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Filmora is a Popular Video Editor Tool.

This is the Best Tool for YouTubers, Video Editors, and Brands. To create amazing and attractive videos quickly and easily.

On this page, we have shared Team Tested, working Filmora Discount Coupons.

Also, check our FAQs at the end of the page to get the right Filmora Plan suggestion for your business.

Avail Up to 40% Filmora 13 Pro Discount or Choose the Right Plan for your Work.
We also use Filmora to Create Videos for Marketing, Ads, and YouTube.

The software is very easy to use and you can access the software on Mac as well as Windows so if you’re looking for high-quality advanced features editing software then nothing can beat Filmora in this race.

No. of Filmora Coupons15 Offers
Regular Discount33% Discount
Offer Price$49.99 per year
Total SavingUp to $30
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Filmora 13 Launch DateNov 2023
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Working and Verified Offers.

Filmora 13 Coupon Codes 2024

Filmora Cross-Platform Annual Bundle – 20% OFF

$59.99 $69.99
Get Filmora for Multiple Devices with Future Updates, Unlimited AI Credits and 15M+ Assets

Filmora Perpetual Plan – 25% OFF

$79.99 $99.99
Enjoy all Filmora 13 Updates and Get a 25% Discount on this Plan.

Filmora 13 Discount Code – 25% OFF

Get a Filmora License with All Features and No Watermark. Avail a 25% Discount or Save $40 from its regular price.
$49.99$69.99 Get Offer
Valued Plan if you need updated versions of Filmora.

Filmora Annual Plan Coupon – 23% OFF

Get a Filmora License with All Features and No Watermark. Avail a 23% Discount or Save $20 from its regular price.
$49.99$69.99 Get Offer
Valued Plan if you need updated versions of Filmora.

Filmora Cross-Platform Plan Coupon – 33% OFF Best Values

Get a Filmora Pro License with All Features and No Watermark. Avail a 33% Discount or Save $30 from the regular price.
$59.99$69.99 Get Offer
Access Filmora Pro on Windows PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablet.

Filmora Perpetual Plan Coupon – 28% OFF Value for Money

Get a Filmora License with All Features and No Watermark. This One-Time Cost is worth your money for the long term. Avail a 28% Discount or Save $30 from its regular price.
$79.99$109.99 Get Offer
Recommend Plan for YouTubers and Video Editors.

Filmora Business Plan Coupon

Create Amazing videos for your clients. Get Filmora Video Editor for Business use.
Best Plan for Startups, Digital Agencies, and Individual Business.

Filmora Educational/Student Coupon

Get a FLAT 38% Discount on Studnet Plans.
Monthly – $19.99, Annual – $40.99, Perpetual – $49.99
These Education Plans are also made for schools, colleges, and Universities.
Right, Plan for Students and Educator. Info – This Plan price changes according to the number of PC.

Filmora Individual Plans Coupon – Upto 50% OFF

Get Wondershare Filmora Individual Plans with up to a 30% Discount. Individual Plan is best for video creators, YouTubers, and Small businesses.


Filmoar Coupon for Different Language Sites:

Filmora 20% Discount on Lifetime Plan (Spanish) Verified

Filmora Coupon of 20% Discount on Lifetime Plan for Spanish Website. Use this Coupon on only the Filmora Spanish site.
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Filmora 10% Discount on Lifetime Plan (Spanish) Verified

Filmora Coupon of 10% Discount on Lifetime Plan for Spanish Website. Use this Coupon on only the Filmora Spanish site.
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Filmora Pro 10% Discount on Lifetime Plan (Spanish) Verified

Filmora Pro Coupon of 10% Discount on Lifetime Plan for Spanish Website. Use this Coupon on only the Filmora Spanish site.
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Filmora 20% Discount on Lifetime Plan (German) Verified

Filmora Pro Coupon of 10% Discount on Lifetime Plan for German Website. Use this Coupon on only the Filmora German site.

Filmora 10 Euro Discount (French) Verified

Save 10 Euro on Filmora Plans Checkout. Valid for French Website.
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Filmora Back 2 School Discount Verified

Get Up to 42% OFF on Filmora Plans with this Back 2 School Discount Coupon.
This Can offer can be only for educators & students, But you can try.

Filmora Pro Coupon

Create more Advanced Videos with Filmora Pro.
This is Best for Professionals.
Best Plan for Professionals and High-level Video Editing.

Filmora Cross-Platform Plan Offer – 35% OFF

$59.99 $89.99
Use 1 License on Windows PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, or Android Tablet.
Get a 35% Discount on Cross Platform Plan and Access Filmora Pro on multiple devices.

Easy Steps To Get Discount!!

How to avail Discount on Filmora?

To avail of the discount on Filmmora, take a look at these simple steps:

Step-1 First visit the Filmora Video Editor Page

Step-2 After reaching out to the website now you need to search for the product if you want Filmmora editing software so search that in on search box.

Filmora Pricing Plans Individuals
Choose a Filmora Plan

Step-3 Now click on the buy now option you will automatically reach the page where you have to submit your details.

Step-4 Now to get the discount from the sale you have to click on the coupon apply button.

Filmora Checkout with Coupon Code Perpetual Plan
Filmora Checkout with Coupon Code Perpetual Plan

Step-5 Now you need to choose a payment option according to your suitability.

Step-6 Now click on secure checkout to finish the purchase.

You will get up to 50% off by applying the coupon for the Wondershare product.

Know more about this tool.

About – Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is software that helps people to create amazing videos by using powerful editing tools. It is a great video editing tool that will help you create a great video even if you don’t have professional editing skills.

It gives you a lot of filters to use, animated for good video creation, and some cool effects. The filters will increase your video quality and your video become more viewable. Wondershare Filmora gives a lot of titles and lower thirds to use in the video.

By using Filmora you have also the option to drag and drop graphics into your video. You can edit multiple videos and images and can add good music from the library. It has a lot of good features included in it like 4k editing support, gif support, and color tuning.

Key Stats of Filmora/Wondershare:

  • Popular in 150 countries
  • Used by 2 million + monthly users
  • 10+ languages supported
  • 6 offices across the globe
  • 700+ talented employees
  • 65 products and counting

Choose the right Filmora Plan.

Filmora Pricing Plans

Filmora has a wide range of plans for its users.

Mainly here we have shared Filmora Plans and Available Discounts on them.

Let’s start with the details of Filmora Plans, so you can choose the right plan for your work.


Filmora Individual Plans

Most-Selling Valuable Filmora.

Filmora Individual Plans are best for YouTubers, Video Editors, and Freelancers.

Filmora Pricing Plans Features Individuals
Filmora Pricing Plans

Filmora is easy to use and it has all the video editing features that we need to make a stunning video. Its Individual Plans are the most common and most-selling.

This Plan comes with 3 subscription options.

But we recommend you choose the Perpetual Plan because here you pay only 1 time and use Filmora X lifetime. And Its cost is also not higher than the Annual Plan.

Filmora PlansAnnualCross-PlatformPerpetual
Price$49.99/month$59.99/year$79.99 Lifetime


Filmora Business Plans

Looking for a Video Editor for your Business?

Here’s the Filmora Business Plan with multiple user licenses, 1-1 sale report, and a flexible payment option. You can purchase 2 or more PC licenses here.

As you increase the number of PCs, Filmora offers you a good discount.

Filmora Company uses mean:

  • Training, Presentation, Internal communication
  • Marketing, Promotion, Advertising
  • Editing Videos for Paying Clients.

If you are confused about Business or Individual licenses, Check Our FAQs below


Filmora Educational Plans

This is the best Filmora Plan for Students, Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Even Individual Mentors can also select this if they teach students video editing.

Filmora offers a flat 38% Discount on an Educator License.

Filmora PlansMonthlyAnnualPerpetual
Student Discount18% OFF38% OFF
Get Offer Get Offer Get Offer

Filmora PlansMonthlyAnnualPerpetual

  1. Filmora’s lifetime plan is a one-payment perpetual license.
  2. Free updates for Filmora X (but not beyond, such as Filmora 12).
  3. No watermark.
  4. Free tech support.
  5. Free updates for as long as you are subscribed
  6. No watermark
  7. Free tech support
  8. Cancel any time.

Filmora Plans Subscriptions:

It comes with three plans

Free Trial – You can easily take this free version. Once you download it you don’t have to pay for its lifetime.

One-year license – It has more features than a free trial, you can buy it for only $59.99 for a whole year. After one year you have to renew it.

A lifetime license – You can buy a lifetime plan for just $79.99 and also if you buy it from the black Friday deal it comes with a 25% discount.

What’s your reason?

Filmora Features Explained

Filmora is a complete package of a video editor and contains some amazing features that need to be told, here are some great features about Filmora.

#. Some more Important Filmora Features:

Stabilization: Having a smooth and stable video is the utmost important thing. This has stabilization features that will change the feel of any video.

Picture in picture: Adding videos on top of other videos will make it look more professional and modern. You can add so many other things on top.

Media And Effects Library: Filmora X has so many royalty-free music, videos, titles and other presets that you can use them all with a single click. 

Shortcuts: You can create key binds and other shortcuts using new hotkey commands which will increase your work efficiency.

Zoom and Pan: You might have noticed how videos zoom in and out so smoothly that it makes them seem natural. With Filmora, you can easily do that. 

Color correction: Filmora’s colour correction is so well designed that many professional video editors use it only for this feature. 

Audio Ducking: Using this feature, you can add music in the background and have a fading effect or ensure the viewers listen to the dialogue or monologues.

Tilt-shift: The tilt-shift effect is what you’ll find in inexpensive cameras. But Filmora X can replicate the same effect quite easily. 

1. Motion Tracking

Motion tracking is a feature that helps video to track any object’s motion. And it will send the data to the application. It will work like capturing the movement of the object and storing the motion template.

When Wondershare updated Filmora this time they added these features which is a great function for any video editor app. These features mean you can detect the motion of an object that is behind you. You can use this function by simply clicking on the motion tracking function on the screen.

The features going to be used very well by users and they surely appreciate it,

2. Audio Editor

Wondershare also improved the quality of the video editor. Before Filmora had really simple features but now the company improving its function. Now you can choose virtual editing.

This function will help to improve the quality of videos.

3. Screen Recording and Webcam

Filmora screen recorder

Something I can’t believe is that many professional editors don’t include a screen recorder (yes, I’m talking to you about Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere), but luckily, Filmora does.

You can activate it by clicking the option that says “record”, and inside the multimedia panel, the following interface will show. You can also select the frame rate, quality, and screen recording area. You can choose the 9:16 ratio screen or the complete laptop screen.

4. Audio Ducking

It is also a new feature that adds to the Filmora which will help you with the audio thing. When you have to fix the audio of the video that time if you increase one audio then the other audio will decrease automatically. It also helps in voice-over.

The music automatically fades when you loud your video speaker. In this way, it helps to improve video sound quality.

5. Green Screen

Green screens let you remove the background from your video completely and replace it with whatever you want. Green screens are a key element of any movie too. Do you really think those mountains are actually there in the movies? No, they are created using green screens.

Filmora supports green screen editing so that you can reimagine your videos the way you want by adding the background of your choice.

6. Auto Color Detect

Filmora’s features are improving day by day. The company provides the best value to customers like they add a color detect function that will save you time. This function will improve your screen color and the visibility of your video.

You can see the difference in your normal screen after choosing this function so you don’t have to think much about buying Filmora. You can go for it. It is one of the most purchased software in the market.

Confused between Filmora X or Pro?

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro

Info – Filmora Pro is now no longer available.
Filmora XFilmora Pro
Who is this for?Beginner video editor
Youtube creators and anyone thinking of starting a YouTube channel
Anyone who needs a simple tool that they can learn quickly
Intermediate to professional video editors
Editors who want to take time to refine their footage and make it perfect
Anyone who wants more freedom to customize the effects they add to their videos
Key featuresEasy to use
Filters and colouring tools
Music and sound effects
Built-in video effects
Windows: Win 8 or later (64-bit OS)
macOS: macOS X 10.13 or later
Free DownloadYesYes
PriceMonthly – $9.99
Annually – $49.99
Perpetual – $79.99
Monthly – N.A.
Annually – $89.99
Perpetual – $149.99
System requirementsWindows: Win 7 or later (64 bit OS)
macOS: macOS X 10.11 or later
Windows: Win 7 or later (64-bit OS)
macOS: macOS X 10.11 or later
If you don’t need Filmora for Large or Professional Level Projects!
Simply Go with Filmora X

Should you avail of this deal?

Wrap up – Filmora Promo Codes and Discount 2024

Filmora is becoming more famous in the market right now. It is perhaps the best video editor that is used by people right now. You will save a lot of time by using Filmora and improving your video quality with shape editing.

Here we talk all about the Filmora Discount deal which is providing a great purchase for the Video Editing business and work.

This deal is a goldmine for those who are thinking of purchasing new video editing software. Wondershare Filmora is a high-quality software that is very advanced in editing. The software not only helps you with editing videos but you can also make videos and pdf.

Get more ideas and clear your doubts here.

Queries on Filmora Discounts and Coupons

What is the Filmora Coupon?

Filmora Coupon is a set of words that you can use to get a discount on Filmora Plans at the time of checkout. Using these coupon codes you can get up to 55% off.

Can I take the free service of Filmora?

Yes, it is also available in the free version. You can install the free version by going to the website of Wondershare.

What do you mean by Filmora Company use?

Company use includes any use by a business both internal (i.e. training, presentations, and internal communication) and external (i.e. marketing, promotions, and advertising). This also includes videos that are the product or service being offered (i.e. editing videos for paying clients).

Can I use one License for Mac and Windows PC?

No users can use Windows License only on Windows PC and Mac License only on MAC PC.

I am a YouTuber, which Plan should I choose?

If your YouTube channel is for a company or brand, you should purchase the Business Plan. If it’s not, you can choose one of the Individual Plans.

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$59.99 $69.99 GET OFFER
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Avail FLAT 25% Discount on Filmora Plans.

Filmora Discount Code, Get a 55% Discount or Save $30 on Filmora
Filmora Discount Code, Get a 55% Discount or Save $30 on Filmora
$59.99 $69.99
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