pros & Cons:


  • Media.net offers excellent data capabilities and reports in real-time.
  • You do not need to have a minimum number of visits to qualify on media.net.
  • Customer control and data protection.
  • ROI and revenue optimization capabilities.
  • Very easy to use and integrate.


  • Your website only needs to receive visits from the UK, Canada, and America for you to be eligible to monetize.


Newor Media

Newor Media is a full-service ad management solution that supports header bidding. Header bidding is the programmatic advertising technique of bringing an array of networks to bid in real-time for inventory.

Unlike networks that only sell units to their advertisers, Newor Media draws from various networks to drive competition—leading to higher earnings for publishers! 

They specialize in revenue maximization and balancing user experience. For example, they work with publishers to optimize ad placement and layout. Ezoic relies on AI to optimize strategies, but Newor takes a balanced approach between manual and AI.

Newor Media overview

As a result, publishers get strategies tailored more to their website and audience rather than strategies based on best practices. Additional services include revenue-generating solutions (Adblock revenue recovery, ad refresh, etc.), page-load speed assistance, and a consent management platform. 

Starting with Newor Media: Publishers must meet a traffic requirement of 30,000 unique users per month. Account reps work with publishers to integrate header bidding onto their websites. 

Newor Media Pros & Cons:


  • Supports an extensive ad catalog; sticky ads, display ads, native, video ads, interstitials, vignettes
  • Non-contractual and non-exclusive, so they’ll work alongside AdSense 
  • Gives publishers access to Google’s AdX inventory through their Google MCM channel  
  • Full ad-management service


  • Traffic requirement makes it difficult for new bloggers to join



The last name of our list of Ezoic alternatives is Adsterra. It offers excellent advertising options for both publishers and advertisers, allowing them to try a different approach that doesn’t rely on Google.

Adsterra Affiliate

Adsterra is a fast-growing and well-respected network that creates over 10 billion impressions per month. With its user-friendly platform, Adsterra makes it incredibly easy to monetize your website traffic, which boosts your views and income, which is why it’s one of the world’s leading digital advertising companies.

Adsterra Pros & Cons:


  • A flexible referral program that helps publishers earn 5% extra
  • Flexibility in terms of traffic, which can monetise.
  • Here, both managed and self-serve services are available
  • This provides a 24*7 support system
  • Adsterra includes support for multiple languages
  • Here, you will get three-level anti-fraud protection.
  • Easy API and tracking integration
  • Multiple cost models: CPA, RTB, CPC, CPM, CPI, CPL are available.
  • 20+ filters targeting user activity
  • There are no limitations in terms of traffic volume
  • No traffic manipulation or exchanges allowed


  • CPM rates may be different in different countries
  • The minimum payout is somewhat high for publishers. However, the minimum payout on Paxum and Webmoney is only $5, but still, it is shallow.
  • There is no web support channel.



The last name in our list is – PropellerAds; it is an extensive ad network that offers a range of adverts like banners, sponsored links, and push notifications, and allows you to reach 1 billion users.

This self-serve platform is easy to use with a simplified ad creator to get your campaigns live with minimal hassle.

In addition, with lots of targeting options and real-time performance measurement, you can work reactively to improve your campaigns and improve your views.

It also features automated ad optimization, where your settings are very fine-tuned by AI, giving you the best number of conversions for each ad without manual effort.

PropellerAds Pros & Cons:


  • Here, no minimum traffic requirement
  • You will get a wide range of payment options
  • Low payment terms and threshold


  • Lower revenue for non-English sites
  • Low CPM on a low-quality website
  • No header bidding



Our next topic is Taboola from our that list. This is another from the list of Ezoic alternatives in 2024 because the payment happens daily and offers good performance and great support.

Instead of products as other companies do, promotions, and brands, Taboola advertises content from other sites to generate traffic and consequently close business.

Its strategy is to display content on the most visited places on the Internet and related to what the Internet user is reading. Thus, It is generating traffic for advertisers.

The only drawback is a platform for new affiliate participation or beginners. Though Taboola does not advertise, those interested in participating must have a lot of traffic on their channels and good authority

The services are activated by subscription on the platform method that makes a budget based on the activated modules and installed applications, which can be a con for it. The rest of the things are perfect, which is why this was there in our sorted list.

Taboola Pros & Cons:


  • In this, you will get safe and constant earnings.
  • Here, you will get a greater possibility of conversion
  • This is available in multiple languages
  • ROI tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Budget management


  • It does not include activity notifications.
  • It does not suit small projects.


Google Adsense

Google AdSense is perhaps the most known and widely used advertising network. They offer a set-it-and-forget-it approach to selling and buying display ads. As a result, it’s an ideal platform for new bloggers.  

Although publishers have access to Google’s pool of advertisers, AdSense does not support header bidding—severely limiting the demand pool. Additionally, compared to other networks’ catalogs, they don’t support as many different ad types.

Ezoic Alternatives & Competitors - High Paying Ads Network for Bloggers

It’s common practice for most publishers to seek an AdSense alternative once they start scaling their website—so be careful not to take two steps back! Instead, if you’re considering using AdSense as an alternative, look for an ad platform willing to work alongside them. 

Starting with AdSense: No set traffic requirement, but they assess website quality for approval. Integration requires a WordPress Plugin, and then it’s relatively hands-off. 

Google Adsense Media Pros & Cons:


  • It’s free to join
  • Publishers can place ads on multiple sites from a single account
  • Can use an ad solution platform in conjunction to boost earnings


  • High payout threshold of $100  
  • Limited network stack 
  • Unexplained account bans at any time; for reasons ranging from policy violations to click fraud



Another competitive Ezoic alternative to consider is BuySellAds. The network is comparably a breath of fresh air for publishers who feel Ezoic relies too heavily on AI.

They bring back a more traditional way of buying and selling different types of ad space. To clarify, they connect publishers to advertisers and allow you to set pricing and auction of your ad space. As a result, publishers have more control and transparency. 

Starting with BuySellAds: Traffic requirement of 50,000 impressions per month to join. Publishers use an HTML code (sent by BuySellAds) to display/serve ads. 

BuySellAds Pros & Cons:


  • More control and transparency in the bidding process. 
  • Simple setup 
  • Flexible when it comes to the amount and type of ad space


  • It takes a high commission percentage – a whopping 25% 
  • High traffic requirement to be approved 
  • English-only websites 
  • Publishers can potentially price themselves out of the market



Looking to break away from traditional display ads? Infolinks is a reputable global ad network that specializes in in-text advertising. They index publisher content to provide ads based on specific keywords—SEO lovers, rejoice!

They deliver timely, relevant, and optimized ads using their smart algorithms. Publishers can still implement sidebar, banner, and expandable display ads using Infolinks. 

Unfortunately, they operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) revenue model. So any publisher hoping to earn big will need decent traffic and user engagement. Furthermore, since they’re not an ad management platform, publishers will be solely responsible for optimizing placement and layout.

However, publishers who can deliver optimized ads will benefit from solid industry rates. 

Starting with Infolinks: There are no page views or monthly traffic requirements to join. Publishers can integrate the ad network through an easy WordPress plugin. 

InfoLinks Pros & Cons:


  • Offer a great alternative to display advertising (while still supporting it!)
  • Helps SEO-lovers capitalize on their efforts


  • In-text ads have been known to slow page loading speed 
  • CPC is not the most profitable avenue for earning



Another popular Ezoic alternative to consider is AdPushup. The network prides itself on being an optimization solution for earning with ads. They offer layout optimization, A/B testing, and an extensive ad-type catalog. 

They operate on a CPC basis but offer solutions to increase engagement and viewability. As a result, publishers have the opportunity to yield high profits. 

adpushup affiliate

Starting with AdPushup: Publishers must meet a traffic requirement of 10,000 page views per month to join. Integration and setup is a simple 2-step process. 

Adpushup Pros & Cons:


  • Works to improve user experience, ad layouts, and CTR
  • Offers competitive rates


  • It’s an invite-only ad network.
  • Reporting and analytics could be improved upon for deeper insight


Queries Related To Ezoic Alternatives 2024

Here are a few Frequently asked questions written below with their answers for your information.

  1. How to find an excellent Ezoic alternative?

    If you are looking for Ezoic alternatives, you must have a few things in your mind. These are – Fair income, The straightforward and beginner-friendly setup process, Support and help

  2. Which is the Number one (No.1) Ezoic alternative for bloggers that pays well?

    Out of all the ad networks we’ve worked with, the best match is Monumetric.

  3. Is Ezoic better than Google AdSense?

    yes, Ezoic is have not only increased my blog’s earnings, but it has also increased blog traffic. So, you can see the clear difference between Adsense and Ezoic earnings, clearly, Ezoic is the winner here.

  4. how is Monumetric different from Ezoic?

    There are many differences between them. But the main difference between them is –
    There’s the minimum traffic requirement.
    You must have at least 25,000 monthly sessions or views to join Ezoic. Hence, it takes a lot of work to qualify if you start blogging.

  5. Is Mediavine better Ezoic Competitor?

    Ezoic outperformed Mediavine slightly but consistently in most niches. Mediavine is slightly better for Outdoors-related (US/Canadian) Traffic. Ezoic is hands down superior for international traffic.

Which One Do I Choose?

Conclusion: Which Ezoic Competitor Is Better?

At the end of the day, we want you to grow your business and have the same success as we have had. And we think this is possible if you choose to partner with any of these Ezoic Alternatives.

We believe Ezoic is suitable for just about any website looking to monetize with ad revenue. We’ve laid out our list of reasons why we love Ezoic.

Perhaps the striking disadvantage of Ezoic is that it has a learning curve to it. It’s not the simplest tool to implement, and there might be some trial and error involved.

Ezoic Alternatives & Competitors - High Paying Ads Network for Bloggers

If you’re looking for the best Ezoic alternative to maximize or boost your display ad income, then there are a few great options to choose from. However, many bloggers monetize their traffic with Ezoic and have never tried Monumetric.

At the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned every single detail that you need to know about Ezoic alternatives and we also have mentioned their pros and cons, you can choose the best alternatives for you.

Gaurav Singh Parihar
Gaurav Singh Parihar

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