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Best ShareASale Alternatives & Competitors – Top Affiliate Networks

20+ Top Alternatives to ShareASale and Affiliate Platforms Like Shareasale. Compare all ShareAsale Alternatives with their Key features, Payout, Commission Review, and Pros & Cons.

ShareASale is a very famous marketplace for the affiliate marketing industry. It has physical products available.

The good thing about this platform is it has big brands like Grammarly, ModCloth, and Ragen, but but but… It has some problems that people face… 

And that is why we are sharing some best Alternatives to ShareASale.

So if you are searching for a ShareASale competitor, your search ends here. We are going to give you a list of top ShareASale alternatives. This list is well-researched.

Best ShareASale Alternatives & Competitors - Top Affiliate Networks

Quick introduction about it.

What is ShareASale?

The shareASale organization is one of the largest affiliate networks that have 3500+ Affiliate programs listed on it. With 20 years of marketing experience and service, It has a very good reputation among affiliate marketers.


In 2017, Awin Global Affiliate acquired a portion of ShareASale’s affiliate operations to increase the reach of this platform.

ShareASale helps users to create engaging videos to be embedded on affiliate sites as well as providing relevant deals and coupons. Affiliates can also use the site to upload banners and text links that redirect to merchant products efficiently.

The raw stats appear to be promising for affiliates and merchants alike, but let’s invest a little more time in getting to grips with what the user experience is really like for affiliates and merchants alike

To earn money from ShareASale as an affiliate marketer, first, you need to search for a profitable niche idea. Then find the tools, services, or products relevant to that niche and promote them organically or using paid advertising.

100+ Profitable Niche Ideas & Topics For Blogging

25 Niche Research Tools – Select a Proftbale & Low Competition Niche

To make money quickly from ShareASale you also need some quick & paid traffic resources:

Paid Traffic Sources – Drive Target Traffic to Website

Drawbacks of ShareASale.

Why Do People Search For ShareASale Alternatives?

ShareASale now offers further opportunities for international affiliates to grow their businesses. In countries where affiliates and publishers have hitherto been denied access to the ShareASale affiliate network.

It’s predominantly a marketplace where digital product creators upload their products, although they do also feature some physical products these days. The ShareASale affiliate platform also has some cons and disadvantages.

ShareASale is a website that lists companies that are willing to pay a commission for referral sales. In other words, it’s an affiliate marketing portal.

But at the same time, people found some flaws in it, and that is why people searching for ShareASale competitors, and some of the flaws that people actually mention are:

  • The affiliate links aren’t very WordPress-friendly.
  • They have Poor Customer Service 

Choose The Best One For You

The Top ShareASale Competitor 2024 List



AvantLink has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses in its field, and it continues to strive for excellence. The people behind the scenes at AvantLink have an intense focus on quality rather than quantity.

AvantLinks Affiliate

They help users to develop and grow a high-value affiliate marketing program. The company also has dedicated affiliate marketing programs in Canada and Australia, making it a global affiliate marketing platform. and that makes it a better ShareASale alternative.

AvantLinks Key Features

  • You can set up your automatic link encoder in two different ways.
  • This application automates the creation of bespoke affiliate tracking links.
  • The platform allows you to take advantage of the advantages of sponsored ad placement.
  • Availability of training for new merchants or for their intern affiliate managers

AvantLinks Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of big-name brands to market in varied categories.
  • Avantlink makes certain that network affiliates are nothing but quality ones. 
  • there are various catalog-based merchants in almost every category on the platform.


  • Affiliate networks charge all kinds of fees starting from network fees to transaction fees for each sale.
Good/Product TypePhysical Product
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Commission3% of total sales
Payment termLow minimal payment – 25$
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods



jvzoo affiliate platform

Similar to ShareASale, JVZoo offers a digital product marketplace. But what makes them different from ShareASale is they have singular products for different audiences. So the place is perfect for some great deals. we have considered it the best ShareASale alternative.

It offers up to 50% commission on many products. So you will get a $45 referral in JVZoo. That’s why a lot of affiliates marketer are shifting to JVZoo. It is a great platform for both marketers and sellers.

You can use this platform for free. If you still don’t understand how to make a profit from JVZoo, then you can join the program of JVZoo academy. Here you will get expert suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Various payment methods are available.
  • You Can Be Both a Vendor and an Affiliate.
  • They have Tens of thousands of digital products.
  • Solid knowledge base and ticket support system.
  • There are various categories and niches (over 200 of them) in their Digital Product Library.

JVZoo Pros & Cons:

  • Possible to get paid instant commissions
  • Quick account signup and instant approval
  • There are genuinely good products among the bad
  • They need to clean the “dead” products from their inventory

Available Niches on JvZoo:

  • Business/Finance
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling Systems
  • Health/Fitness
  • Internet Marketing/E-Commerce

  • Mobile/Smart Phones
  • Publishing/Writing
  • Self Improvement
  • Software
  • Writing/Speaking
Good/Product TypeSoftware products
Commission ProgramsCPS
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termInstant
Minimum Payout$50
Payout MethodsPaypal, BlueSnap, Authorize.net, Zift, Stripe, Check, and Direct Deposit


Globalwide media

GlobalWide Media is a data-driven digital marketing network that provides targeted and custom solutions for world-leading brands.

GlobalWide Media (formally Neverblue) has helped shape the performance marketing industry by delivering high-quality traffic on a global scale through display, social media, e-mail, search, mobile, and video…

GlobalWide Media affiliate programme

With the help of its network of publishers, GlobalWide Media runs data-driven campaigns in over 100 countries generating 50 million app installs and over 3 billion in sales for advertisers each year.

GlobalWide Media’s integrated targeting technology efficiently connects brands with the right audiences, generating higher ROIs. 

Globalwide Media Key Features:

  • With GlobalWide Media, you can receive your payments via PayPal.
  • With GlobalWide Media, you can receive your payments via Bank Transfer.
  • It has had a lot of success as a pertains to data-driven performance-based marketing. 
  • They work with the best brands and advertisers in the industry and have multiple locations in different countries
  • Attractive bonus for premium affiliates: This network would pay hefty commissions to the best performers.

Globalwide Media Pros & Cons:


  • The payment frequency of the GlobalWide Media affiliate network is monthly.
  • Its technology provides accurate reports and promotes the brands by optimizing them properly.
  • Publishers can make extra income by referring others to this network. The rate of commission is 5%.


  • No Cons Found

Best Niches For Globalwide:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Tech
  • Dining
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Telecommunications
  • Gaming
  • Dating
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • E-commerce
Good/Product TypePhysical products and digital services
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPS, CPM, CPC
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment term
Minimum Payout$100
Payout MethodsPayPal, Check, Wire, Direct Deposit


Skim Links

Skimlinks is a network with tens of thousands of affiliate partners, so it has the whole diversification thing covered. The company specializes in a technology that automatically creates affiliate product links from a publisher’s content without the publisher having to add the specific affiliate link themselves.

Skim Links Affiliate

Using the content you’re creating and publishing to your site, Skimlinks automatically creates affiliate links to share products relevant to your content with your users.

For example, if you’re a blogger writing about your favorite book and you provide a link to a bookstore selling that book, Skimlinks helps you change your ordinary link into an affiliate link. and that reason makes us add Skimlinks to the list of ShareASale alternatives

SkimLinks Key Features:

  • You can generate your own links with the Toolbox.
  • You can see the data per day, per merchant, per link, per page, etc.
  • You can find coupons and special offers in the Offers section.
  • Skimlinks allows you to promote any partner they have on their site.
  • Skimlinks Amazon and Skimlinks eBay links are auto-targetted to the correct region.

SkimLinks Pros & Cons:


  • Signing up takes a few minutes. And then, finding your partners to promote is just as easy.
  • Easy access to a wide range of merchants and affiliate marketing platforms.
  • The UX design of the sign is better than other affiliate networks.


  • Confined to working with vendors partnering with Skimlinks
Good/Product TypeVarious
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 60
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods


Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising page

Rakuten Advertising is also a famous affiliate website. You can earn good cash by using Rakuten Advertising. It is one of the primary places for affiliate marketing. The former name of the platform is LinkShare. 

It gives a lot of good offers, and the good thing is offer belongs to big brands like Lego, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Macy’s. You will get a new offer every month, and there are a lot of offers to choose from.

If we compare it to ShareASale, then ShareASale pays two times a month which is frustrating, but it pays once in two months. So choose Rakuten Advertising to earn a good amount through the affiliate.

Rakuten Key Features:

  • They help affiliate develop their skills
  • The AI system used by the company is reliable and powerful.
  • It has the leverage to get big names on board with their network
  • Easy-to-use interface – ideal for newbies and experienced marketers alike
  • They offer tools and training to help affiliates develop their affiliate marketing acumen.

Rakuten Pros & Cons:


  • The product links allow you to link to an exact product being sold or service being sold.
  • Rakuten LinkShare network also provides useful advice to its clients and users.
  • The platform offers the best of both worlds, including human counsel and machine learning combined. 


  • Application to advertiser programs required

Available Niches on Rakuten:

Good/Product TypePhysical products and digital services
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 60
Minimum Payout$50
Payout MethodsCheck; Direct Deposit; PayPal



Sovrn Commerce is a content monetization platform that accords its users with insights on the latest market trends and also profitable merchants.

It is a trusted digital marketplace wherein you can gain several revenue-generating streams that will eventually boost your blog or website’s commercial effectiveness.

Before you start using the VigLink affiliate network, you’ll also need to make sure that you’ve created your website already.

If you haven’t created a website already there are many easy ways to create a website both for free or for a monthly subscription based on what you need. 

Sovrn Key Features:

  • With Sovrn Commerce you can effortlessly generate revenue from existing links.
  • Automatically chooses the best merchant links for any article
  • The reader widget shows you where visitors come from by country or city.
  • It is SEO-friendly, and you can use Viglink along with your Adsense ads.
  • Aside from being a publisher or a merchant, you can also earn money from VigLink through their referral program.

Sovrn Pros & Cons:


  • You can receive your payments via Wire, or PayPal.
  • Designed with social media influencers in mind
  • VigLink is free and unlike low-quality programs that are only after your money.


  • A worrying number of complaints around very slow replies to support queries
Good/Product TypeIn-text Advertising/outbound-traffic monetization service/Affiliate Network
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Commission7.00% – 8.00%
Payment termNet 45
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods


Market Health

Market Health is an affiliate network that mainly targets the beauty and health industry. But you must be thinking about why we added this to the ShareASale alternative list. If you are interested in the health and beauty area, you can go for this program.

Market health promotes famous beauty and health products, and you can earn a commission from these best-selling products. The good thing about this program is it is the only beauty and health program in this field.

So because of different niches, it is profitable. This website can give you a high payout because the product is expensive. we can say this could be a better ShareASale alternative in the category of health & fitness,

Market Health Key Features:

  • MarketHealth boasts a portfolio of over 200 products
  • You can track the conversions, referrals, and revenue in real time.
  • It has the highest affiliate programs and probably has some of the highest payouts.
  • Besides English, the product offers also cater to different regions around the world.
  • Once you join this affiliate program, you will have a dedicated account manager.

Market Health Pros & Cons:


  •  Just a quick account set up and you are in.
  • They offer a 50% commission on all affiliate offers 
  • The tracking software used by MarketHealth is their own in-house solution.


  • There’s no way to get paid through PayPal

Good/Product TypeHealth Supplements
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment termNet 30
Minimum Payout$20
Payout MethodsCheck by Mail, Bank Wire, Skrill, Prepaid Debit Cards



Avantage Affiliate

Only software offers make it a different platform from any other normal platform. Avangate is mainly similar to ShareASale. You can find many big opportunities here. 

You can find any software product here, and it doesn’t matter if you are searching for home security or anti-virus. But why you should use Avangate as an affiliate marketer? The reason is you will get a good commission on every sale.

The commission is somewhat equal to ShareASale. And sometimes, the commission is bigger than ShareASale. So it is a good platform if you want to earn some good cash.

Avangate Key Features:

  • They have the most reliable monthly payments.
  • They have Advanced, customized reports options
  • They have Multiple payouts available, including PayPal. 
  • You can create your own coupons to boost your following and loyalty.
  • The customized deep links give you the ability to bring readers directly to the checkout.

Avangate Pros & Cons


  • Avangate surpassed other affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and FlexOffers.
  • you can receive commissions up to 75 % for each purchase made
  • Shopping Cart Links make it easy to buy more than just one product through your affiliate link.


  • Their Maximum cookie length is 180 days.
Good/Product TypeSoftware products
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 30
Minimum Payout$50
Payout MethodsCheck; Direct Deposit; PayPal




eBay is the perfect choice if you are looking for a ShareASale alternative. Although it is not the first option when searching for a ShareASale alternative, it is a powerful option.

It is famous for its digital product. Recently it also started selling healthcare products. People think that eBay only markets used products, but you will get shocked if we tell you that 80% of selling products from eBay are brand new.

It mostly sells health supplements and courses. You have to filter for your wishable offer. It provides you with many offers. 

eBay Key Features:

  • They have an Intuitive affiliate dashboard
  • They have a very low eBay affiliate payout threshold
  • The partner portal provides intuitive tools and comprehensive reports that deliver the rich, granular data you need to understand, manage, and improve your results.
  • From mobile apps to unique integrations, many of eBay’s partners engage and delight buyers by developing experiences that they build on the rich platform.

eBay Pros & Cons


  • You can attain VIP status if you can drive enough traffic
  • Supporting tools for automated affiliate marketing are available
  • Really nice selection of affiliate tools and creatives


  • their commission rate is very low which is around 1 to 4%:
Good/Product TypeEverything 
Commission ProgramsCPC
Cookie Duration24-hours
Payment termNet 30 
Minimum Payout$25
Payout MethodsCheck / ACH (Direct Deposit)



Impact Affiliate Network

Impact Radius is transforming how advertisers manage media and performance marketing partnerships. On a single platform, our clients can track all media channels, automate tag management, and onboard and pay direct partners.

From its inception, Impact has focused on dissociating from the traditional affiliate network model of using loyalty programs and blog affiliates, evolving to become a SaaS technology platform that includes business development partners, paid media partners, and even social media influencers.

Impact Key Features:

  • It can create multiple sub-affiliate ids and track
  • You can find a comprehensive list of Impact affiliate marketing programs,
  • it has Cross-Device Solutions to track and analyze customer interactions across every device.
  • The Impact Partnership Cloud handles the whole partnership life cycle of almost every type of partnership. 
  • It has Fraud protection against malicious factors online who stuff cookies and uses fake app installs and injects clicks.

Impact Pros & Cons:


  • easy to sign up for new affiliate programs.
  • It houses hundreds of affiliate programs in different niches/verticals.
  • you can regular withdrawals and multiple withdrawal methods


  • It takes time for the commission to get approved
Good/Product TypeTechnology & Services
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 15
Minimum Payout$50
Payout Methods


Commission Factory


Commission Factory is a performance-based marketing or affiliate network that increases brand awareness, reach, sales, and ROI.

It has been designed to foster a spirit of collaboration between Merchants, Affiliates, and Agencies in order to grow mutually beneficial and prosperous relationships.

It is a new premier Australian affiliate network with a focus on customer service, technology, and automation. We have an ever-growing pool of merchants and affiliates and have partnered with companies like.

Commission Factory Key Features:

  • It has Fast and reliable real-time tracking
  • It has In-depth performance and analytics data
  • it has Automatic Datafeed integration with third parties.
  • They provide Fast and timely payments
  • It offers transparency in marketing spending with a Return on Ad Spend of 16:1 and online sales growth of up to 26%.

Commission Factory Pros & Cons:


  • over 500 affiliate programs including well-known Australian brands.
  • Available for everyone and you can access it from anywhere in the world.
  • This integration enhances transaction data within your Commission Factory account by passing through coupon used, product, sale, click, and impression data.


  • Long pending periods of up to 30 days before merchants approve commissions
Good/Product TypeVarious
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termweekly, fortnightly, or monthly
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods


More Niche


MoreNiche is an affiliate network with a focus on several specific offers niches – Health, Beauty, and Fitness. It provides a chargeback protection, guaranteed bi-weekly payments, robust affiliate support, ongoing campaign optimization, real-time stats, personal consultation, and more.

It is a premium health affiliate network, which allows you to earn large commissions for promoting highly converting exclusive offers online in the Nutra sector. Choose from products in niches such as weight loss, fitness,…

More Niche Key Features:

  • Most affiliate programs offer a 30-day cookie length
  • Almost all of their offers can be promoted internationally.
  • The affiliates can track clicks, conversions, and revenue in real-time.
  •  You can choose to be paid in GBP, USD or EUR, and from 5 flexible payment options without any fees or payout charges.
  • The Mentor will help guide you through their programs and give you suggestions on how to succeed with their offers.

More Niche Pros & Cons:


  • Access to high converting product/service offerings.
  • Affiliate support from the MoreNiche affiliate network is actually pretty awesome.
  • you can make a good income with these high commission programs.


  • You can only promote health and beauty-related products
Good/Product TypeHealth, Fitness, Supplements
Commission Programs
Cookie DurationVaries
Commission30 to 80%
Payment termNet 30, $100 minimum
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods




Skillshare has been in the market for a long time, but recently it has made a big name in the market. Now the time it takes over the digital product industry. The feeling of the platform is like Udemy. You will get a strong community here.

More than 30,000 courses are available here. Every skill from guitar learning to entrepreneurship can learn here. You have to pay monthly fees on the platform. 

You can make $7 in every referral. According to the market, it is less for an affiliate. So choose this platform if you have another income source. and that is why we mentioned it in the list of ShareASale alternatives.

Skillshare Key Features:

  • you can target niches related to those categories.
  • It covers the various affiliate programs and how to choose which among them are the best ones to promote.
  • The free trial makes it easy for anyone to check out the classes and the premium membership is affordable.

Skillshare Pros & Cons


  • The commission rate is excellent.
  • They offer a 30-day referral window to get credit for new users.
  • Many e-learning affiliate programs pay variable commission rates based on sales.


  • The commission payment threshold is low.
Good/Product TypeOnline Courses
Commission ProgramsCPL
Cookie Duration30 Days
Commission$7 Per Lead
Payment termNet 30
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods



In this list, Udemy is different from others. Although we keep it in the list of ShareASale alternatives, it is not an affiliate network. Udemy is an education platform that provides various subject courses.

Udemy Affiliate Program

It has over 44 million students and 130,000 courses. Subject experts teach these courses. The way of working on Udemy is simple.

It offers an affiliate program. Under this program, you have to give course links to your audience. and that is why prefer to choose it as a ShareASale alternative.

You will get a 20% commission after every sale. As the number of selling courses increases, you will get more profit. The best thing about Udemy is you will get so many courses. So you can earn a good amount.

Udemy Key Features

  • Thousands of courses for you to promote to your specific niche crowd.
  • Access tracking links to add to your blog, social media, or email newsletters.
  • 20% on each sale and also each subsequent sale from any customer who purchases courses within 7 days of clicking on your link.
  • They have merchandising tools that help you easily find their new and trending courses in all categories.
  • You can also offer a Udemy course coupon or ebook for personal information and use it to market to visitors later on.

Udemy Pros & Cons


  • They pay commissions for both, new and existing users.
  • They pay you a commission for every paid course coming from your affiliate tracking links
  • Frequent contests to earn more revenue thanks to bonuses & commission increases


  • The process to become a Udemy affiliate will take a few days to get approved.
Good/Product TypeOnline-only courses
Commission Programs
Cookie Duration7 days
Payment termNet 60
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods



TradeDoubler is an affiliate marketing network that has acquired various recognitions including being one of the Top Affiliate Networks. It claims to help affiliate marketers earn cash in exchange for promoting the goods of their merchandisers.

During this time, it has grown as well. As a result, when you look at this affiliate network today, you will not only find that it has thousands of affiliates but also thousands of offers as well.

When it comes to history, it has a flawless track record, which is one of the reasons why you should think about joining this affiliate network.

TradeDoubler Key Features

  • They offer the common CPS (cost per sale) model.
  • It can Tracking Cookies Even When Cookies Are Turned Off.
  • Tradedoubler boasts of doing business in over 70 different countries
  • The good news is that this affiliate network has over 2000 advertisers

TradeDoubler Pros & Cons


  • Tradedoubler has a pretty simple interface.
  • The revenue generated by the network for its clients is displayed on its home page.
  • With 20 years of history, you cannot go wrong with this affiliate network.


  • Some offers are highly restricted
Good/Product TypeVarious Category
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPO, CPS, and CPC
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment termNet 15
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods



Pepperjam Affiliate

Pepperjam is a company that derives its name from marketing jarred jam. In the 20 years since the company has been in the market, it has seen dynamic changes occur which only means that the company has had to reinvent itself many times over in order to stay relevant.

This connects advertisers with publishers. Once you’re approved, you can apply to advertisers to join their program.

Each advertiser will have different conditions and different advertising methods. Likewise, advertisers can connect with publishers to participate in their advertising campaigns.

PepperJam Key Features

  • Pepperjam takes transparency to the next level with its annual Publisher Day.
  • It has a fantastic help section that answers almost any question you might have
  • Over 1,500 name-brand advertisers such as Nordstrom, Puma, Bath & Body Works, Ace Hardware
  • PepperJam has also included resources that are available for affiliates to browse over in case they’re in need of some enlightenment. 

PepperJam Pros & Cons


  • The interface is much cleaner and easier to understand compared to that of other platforms.
  • Direct Communication Between Merchants & Advertisers


  • It has very limited payment methods
Good/Product TypePhysical products
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPS
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termaround the 1st and 15th of each month
Minimum Payout
Payout Methods



Awin Affiliate Platform

Awin affiliate is based in Berlin, Germany, and has over 1000 employees, 100,000 contributing partners, and 13,000 advertisers.

The countries represented by them are over 180. With that out of the way, let’s dive into why you should and shouldn’t work with the brand.

Earlier operating under the name “Zanox”, Awin is an award-winning global affiliate marketplace that came about as a result of the rebranding of Zanox and Affiliate Window in March 2017.

The company also merged with its European counterpart “Affilinet”, a much older affiliate network that had been around since 1997. so this one is the last of the list of ShareASale alternatives.

Awen Key Features

  • It has a Huge Number of Program
  • It has Good Deeplinking Tool
  • The Awin plugin eliminates all the hassle of creating links manually
  • A great Dashboard feature where you can filter performance by time period (day/month/week/year), region, and advertiser

Awin Pros & Cons:


  • Payments are easy as they’re done by major E-wallets like PayPal.
  • To help you choose who to work with, Awin has a Traffic Light System. 
  • The interface does not really raise any technical difficulties even for less tech-savvy


  • It has a Terrible Payment Time From Many Advertisers.
Good/Product TypeVarious Category
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPS
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment term
Minimum Payout$20
Payout Methods




Flexoffers is one of the most popular affiliate networks that have lots of big companies they manage transactions for.  As an affiliate working with Flexoffers, there are lots of different commission options, different products, and niches that can be supported at Flexoffers.

It is a network that has more than 12000 advertisers. It is actually famous for recruiting affiliates, blog monetization, or adding additional revenue streams to the business.

Many companies use FlexOffers to manage their affiliate programs. and that is why we like to mention Flexoffer in this article on ShareASale alternatives.

Flexoffers Key Features:

  • you will be able to get a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing.
  • You can easily sign up by simply filling out a short online application and answering some simple questions
  • Advertisers gain access to a feature that lets them choose which publishing models their products can show on. 
  • It provides a tracking feature. It is like a progress bar that updates the stats within an hour, every hour.

Flexoffers Pros & Cons:


  • With FlexOffers you can promote your products and services on your respective channel.
  • FlexOffers network lets you get started with affiliate marketing instead of having to wait for more traffic.
  • FlexOffers has a thorough FAQ section that can answer most questions that publishers have.


  • All of their payout options require some sort of transaction fee.
Good/Product TypePhysical products and digital services
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 30
Minimum Payout
Payout MethodsCheck; Wire Transfer; PayPal



WarriorPlus Affiliate Network

WarriorPlus is an Affiliate Network specializing in digital products and internet marketing, very similar to JVZoo or ShareASale. It’s a vast digital marketplace filled with products you can purchase and/or promote as an affiliate.

With Warrior Plus, you can start your affiliate marketing journey from scratch. Since it’s easy to create an account here, you can start generating affiliate links right away. Then, you can learn along the way how to get people to click on those links and buy the products.

Warrior Key Features

  • New launches are on a daily basis
  • You’ll get the product overview and the seller’s information.
  • There are two accessible options to withdraw earnings – PayPal and Stripe
  •  There are many ways of directing paid traffic to your affiliate products.
  • The vendor menu is for product owners who want to sell their products. 

Warrior Pros & Cons:


  • Many products to choose from
  • You’ll get instant payouts with a low threshold amount of $15
  • It’s quite easy to make an account and request offers


  • It can be challenging to look for specific products
Good/Product TypeVarious Category
Commission Programs
Cookie Duration60 Days
Payment termInstant
Minimum Payout$15
Payout Methods



PartnerStack - Best Website Designs - KeeVurds

PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing platform that helps businesses by maximizing the advantages of partnerships and collaborations with other affiliate marketers, in order to increase sales, leads, and conversion.

Its Network has created more than $100 million in income for programs on PartnerStack.

Each accomplice on PartnerStack gains admittance to their committed dashboard which makes it simple to quantify their presentation, access assets, pull out installments, and find new projects to join.

PartnerStack Key Features

  •  Automate your payouts to your affiliates
  • PartnerStack keeps track of your dashboard and tracks the analytics that is important for your success.
  • Create email campaigns for your customer and start driving your sales with automated email campaigns.
  • Provide access to marketing tools, referral program documents, sales success information, documents, and more to enable your affiliates or partners to succeed.

PartnerStack Pros & Cons


  • Seamless backend integration
  • Great customer service
  • The customer Success Manager helps us create a vision for how to optimize our usage.


  • Lacking further notification settings
Good/Product TypeSoftwares
Commission Programs
Cookie Duration90 Days
Payment term13th of each month
Minimum Payout$5
Payout MethodsPayPal or Stripe


Amazon Associates


If you are a beginner in the affiliate world, then Amazon Associates is perfect. You don’t have to be an established affiliate marketer to join Amazon Associates. Amazon has every niche product.

You can find countless products on amazon. Also, we all know how big Amazon is. It is one of the biggest brands in the world. Amazon Associates have a low commission rate, but you will get the highest conversion rate.

The drawback of this program is its low commission rate. You will get a high commission on beauty products and then music and books, but still, this is the better ShareASale alternative.

Amazon Associates Key Features:

  • It offers professional, timely, and effective support to the associates. 
  • The affiliate portal has so many options in terms of text links, banner ads, interactive ad boxes, etc.
  • No matter what niche you may be in, there’s a product on Amazon that could benefit your audience.
  • Amazon offers competitive commissions to its associates ranging between 1% to 10% and even higher on some products. 
  • You can register and start sharing affiliate links, detailed in the following section, in just a few minutes.

Amazon Associates Pros & Cons


  • It is very easy to become an Amazon affiliate. 
  • there’s no shortage of products to promote via affiliate links.


  • Might not be best for some very specific niches
Good/Product TypeEvery Product
Commission ProgramsCPS
Cookie Duration24-hours
Payment termNet 90
Minimum Payout$0.01 – $100
Payout MethodsCheck, ACH (Direct Deposit)


CJ Affiliate


Commission Junction is the complete opposite of ShareASale. Here you have to follow an application process.

After one approval, you have to apply for every product separately. The good thing about this platform is you will get famous brands that you can’t find on ShareASale.

In one year, it retains over 10,000 publications. It gives you the experience of a first-rate affiliate. It has features that provide you with cookieless tracking, which is very new for any website.

The negative point about this program is you have to take merchant permission to promote the product. This process may take time of 3 to 5 days. So it is one of the big problems that this program gives. 

CJ Affiliate Key Features:

  • It has An Extensive Reporting Toolkit.
  • It has Amazing Insights and Analytics.
  • It has some seriously big brands on board as advertisers.
  • They offer timely payouts within 20-days of the month’s end
  • CJ Affiliate works with the likes of Zappos, Verizon, and Barnes & Noble.

CJ Affiliate Pros & Cons:


  • You get some seriously big brand names to promote
  • you can join affiliate programs that pay you in exchange for each sale.
  • It’s a reliable platform that gives you access to some of the world’s most lucrative.


  • Their affiliate program filtering system is bass-ackwards

Best Niches For CJ Affiliates:

  • Accessories
  • Art/Photo/Music
  • Automotive
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Clothing
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Education
  • Family
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Drinks
  • Games & Toys
  • Gifts & Flowers
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Garden
  • Marketing
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Telecommunications
Good/Product TypePhysical products and digital services
Commission ProgramsCPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
Cookie DurationVaries
Payment termNet 30
Minimum Payout$50
Payout MethodsCheck; Direct Deposit

Which One Do I Choose?

Conclusion: ShareASale Alternatives 2024 for Affiliates

Here we have shared all the major details about the best alternatives of ShareASale that can help you to choose the right one for you.

Are these affiliate programs worth it or not? You are the only person that can answer that question, but we’d say that it is.

It’s legit, These platforms work with many quality brands, and you aren’t going to find any weird products on the platform.

Best ShareASale Alternatives for affiliates

With an excellent dashboard, fine-tuned reporting system, and perfect search option, This affiliate marketplace offers an ideal platform for businesses, affiliates, and agencies. most of these also provide a timely payout for affiliates. 

At the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned all the Shareasale alternatives now, it totally depends on you, which one is more suitable for you.

You can join these platforms together. This is a good way to earn money online. So look out for these amazing platforms if you are an affiliate marketer. 

At the end of the post, we hope that this article was informative for you. we just want to say that we have mentioned all the aspects of ShareASale competitors in 2024.

Best Traffic generating methods in 2024

Top t to generate traffics

FAQs – Best ShareASale Alternatives 2024

We have added some frequently asked questions that are related to the ShareASale alternatives, so you can find the relevant answers from it.

1. Is Awin and ShareASale are same?

Both Awin and ShareASale offer a host of resources for their affiliates and merchants. Shareasale allows monthly merchant training webinars and Awin has a series of best practice guides for advertisers on their website.

2. What are the best alternatives to ShareASale?

1. Rakuten Advertising
2. Impact
3. CJ Affiliate
4. Amazon Associates
5. Awin

3. Does ShareASale pay per click?

ShareASale is an affiliate network that offers pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs. To receive a payment from ShareASale, you must earn a minimum of $50.

4. How much does CJ Affiliate cost?

It’s free to join the Commission Junction affiliate program.

5. What is the monthly minimum for ShareASale?

In a given month, if your account does not generate a minimum of $50 in fees to ShareASale, your account will be charged the difference. There is a grace period, see below 0-30 Days – No Minimum Fees. 30+ Days – $35 Monthly Maximum

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