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TikTok Ads Coupon – Get Free TikTok Ads Promotional Code

Working and Latest TikTok Ads Coupon 2024 to get up to $2000 Credit for SMBs. Avail of Free TikTok Ads Credit to market your products and services on this video-sharing platform.

Are you looking for TikTok advertising credits?

Then you are on the right web page, here we have shared all the possible ways how to get TikTok ads coupons and how to use them.

TikTok is now popular in 150 countries and has 1 billion monthly active users. This data is huge and average. TikTok users’ daily application time is spent in 12-18 minutes.

All these facts make the TikTok platform attractive for marketing.

Check our below methods to get Free TikTok Ads Credit.

LinkedIn Ads Credit Post Summary:

TikTok CouponsYes, Available
Maximum TikTok Credit$1500 USD
Extra Advertisement Credit5 Offer with Free Credit
Advertise ToolsFreemium Tools Available
No. of Ways for Credit3 Ways

Get Your Credits-

TikTok Ads Promo Code

TikTok also offers some free ad credits like other advertising platforms occasionally.

Year 2024 – TikTok is providing $1500 Ads credit for Small Businesses to promote the products or services on its platform. Right now this offer is valid in only 3 countries Japan, Indonesia, and Korea.

This offer is applicable once for a TikTok business account after signing up within 30 days.

Here if you spend $100 you get the same credit of $100, If you $500 then $500 credit and for a spend of $1500 get $1500 TikTok Ad Credit + On-boarding support.

TikTok Ads Credit Image

Year 2023 –

In 2023, TikTok partnered with Shopify and provided $100 free ad credit for new users. They also partner with BigCommerce and provide $2000 Ads credit when users spend 1000 on the Ads.

This program is available to a limited number of specially invited Shopify merchants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, and the US.

Year 2022 –

Back in 2021, TikTok partnered with Shopify and started providing $300 Ads credit for free, plus up to $2000 ad spend match to the new advertisers until June 30, 2022.

Year 2021 –

Back in 2021, during COVID-19 when every advertising platform was offering free credits, TikTok also announced t a $100 million free ad credit to SMBs.

Users could register on that page to get $300 free credit in a TikTok advertising account. Additionally, they are also matching up to $2000 till December 2020.

Let’s Start!!

What is TikTok? : Everything You Need To Know

About TikTok Application

TikTok is a short video-sharing and watching platform the parent company is ByteDance. Here users can create a short video, browse other users’ videos, and access the rest of TikTok’s entertainment features.

Some Quick State about TikTok:

  • TikTok has now 1 Billion + users worldwise
  • It has 800 Million Active monthly users
  • It is popular between young, adults, and teens.
  • It’s 41% of users are between 16-24 age gap

These are some attractive reasons that are why marketers are also promoting their products and services on TikTok. It is another profitable place to advertise and promote that has huge potential for an audience.

Why advertise on the tik tok

Discover the Different Types for Your Business!

Dynamic Advertising Types on TikTok

Here are the types of Ads on TikTok, we have added all the details.

Types of TikTok Advertise

TikTok also offers advertising services for marketers, where marketers have the option to set different types of Ads, select their custom audience, and set campaign goals.

In-Feed Ads – This kind of ad shows when users watch other videos and your video also appears there in a gap. This is almost similar to eh Facebook In-feed advertising where your Ads show on the feed. This kind of TikTok ad costs nearly $10 for 1,000 Impressions.

Brand Takeover – This kind of Ad appears when the user opens the application. It shows on the full screen of the app and the user has to watch the Ad for some time. Its cost is higher because it covers the whole screen of the app.

Hashtag Challenges – This is a tricky promotion on TikTok, marketers can also create their hashtags, and to make a trend of these hashtags they can pay some influencers and their hashtag will become viral. This kind of Advertising costs you differently as the price of influence is different.

To market on TikTok you also need a good budget and to start a hashtags challenge it’s your responsibility to make those hashtags viral.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential

Learn How to Advertise on TikTok Today


Steps to Start a Tiktok Ads Campaign

Creating a new campaign and setting up a new Ad is very simple on TikTok.

Set an TikTok Advertising Objective

1. Create a Campaign – To start advertising on TikTik, first select the campaign objective, which includes Traffic, Conversions, and App Install. At this stage users also have to select the daily budget, which must be a minimum of $500.

2. Choose Ad Placement – TikTok Ads network also includes some other sites like BuzzVideo, News Republic, and others. Marketers have the option to select multiple platforms or else they can also advertise on TikTok.

3. Select the Ad Targeting – This ad platform also allows you to select the target audience based on age, gender, location, interest, and other demographics.

4. Design your Ad – Marketers can also design their ad on TikTok, It has a free music library and some easy-to-use video editing tools.

5. Schedule your Ad – After selecting the campaign type, Ad audience, and Ad placement, upload your Ad video. Now users have to schedule their Advertise days. There is an option to optimize your ads automatically for better results.

How Much Does a TikTok Ad Cost?

The average price of TikTok advertising.
TikTok Ad prices

According to a report, TikTok ads cost slightly differently than other advertising platforms. TikTok also offers several types of advertising but their In-feed and Brand takeover video ads are the most popular.

Brand Takeover posts cost $50,000/day of which TikTok claims 5 Million Impressions.

An in-feed video-type Ad costs $10 for a minimum of 600 Impressions.

Hashtags challenge costs $150,000/week while you can also make hashtags viral by the use of influencers.

Should You Advertise on TikTok?

Conclusion – TikTok Ads Coupon and Credit 2024

TikTok for Business seems the right platform for marketers, but as there is a completely different audience and people often use this platform only for entertainment purposes, then this Advertising is different.

Yeah, but for the big new brands whose AIM is generation-z and looking for a youth audience, then TikTok is the right marketing platform for them.

On this page, we have shared all the possible ways to get the Free TrikTik ads credit in 2024. TikTok makes partnerships with other brands and offers Ads credit.

At the end of the post, we hope that this post was informative for you. We just want to say that we have mentioned all the major details about the TikTok ads coupons and promo codes.

FAQs – TikTok Ad Credit Promo Code

Here we have added some frequently asked questions related to TikTok ad credit

How do I get ad credit on TikTok?

TikTok offers free ad credit with the collaboration of a third party. Like right now they are offering a $300 credit with Shopify.

How do I get free ads on TikTok?

To get Free Ads on TikTok simply apply for the SMBs and verify your account. They will send you a $300 ad credit that you can use to promote your services and products.

Are Ads on TikTok worth it?

Yes, TikTok ads are completely worth your investment. It is very cost-effective as 1000 impressions on just $50 and most users are from generation-z who are crazy for new brands and products.

Can I transfer or exchange my TikTok Ad Credit Promo Code?

Generally, TikTok Ad Credit Promo Codes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms of credit. They are intended for use on the TikTok advertising platform only.

Where can I find more information about TikTok advertising and promotions?

For more information about TikTok advertising and promotions, you can visit the official TikTok Ads Help Center or reach out to TikTok’s advertising support team for assistance.

Also, check other Search Engines and social Media for Free Advertising Credits.

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