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CrocoBlock is the best jet engine plugin is a kit of multiple tools and plugins for building websites with WordPress and it is an ADD-Ons package for Elementor.

If you are working on Elementor and Gutenberg then this CrocoBlock review post is for you.

It is the best solution for all types of website creatives, designers, and website developers. because CrocoBlock comes with a lot of plugins, tools, booking solutions, and a lot of features so, you can easily create wonderful and creative WordPress websites and woo-commerce websites.

you can see the option of using dynamic templates for Elementor which means you brought ready-to-use templates for multiple niche templates, and pre-coded, and pre-design templates to save your time for your next actions.

So, just try CrocoBlock a bundle of multiple popular plugins once to see the wonderful result on your website.

Read the CrocoBlock review article and get more info about the CrocoBlock plugin.

CrocoBlock Plugin Quick Info:

Product NameCrocoBlock
TypeWordPress Plugin
Starting Price$199/year
Money Back30 Days

A jet engine plugin

What is the CrocoBlock

CrocoBlock is a jet-engine plugin which is born in Ukraine it’s been 10+ years in WordPress and has 1M + active installs. This plugin has everything that needs for creating amazing and multiple-purpose websites.

This plugin optimizes your website look through its more creative and designing tools because this plugin in itself is a bundle of more amazing features. you can also build your woo-commerce website with the CrocoBlock plugin.

It is the best opportunity for websites Elementor and Gutenberg to develop an amazing website with CrocoBlock plugins, Booking solutions, a great feature list, and with its free product.

Crocoblock review

In another way, CrocoBlock is like Add-on for Elementor and Gutenberg because Crocoblock all plugins are also only for Elementor, as well as Gutenberg, and also gives you access to Crocoblock’s themes Like Astra, and GneratePress

CrocoBlock also provides many dynamic ready-to-use templates that can up your website’s look and level you are free to choose any templates According to your niche.

The Crocoblock has a different no. of plugins for Elementor as well as Gutenberg. just, for example, Elementor plugins are a jet element, jet review, jet, jet woo-builder, jet-Blocks, and many more. Gutenberg plugins are JetFormsBuilder, jet theme core, and much more.

Top jet engine plugin

CrocoBlock Plugins.

Now in the post of the CrocoBlock review, we discuss all the top CrocoBlock Jet plugins.

crocoblock jet plugin

CrocoBlock has a lot of plugins for Elementor and Gutenberg we’ll discuss them all in detail with their pricing.


Jet Engine

Jet engine is for both Elementor as well Gutenberg, it works for creating a dynamic website architecture fast and it is everything for dynamic content.

If you want to develop listing items like dynamic image, dynamic term. link, and develop a listing grid layout then this CrocoBlock plugin is for you.

Jest engine also provides dynamic features like dynamic function, dynamic shortcode, dynamic tag, macro, Etc. that help to develop your website structure. you can also discover the 17 dynamic Elementor widgets.

Custom Subscription $42/year – you will get with this subscription 17 widgets including all Jet plugin features, 1-year product updates, and 1-year zoom & support.


JetSmartFilters Plugin

Elementor and Gutenberg users are can use JetSmartFilters advanced filters for any type of post.

JetSmartFilters are easy to use you can also customize its filters, it is layerable mean you can Mix and match 9 filter types to achieve any desired search hierarchy, and its filters are editor friendly so, you Build and style filtering structures in both Elementor and Gutenberg.

It also provides benefits through seamless integrations. integrations with Elementor Pro, jet woo-builder, Jest-engine, and more.

JetSmartFilters Custom Subscription is $43/year.


Jet blog

Absolutely this plugin will insert dynamic content into pages which is include the smart tiles widget and smart list for Adding dynamic content. this means you don’t need to change your content again and again it will change automatically at the time of publishing a new post.

Also, use the Jet blog plugin for creating an engaging blog page because it provides many users attracting options like video playlist post navigation, post pagination, smart list, and much more.

This plugin can grab more audience by displaying content like a pro with Jet blog but this plugin only works with Elementor.

Jetblock Custom Subscription $23 per year.



JetBlock a plugin for Elementor will help to design custom headers and footers and drag and drop shopping, hamburger panels, and more you can add to your website header and footer area.

And more you can add with JetBlock plugins like woo-commerce shopping cart, registration logo, login logo, and more. but this is only for Elementor.

so, the JetBlock empowered your content with visual effects, and this is also great for the post archive templates. try once.

Jetblock Custom Subscription $19 per year.



This CrocoBlock Add-on helps you gain trust or do believe in your website from your visitors and users. by displaying reviews on Elementor-built pages.

JetReview is more popular for Woo-commerce or shopping websites that Create a tell-all rating system for each product/service you offer and let users rate them by the pre-defined criteria.

With the help of streamlined voting users also have the option of liking and disliking the posts, pages, and products at any time they want.

JetReview Custom Subscription $22 per year.



This is one of the best plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg that can Build and manage your WordPress theme easily. through the informative dashboard.

JetThemecore provides a simple way to create and adjust essential WordPress page templates, header and footer templates, single post pages, and archives.

The JetThemecore is 100% compatible with the most popular theme like kava, Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, Blocksy, and more.

JetThemecore Custom Subscription $23 per year.



This is another top-rated plugin of CrocoBlock for Woo-commerce that helps to Build online stores with create WooCommerce product layouts or with elegant single product pages.

JetWooBuilder can help to better user experience through adust the single product page visually and users can also explore the new-age carousels Vertical & Swiper, as well as the Center Mode.

This Plugin provides 60+ Elementor WooCommerce widgets for your website which are definitely grow your online stores and drive more sales. Widgets like Categories cart, shop page, checkout page, thank you page, and much more.

JetWooBuilder Custom Subscription $43 per year.



JetBooking is for both Elementor as well as Gutenberg this booking plugin means with the help of JetBooking you can create a booking and rental website to offer daily service to you your visitor. Provide many features like Flexible pricing rates, extensive booking forms, and more.

JetBooking Custom Subscription $19 per year.



With these plugins, you can book your appointment with any service provider like healthcare and dental or any other. it is the best plugin to build appointment sites and offers hourly services with a lot of great features like Booking from different web pages, booking schedule type, integration with external apps, Etc.

JetAppointemet Custom Subscription $19 per year.



This Add-On contains many interactive effects to build your website content section to grab more visitors and customers Integrative effects such as a countdown timer, pricing table, Interactive images, videos, cards, and more.

JetElementor provides 45 Elementors for your website Line char, woo-commerce featured product, contact form, and more.

JetElement Custom Subscription $43 per year.



This plugin gives the Gride option on your website with this Add-On you can create gride for everything means you resize the image by pulling its corner and moving the picture along the gride.

It is customizable and online-friendly. Building Gride can be fun.



Maybe it is clear from the name what does it do, JestPopUp is a stylish PopUp builder only for the CrocoBlock. With this plugin, you can decide when and how your PopUp has appeared on a website page and you can also decide what your PopUp will communicate.

JetPopUp Custom Subscription $22 per year.



This is the top-notch WooCommerce gallery plugin. This plugin helps you to explore what gallery content type is suitable for your website or product because it provides many Gallery content types like the woo product, features video, etc. to make your woo-commerce product stand out.

JetProductGallary Custom Subscription $23 per year.



It is the toggles and accordion block for Elementor. with help of this plugin you can choose the best way to showcase content within the Elementor built page and the ability to add any templates into taps. it also offers the widgets like a classic accordion, image accordion, and switcher.

JetTaps Custom Subscription $23 per year.



JetTricks provide the visual effect for Elementor with the help of this plugin create and live your content and add animation like your website on the fly with very easy customization options. your website appearance will enrich with JetTricks widgets like a tooltip, sticky column, parallax, etc.

JetTricks Custom Subscription $23 per year.



This is a dynamic WordPress formbuilder. with this builder, you can build stylish forms visually for Gutenberg. in this plugin you can 18+ form field blocks, multi-column layouts, and custom HTML addition.



With this name, it is clear that This Add-On is about the searches, searches about products, services, or any other categories and it is the fastest AJAX search for WordPress websites. The key of JetSearch is to allow searching sitewide, customize a quick search view, and build a search result page.

JetSearch Custom Subscription $23 per year.



This Add-On is also cleared by the name this is for building the custom mega menu with Gutenberg and Elementor means you can add different content to your website menu. you can also use it with your existing theme and is it easy to drag and drop editing.

JetMenu Custom Subscription $43 per year.



This is must have plugin for online stores or woo-commerce websites. by JetComapre&Wishlist you easily compare the product by any data, show your content and wishlist count, and Style up the structure and looks of the product wishlist according to your goal.

JetCompare&Wishlist Custom Subscription $15 per year.

If you seriously want to use the Jet engine plugin then visit our previous post about the CrocoBlock coupon code and apply this code to get a maximum discount on the jet engine plugin.

Choose suitable pricing & plan

CroCoBlock Plans Review

CrocoBlock Offers 4 types of pricing and plans with different prices and different features. It also offers a free plan.

crocoblock pricing and plans

CrocoBlock a WordPress plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg will provide you with a lot of advanced functions for any kind of website like a blogger as well as a shopping website. this single plugin is a bundle of 20+ other plugins.

The starting price of CroCoBlock is $199/per. 4 different pricing plans are Custom, All-inclusive unlim, Freelance lifetime, and Lifetime plan.

You can get the different features on each plan for example under the custom plan you received access to limited features but under the lifetime plan, you will get all features access.


CrocoBlock Custom Plan

This is the first and free plan offered by CrocoBlock for $0. According to its new update, this plan is not only for 1 project but also for the unlimited project.

A custom plan is only best for 1 or unlimited project holders and for those who think of using CrocoBlock for their website but he will note received free access to any Jet engine plugins.

But you can use any jet plugin of CrocoBlock after purchasing, each plugin contains different pricing you can choose according to your needs.

Custom plan features

  • 1 project
  • Also for the Unlimited project
  • Product updates for 1 year
  • Zoom/Ticket support


CrocoBlock All-Inclusive Unlim Plan

All-inclusive is the second and yearly premium plan offered by CrocoBlock plugins for $199/year. this plan is also for 1 project as well as for unlimited projects. its unlimited project plan cost is $399/year.

But with this plugin, you get more features than the custom plan like Dynamic templates, design templates, and all Jet plugins access.

This plan is also best for those who have 1 or more projects and who want to use the Crocoblock plugin so they’re an All-inclusive unlim plan.

All-inclusive unlim features

  • 1 project
  • Also for unlimited projects
  • One-year product updates
  • One year support
  • 47 Design templates
  • 12 Dynamic templates
  • 20 All Jet-plugins
  • 50 Interactive Pop-Ups

All-inclusive unlim plan subscription

Yearly Subscription$199/year for 1 project.

Yearly Subscription – $399/year for unlimited projects.


CrocoBlock Freelance Lifetime Plan

This is the third Premium plan CrocoBlock plugin for $399/year. this plan is for unlimited projects.

In this plan, you will get more advanced features for your websites and you will create amazing websites or eCommerce stores by purchasing its third premium plan. features like Dynamic templates and all Jet plugins.

All-inclusive Unlim is best for those who work for unlimited projects like freelancers, business icons, bloggers, etc.

Freelance Lifetime features

  • Unlimited project
  • 1-year updates
  • 1-year Zoom/ticket support
  • 47 Design templates
  • 12 Dynamic templates
  • 50 Interactive Pop-Ups
  • Access to 20 Jet plugins

Freelance Lifetime plan subscription

Yearly Subscription – for $399/year


CrocoBlock Lifetime Plan

Lifetime Plan is the last and highest plan offered by CrocoBlick for their Lifetime customers for $999/one time. this is also for the unlimited project.

You just need to purchase one time and use its amazing features, Add-ons, and solutions for a lifetime and build your successful websites by using its all features and by getting lifetime updates and support.

This is best for those who run multiple projects and want to use CrocoBlock lifetime like experts, Website developers.

Lifetime features

  • Unlimited project
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime Zoom/ticket support
  • 47 Design templates
  • 12 Dynamic templates
  • 50 Interactive Pop-Ups
  • Access to 20 Jet plugins

Lifetime plan subscription

Lifetime Subscription – for $999/One time.

Choose the right plan according to your needs.

Money-Back Guarantee – On CrocoBlock Premium plans you will receive 30 Day of money back guarantee from the period of your purchase, if you are not happy to purchase the CrocoBlock plugin plan then you have the choice to get refunded by this plugin.

CrocoBlock also provides full support to its customers, if users have any queries about the CrocoBlock plugin they are free to ask its team.

Below of CrocoBlock pricing and plan, we’re also its pro and cons to get more info about its qualities and disabilities.

CrocoBlock Customer Support review

Based on online reviews and feedback from users, CrocoBlock is generally well-regarded for their customer support. They offer multiple support channels, including a knowledge base, documentation, video tutorials, live chat, and email support.

Many users have praised their customer support team for being knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful in resolving issues. Additionally, CrocoBlock provides regular updates and improvements to their products, which can help prevent technical problems from arising in the first place.

Overall, CrocoBlock appears to prioritize customer satisfaction and has received positive feedback for their support efforts.

Who Should Choose Crocblocks?

CrocoBlock is a powerful toolkit for creating professional and feature-rich WordPress websites. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to build a custom WordPress website without having to write a lot of code or hire a developer. Here are some specific types of users who might find CrocoBlock particularly useful:

  1. WordPress Developers: If you’re a WordPress developer, CrocoBlock can help you save time and effort by providing pre-built templates and widgets that you can use to build custom websites for your clients.
  2. Web Designers: If you’re a web designer, CrocoBlock can help you create beautiful, functional websites without needing to know how to code. The pre-built templates and widgets make it easy to design and customize your website.
  3. Small Business Owners: If you’re a small business owner, CrocoBlock can help you create a professional-looking website quickly and easily. You don’t need to have any coding experience to use it, and the pre-built templates and widgets make it easy to create a website that meets your specific needs.
  4. Bloggers: If you’re a blogger, CrocoBlock can help you create a visually appealing and functional blog that stands out from the competition. With pre-built widgets like the post slider and featured posts, you can easily highlight your best content and keep your readers engaged.
  5. E-commerce Store Owners: If you run an online store, CrocoBlock can help you create a professional-looking website that showcases your products and makes it easy for customers to buy from you. The pre-built e-commerce widgets like the product grid and product carousel make it easy to display your products and boost sales.

FAQs –

  1. What is the CrocoBlock?

    Crocoblock is a plugin for WordPress websites that only works with Elementor and Gutenberg and it is the full package of Tools and Plugins.

  2. How many JetPlugins are offered by CrocoBlock?

    CrocoBlock has the 20 JetPlugins for Elementor and Gutenberg.

  3. Does CrocoBlock offer a free plan?

    Yes, CrocoBlock offers a free plan to its visitor for only 1 website.

  4. What is Starting Price of CrocoBlock?

    CrocoBlock premium plan starts from $199/ year.

  5. On how many websites can I use Crocoblock?

    It depends on your purchasing plan if you purchase an All-inclusive plan you get only 1 website but if you purchase its lifetime plan you get unlimited plans.

Our Opinion-

Conclusion – CrocoBlock Toolkit Review 2023

Our Final word for the CrocoBlock review article is the CrocoBlock plugin one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

We’ll already discuss CrocoBlock overviews, all its Jet Plugins with their use and price, CrocoBlock pricing and plans, and its pro and cons.

We have already discussed that CrocoBlock is a collection of many plugins and tools for any type of website with WordPress. CrocoBlocks plugins for only Elementor and Gutenberg.

review of crocoblock plugin

Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, you can run online stores or you can do anything else online then this full bundle is for you.

Many more awesome features are included in this CrocoBlock plugin like it provides a solution for booking and e-commerce shops and it includes 20 Jetplugins like Jet engine, JetWooBuilder, JetReview, JestBlog, JetFormBuilder, etc.

We have also mentioned that CrocoBlock offers 4 types of pricing and plans one is a free plan and another three is a premium plan. It’s a free plan also for unlimited projects but not any other croCoBlock features are included.

but in their premium plan, you get access to all Jet plugins. the premium plan starts from $199/per year

We highly recommended you try CrocoBlock at least once.