What is fresh learning?

This is the platform that provides you to build and create some good stuff of course that makes your business grow well. it helps you to increase your skills rapidly. Fresh helps to make blogs and publish the best way of articles and blog posts. this makes your work easy and comfortable. fresh learn will provide you with some payment gateways and handles. Freshlearn enables you to create and make build online courses and tools. You can use your skills to make money online and enhance your knowledge skills to grow in the website.FreshLearn makes an easy way to learn Online education procedure of gaining skills and knowledge through electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, etc using the internet. You can learn through the sites without any particular period.


Fresh learn provides lots of tools that will e


What is Thinkific?

If you are looking for creating educational content, sales, management, and marketing for businesses, then you are at the right place. thinkfic is the only platform that will provide the online learning course and it allows you to access many tools like text, pdf, quizzes, and much more to create attractive and relevant content with unique and different styles you don’t need any technical knowledge to run this tool it capable to work in advanced automation which means it will make work intent easier. It also provides hosting services for your websites. thinkific is good for those who just want to start with the beginner level. you don’t need to take any stress you can get start your new content at free of cost. it’s too simple for the new start, you just have to sign up and you’re ready to explore.

Features of thinkific

Today will show the all useful features to help your content be fresh and informative. All you have to know about thinkific before you start the course build journey. With good affordable prices, you can access many tools with easy-to-use features.

Drag and Drop feature

You just have to deliver the learning experience that you want to show or stream live, on-demand or in blended classes. Bring your own vision to live with flexible content options including live lessons.

it doesn’t need any previous technical knowledge or coding skills experience to run this tool. And they also take care of the technology so get back to your teaching sessions.

Thinkific support at least 12 different kinds of content formats for online courses. To help to make the quality of your creative content.

  1. Video
  2. Quiz
  3. Multimedia
  4. Text
  5. Survey
  6. PDF
  7. Audio
  9. Presentations
  10. Brillium exams
  11. Assignments
  12. Live feed (beta)

Thinkific site builder

Your landing page is the most valuable and essential interface for your website because every user will enter the first object that your website. Thinkific’s Site Builder can help you design professional-looking pages for different parts of your website with unique themes and font styles. You can add extra sections to most of the pages.

You can customize your home page, course page, checkout page sign-in page and other kind of pages also that depends on your creation. this will help where the students can navigate the paths to find the content or courses. With a single click, they can access every section like- the image gallery, FAQ section, Testimonials, Instructors, CTA, Upsells, and more. 

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is one of the best digital marketing tactics to work with affiliates to promote your course and website to earn a lot with informative and knowledgeable content. In this technique, you offer a commission to the person or company that agrees to market your course. Thinkific allows you to set up links on their websites or companies to grab the attraction of the students. This is the best-earning source in the online marketing field. The affiliate role can be assigned to any user on your thinkific account.

Assignments and Quizzes

The main priority of the courses is the ability to gauge the progress of the students so this platform will help you to find the different types of education tactics to improve their learning skills. Thinkific provides multiple learning methods to ensure that your students taking the course well. This feature helps you identify what needs to be implemented or improved on in your course and needs extra support. There is no need to use old-school assessment or assignment methods with Thinkific. It gives you the accessible power to create graded quizzes, collect assignments, and provide student feedback with included survey tools to track your student’s progress.

Thinkific Marketing sales

Thinkifik has amazing tools to increase your marketing integrations for your online courses. You can integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics. One of the best to motivate your prospects for sales is to offer a discount. Thinkific’s another best side to promoting your courses or content on your partner networks or websites. This is an awesome way to boost your marketing sales. You can use these code snippets on network websites for driving sales to your courses. You can include different variations, course cards, and buttons.

Certificates and progress reports

Before you create the course or informative content within your online academy. you have to understand how students feel about your course. Most of the cases every new educator is always surprised by the new courses of learning they are stuck in the curve and confuse about to process of their career expectations.

If you are seeking to find the student’s intentions or doubts you can provide them with a rate for your learning course review and ask for feedback to improve your content. reviews are a great way to do that. you can use reviews to boost your sales. 

Another reason why thinkific is better than the other. This is the most popular online platform by the reviews from the people. You can build with the different template options with customized images and backgrounds for certificate courses

Thinkific Pricing

Free plan:

The free plan is ideal for beginners who are trying to coach or create online courses for the first time. Thinkific offers the basic features to start your first course. You can access these features free of cost

  • 1 course available
  • 1 community
  • 1 administrator
  • 1000 current students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Email and chatbot
  • Additional features include:
  • 100% ownership of contents
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Easy to use website themes
  • Fully integrated e-commerce
  • App store
  • Course quizzes and surveys
  • Thinkific Academy Foundation courses

Basic plan:

If you are ready to take your academy forward. The basic plan provides you to use all the necessary features for creating legit content for users. This plan cost the basic level user just 49$ per month. if you are buying yearly you can save your money with the cost of 39$ per month.

  • 10 courses
  • 1 community
  • 1 administrator
  • 2500 current students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Email and live chat
  • Includes all Free features
  • Custom domains
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Assignments
  • Bundles and add-on packages
  • Memberships & payment plans
  • Live lessons
  • Affiliate selling
  • Thinkific Academy Advanced courses

Pro Plan:

Thinkific Targets the professionals or business coaches who are ready to take their coaching business next level. Some of the most exciting features include live lessons with Zoom, certificates, priority support, and the ability to add up to 5-course admins or authors. The pro plan cost is 99$ per month. If you are buying yearly you can save your money at the cost of 79$ per month.

  • 25 courses
  • 3 communities
  • 2 administrators
  • 5000 current students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Phone and priority email
  • Includes all Start features
  • Remove Thinkific branding
  • Advanced course-building options
  • Bulk student emailer
  • Bulk enrollments
  • API Access

Premier Plan:

If your coaching or academy’s success is going as well and you want to become a brand name or Enterprise then you are so close because the premier plan is ready for you. The premier plan is designed for maximum automation and growth setup. Easy to access any kind of feature, for example, you can create 50-course admins and an onboarding package to train authors rapidly. The premier plan cost is 499$ per month. But if you to save your money then buy the yearly package with the cost of 399$ per month.

  • 75 courses
  • 10 communities
  • 5 administrators
  • 10,000 current students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Priority phone
  • Includes all Grow features
  • Advanced website code editing
  • Customizable checkout
  • Custom SSL Certificates

Pros & Cons


  • Thinkific is one of the only course creation platforms to offer a free basic plan with the ability to launch a course at no cost and access to basic features.
  • Thinkific doesn’t have any other additional transaction charges, which is a good feature for educators.
  • Irrespective of the plan you’re using, Thinkific offers instant access to your funds. This is a feature even platforms like Teachable and Udemy lack.
  •  Thinkific provides custom domains from its Basic plans.
  • Thinkific is one of the very few platforms that offer phone support. Additionally, Thinkific’s email support is quite responsive and well optimized.
  • Thinkific doesn’t offer integrated email support or a robust marketing module, but it makes up for these missing features with third-party integrations. You can find most of the popular email marketing platforms, analytics platforms, and two of the most used payment gateways.


  • Thinkific stands among the top competitors but some features like the navigation system are not as well as you expect. The platform has upgraded its navigation and visual appearance, but it lags behind its opponents in terms of smooth appearance.
  • Thinkific doesn’t offer a course marketplace, which could be a major challenge for its free users. Without email integrations or marketing plugins for the free plan, course creators will find it difficult to market their courses.


So finally we are here to conclude the all remaining points. As a course-building platform, Thinkific is one of the finest learning or creator sites. Thinkific is feature-rich and offers all the necessary tools to make money online by selling highly-profitable online courses. As a course creator, the most important part of your business strategy is to understand the features you require from a platform.

By the way, do you want a Thinkific training program? If you are planning to use it, Then welcome to your new academic journey. You will enjoy the preloaded features with satisfying low-cost prices.


What is Aweber exactly?

Aweber was founded in 1998 by Tom Kulzer. And now this solution is spread all over the world and if we talk in the number of counts there are 150,000 business users using these tactics. Aweber is good for small businesses or startups with fresh entrepreneurs who can work with affordable basic email marketing tools and great customer support. You will get most of the easy-to-use features with this type of software such as data integration and sufficient space for storage, segmentation, A/B testing, and drag-and-drop email builder helps to create amazing email marketing stuff.

Features of Aweber


Dashboard is the only page that helps you to navigate where you want to jump to the other page. With the support of Aweber, you can maintain your marketing efforts and shows every change in your subscriber count. You can check upcoming and past broadcasting and also access to see your email lists. Customize your layout and edit for a better look for a cool and eye catchy interface.

Email builder:

When we talk about templates competition No one can beat Aweber with an available collection of 600+ templates. Aweber will provide you with a mail editor that helps you to create professional-level emails. And the support of drag and drop features it makes easy to use and also faster too. Simply you can click the template just drag it and drop it where you want to put them. It also provides you with plain text and an HTML editor.

A/B Testing:

This tool is the most important part of email marketing this will helps you to optimize your emails and subject lines. with the help of A/B testing, you can create multiple versions of your email and you can also send to your customer each portion of your versions of emails. The best thing is that Aweber can track each version of your emails and how they perform for the customers.

Marketing Automation:

Aweber can also allow you to create drip champagnes that provide a list of auto-generated messages to customers. In Aweber have all ready pre-built flows and redefined triggers and mentioned four kinds of timelines of drip champagnes.

  • Welcome series– You can introduce subscribers to your brand.
  • Lead Magnet– provide your subscribers a download link.
  • Bloggers series– in a Blogger section you can share your content with your subscribers.
  • Mini-course– You can also send Educational resources to your contacts.

Aweber also tracks when your audience clicks the links or opens an email. it will depend on your audience’s reactions. Aweber will send the next emails formed in sequence or remove the contact from the workflow.


In the email delivery process, you have to find a high percentage of email systems. That can increase your value in the email marketing world. The result will be received in your email inbox.

if you want to improve your deliverability process then you should have to follow some best tactics that can rapidly increase your deliverability. Aweber will show you the best suggestion to help your deliverability process. These are mentioned in the below section:

  • Deliverability analytics and reports – YES
  • Deliverability-specific benchmarks – NO
  • Doubt opt-in – YES
  • Automated Contact Removal for soft and hard bounces – NO
  • Dedicated click tracking – YES
  • Email Authentication – YES
  • Dedicated domain – YES
  • Dedicated IP Adress – YES
  • Unsubscribe option – YES

Subscribers :

In the subscribing section, Aweber will offer you to track and add the members in your contact groups and allow you to upload after the process.

After organizing the group contacts you can add subscribers manually. In the case of new join members, who don’t have an email list in the field of email marketing. You can also customize the fields manually.

when you add more subscribers Aweber has great automated features that save you time and help you with Auto-suggesting features with reliable and possible tags champagne best on past saved entries.

Aweber also allows you to manage your contacts and you can create champagne and segments easily.

Aweber has lots of filters and search options that enable you to get accurate information on customers with the support of personalized and customized campaigns.

  • Date added
  • Track Web page visits
  • Sale Amount
  • City
  • Can check the Custom fields you’ve added

Automatic Follow up emails:

when users start signing in to your email list it is a really good opportunity to send them automatic follow-up emails to grab their attention. This small process can take a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes) to set up with your subscriber’s relationship, the thing is that you can push them back into your websites and start to earn more money.

Most of the points that automatic follow-up email can address include:

Sending a free eBook – whenever you wanted to send a free eBook to users who sign to your blog then this is the right way to do it.

Make sure that they have seen your best stuff – Most of the cases a new subscriber might not know about your viral or trending articles from a few years ago but you have the right time to send a follow-up to introduce your content to the subscribers.

Establish some expectations – The most important thing is that you can set up your email’s value. you just have to interact with your subscribers like tell them what you will send, How it will look like, and how will it be beneficial to them. it will help in the reduction of friction.

Sign-up forms:

Aweber provides you with the signup form builder to collect customers’ information and help to build your email lists. But the interface is so difficult to get the different kinds of elements to go where you want them. In-depth it works in their functionality.

In a working section, you can customize when pop-up shows. such as whether it opens beneath the current page or displays on the exit, you can customize different kinds of display frequencies.


AWeber-free plan: Aweber is the right place to start a new marketing business. Everything you need to know about the free plans to grow your start-up properly. The free version of the Aweber will provide you with lots of features than the other email marketing services. It starts with 0$ per month.

  • 500 Email subscribers
  • Landing pages
  • Web push notifications
  • Drag drop builder
  • Stylish Email templates
  • Sign up forms
  • Ecommerce and much more

AWeber Pro Plan: At a high level, you can grow your business at an advanced level with the pro plan features. You can access all of the free plan features. Advanced Email Automation, Unlimited Email lists. Aweber branding watermark removal. The pro plan starts at 19.99$ per month. Buy the annual package and save your money at the cost of 16.15$ per year.

  • Unlimited email lists
  • Advance Email Automation
  • Remove AWeber Branding
  • Detailed Insights and analytics
  • Webpage and sales tracking
  • split testing and more.

Pros and Cons


  • As compared to the other AWeber is more affordable
  • You can access unlimited Email send and lists.
  • It will provide you the spam protection to make sure that all your Emails arrive at their right location.
  • AWeber will provide 24/7 Customer support by email, live chat, and phone.
  • AWeber uses to work with lots of applications to help level up your campaign.
  • If you are new at AWeber, The free plan is good when your subscriber numbers in under 500.


  • In the sequence of Emails, you can use limited automation.
  • The multiple segment options are not available when sending newsletters.
  • Templates are not updated as they look as well.


What is samcart?

samcart is a multiple-based online shopping cart software. You can start, run, manage, and sell your online products to make your business. On the front page, samcart only supports single checkout page formats. Samcart allows you to sell digital and physical products. As expected samcart has everything from the online course to eBook to membership sites to provide services and much more.

Featuring lots of templates with cool and stylish colors combinations, one-click upsells, A/B split testing, sale page optimization and more features by samcart makes his position in the different level.


Drag and drop builder: Without any coding and HTML, you can customize your pages with a beautiful interface to showcase your online products. The feature has a one-click gesture to move your content where ever you want to put it. You can quickly put the best style for your reliable sales pages that you will satisfy to show your consumers. The good thing is that consumers happy to know about the feature of mobile friendly and easy to utilize with fun.

Pre-Designed Templates: You don’t have to waste your time finding templates we made for you some amazing and already designed templates to look much better to sell your products. Samcart always ensures that the appearance of the template interface. They tried their best to provide quality to the users. When it comes about quality samcart never disappoint because of outstanduing templates that makes it low bounce rate for your checkout pages and

Cross-selling bumps: You can integrate all major payment processors to use bumps right away. without doing any changes to your current setup. Cross-selling is the only key that will help you to increase your sales and manage to grow your business. Samcart is the right platform to start your business with optimized and powerful tools.

Custom domains:

Samcart is one of the leading solutions that many people have achieved their success. Many alternatives are made but this is more sufficient for e-commerce business marketers. You don’t need any technical knowledge requirements for your sales funnels. You can easily change and operate your business strategies as per your content. You can go with these easy steps, You just have to enter your store URL to siging on samcart. And then youn will see your URL becomes a subdomain on the samcart domain.

Payement gateway:

The most important task for the transecation process is involved to connecting to your account to stripe or paypal. Samcart has integrated with two payment processors. Both payment sections are the best options. Samcart pays off with the trust by safe and secure transactions for customers.

One-click upsells:

Samcart has a great one-click upsell tool for your customers to purchase the initial order and can also send a proposal to buy additional products to increase your average order value. This tool is too beneficial for online business marketers to earn more money and profit. so just add this feature to your Samcart account. It will boost your e-commerce business. Samcart allows you access built-in optimization tool, you can be sure of your upsells

A/B split testing:

With the support of samcart feature, you can do tests in funnel pages and checkout pages. You can create multiple versions of the pages and test split elements like bullet points and testimonials. On the other hand, you can also test the variations of payment sections to check the review by your audience of your work. You can analyze your work with the best conversion support. To decide your checkout page which you are looking for. The work process in the samcart for A/B testing is too easy and simple you just have to create a checkout page and select the A/B testing option from the drop-down section. For a powerful e-commerce website engagement, samcart is the best choice for you.

Pricing of Samcart

Standard plan:If you are decided to try this plan than you can try basic features and tools of samcart. Start with a 7-day free trial to create a marketing business with included basic features. Monthly plan: 59$ per month.

  • Access all core features
  • 1 Admin user
  • Standard integrations
  • Standard Email support
  • Virtual onboarding webinars
  • Flexible customer billing options
  • Dashboard and sales reports
  • Weekly webinars system
  • Free Page Preview of CreatorU

Grow plan: Grow plan is best for those who are want their business to the profitable way and enhance their marketing skills. you can use the try 7 days trial version. Transform your visitors into customers to earn and spread your business as well. Grow Plan monthly cost: 119$ per month

  • Access all core features
  • 3 Admin users
  • Enhanced integrations
  • 1-day email support
  • 1:1 Launch support call with samcart professional(annual plans only)
  • Order bump collection
  • Post-purchase upsells
  • UTM tracking and marketing reports
  • Built-in SEO engine
  • Multiple customer payment options
  • Support with Customized checkout fields
  • On-demand executive report

Scale plan: The Samcart special plan can access and consist of limitless items uploads. You can use affiliate center, Integration with zapier, white labeled, and also can use design template library. Samcart providing 7 days trial Work with Advanced features to Utilize your efforts with smart tools and work with full potential. Scale plan starts at 299$ per month.

  • Included with all core features
  • 10 admin Users
  • Custom CRM and API integrations
  • Priority email support
  • Virtual onboarding webinars
  • Dedicated SamCart Expert (annual plans only)
  • Cart abandonment conversion
  • Subscription Saver
  • Affiliate center
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Automated/scheduled executive insight reports

Pros & Cons


  • Sell your digital and physical products without any coding.
  • Already inbuilt with sales boosting tools to grow faster than you’ve never experienced before. Allow with upsells and downsells features. And also discounts and coupons.
  • Featured with Mobile Friendly.
  • Support multiple pricing model section
  • A/B split testing to improve your relevant result.
  • Samcart included an affiliate system.
  • It offers to use Insights and data
  • Advance tracking tools and analytics


  • The inventory section is too short because it doesn’t support the storefront format.
  • Limited design option. Lack of range size in a number of templates.
  • Payment integrations are fewer than the other shopping cart and e-commerce applications.

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