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HostGator Renewal Price and HostGator Renewal Discount in 2024

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Get the Latest HostGator Renewal Coupon and Check Hostgator Renewal Pricing for 2024. Save $$ with Hostgator Renewal Discount and Follow 3 Ways to save your money on Hosting Renewal.

No doubt HostGator is one of the best hosting companies and due to its affordable price it’s the number one choice of bloggers in this article,

Are you looking for HostGator renewal coupons?

A comprehensive guide to the ways of saving money on HostGator Renewal Price/Cost & Charge + HostGator Renewal Discount. And avoid the high HostGator Renewal charges.

However, before you make any decisions, you should consider discounts or coupons

In this article…

We are telling you about HostGator’s popular renewable coupons and discounts and how you can save your hard-earned money

HostGator Renewal Summary:

HostGator Renewal Price$10.95/month
HostGator Renewal CouponSome Offers Available
Hostgator Renewal DiscountYes, Available
Save Money on Renewal3 Tricks Shared
Should you Renew Hosting?Explained Inside
This Page Have: Show Me

Some ways to save money.

Hostgator Renewal Discount 2024

We’re sharing 3 working strategies here to get Hostinger Renewal Plans Discount.


Sign Up for a New Hostinger Account

Get a 70% to 80% discount

HostGator is a Fast, Quality & Good Web Hosting provider at a low cost. We’re also using HostGator WordPress plans for our site hosting.

Want to continue with HostGator Web Hosting?

To continue with Hostgator this is the best method, that you purchase a new hosting plan at Hostgator using different login details.

In this case, You will again get the same plan at a 70% to 80% discount price on Hostgator.

My suggestion is, when you purchase a new plan first host your website on another domain or dummy domain name. Later remove your original domain name from your old hosting account and then add this domain to your new account.


Contact Hostinger Sales Team for Renewal Discount

To secure a HostGator renewal discount, you can take is to email the HostGator Sales staff and lobby them for a renewal price discount.

Contact the Sales team when the HostGator Renewal Deadline is near or before 2 weeks, check the rates for renewals, and, take the right decision.


Try HostGator Alternatives

Easy & Free Migration

Choosing another Hosting option is the perfect way to save cash on higher HostGator renewal costs.

There are too many nice features, the same price strategies, and quality pace & help for the best hosting option.

Top 3 Hostgator Alternatives:

Starting Price$2.95/mo$2.59/mo$1.99/mo
Free Domain NameYes for 1 YearYesYes
Free SSL & CDNYesYesYes
SSD Storage50 GBYesYes
Free Expert MigrationYes AvailableYes AvailableYes Available
Subscription Period1 Year,
2 Year,
3 Year,
3 Year
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
Get BluehostGet DreamhostGet Hostinger

Check the top Hostgator Alternatives:

13+ Best HostGator Alternatives & Similar Web Hosting

Save Big With These Tips

Hostgator Renewal Pricing

One of the most recognizable web hosting service providers, it is best for customer support. 24/7/365 Support Means We’re Our live representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any and all questions you may have.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Hostgator Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon and how you can save your hard-earned money.

Hostgator offers unlimited hosting and bandwidth along with the Simple script and Fantastico, using it; you can quickly Install WordPress on Hostgator hosting.

One thing, in particular, we like about Hostgator is their excellent server quality. They also offer multiple ways to connect with support.

Apart from support tickets & chat, you can always get in touch with them via phone. we prefer contacting them via Telephonic support, as it makes it faster to get hold of them. Moreover, when it comes to handling the load of a WordPress blog, Hostgator does the job pretty well.

Get the best savings on Different Hostgator Renewal Prices & Web Hosting services.

Find the Best Hostgator Coupons for big savings on different Website Hosting services now and start your latest web project now. All Hostgator Promotional Offers & Discount Codes are the latest.

Some of you are planning your first hosting service order, and others are looking at your present hosting account being refreshed. For this cause, we will be sure to point out different tactics that will suit every scenario and help you save money if you are just beginning or renewing your service.

HostGator is one of the top web hosting companies in India. This is why there is no shortage of coupon codes for HostGator that will help save you money on your hosting plans.


Hostgator Hosting Renewal Price

It has multiple plans across all its hosting types, as well as different subscription (Hostgator Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon 2024) lengths, which also affect the price. It has a 45-day money-back guarantee, and prices start at $10.95 per month. 

Important Note:

All plans and products automatically renew unless you cancel. Introductory prices apply to the first term. The HostGator Renewal Price will be the same for term length and at regular rates.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Renewal Price:

PlansMonthly PriceRenewal Price
Baby $11.95$11.95

Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting out there. It’s probably the one you should be using unless your site is really big or has special technological requirements.

The StartUp Hatchling plan costs $10.95 per month. If you buy HostGator shared hosting for a long duration you will get the benefit of the introductory offer Hatchling plan will cost $2.75/mo if you buy for 36 months.

The biggest advantage that you get in renewal is The HostGator Renewal Price will be the same for term length and at the regular rates.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Renewal Price

PlansMonthly PriceRenewal Price
Starter Plan$14.95$14.95
Standard Plan$20.95$20.95
Business Plan$27.95$27.95

WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been optimized to better meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to get started with WordPress.

WordPress Hosting Monthly plan starts at $14.95 that is a starter plan and if you decide to buy this plan for a long duration you can save a lot of money because of the introductory offer you get this plan for only $5.95/mo.

HostGator renewal price for WordPress Hosting is starting at $14.95 per month.

Hostgator VPS Hosting Renewal Price

PlansMonthly cost Renewal Price
Snappy 2000$79.95$79.95
Snappy 4000$119.95$119.95

VPS hosting is a type of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting. Where multiple sites reside on a single web server with shared hosting and have no guarantee of resources, VPS allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power.

VPS Snappy 2000 Monthly plan starts at $79.95 that is a starter plan and if you decide to buy this plan for a long duration you can save a lot of money because of the introductory offer you get this plan for only $19.95/mo. HostGator renewal price for VPS Hosting is starting at $79.95 per month.


Hostgator Domain Renewal Price

HostGator Renewal Price and HostGator Renewal Discount in 2024
DomainIntroductory Offer/YearRenewal Price

Your registered domain(HostGator renewal price) names will auto-renew by default. This will prevent any domain from inadvertently expiring due to accidental human error.

HostGator Domain renewal pricing starts at $0.95/yr for a .website domain.

HostGator Renewal Price and HostGator Renewal Discount in 2024


Hostgator Website Builder Renewal Prices

HostGator offers several website builder plans, and the renewal price will depend on the plan you choose. Generally, HostGator offers discounts for new customers, but the renewal price will be higher.

Express StartRegular PriceMonthly Cost Breakdown* 
1 Month12.9512.95
12 Months134.6411.22
24 Months232.329.68
Express SiteRegular PriceMonthly Cost Breakdown* 
1 Month14.9814.98
12 Months171.4814.29
24 Months335.5213.98
Express StoreRegular PriceMonthly Cost Breakdown* 
1 Month26.9826.98
12 Months263.7621.98
24 Months490.8020.45

HostGator Renewal Discount 2024

  • With the shared Hosting plan you get off up to 60%.
  • You get off up to 75% in the VPS hosting introductory offer.
  • You get off up to 40% in the WordPress Hosting 6th plan.
  • You can save up to 75% on an introductory offer that is going HostGator Website.

What do you need to know before selecting a plan?

Pros and Cons of Hostgator Renewals

Hostgator Renwal Pros:

  • Great value for money: All plans and products automatically renew unless you cancel. Introductory prices apply to the first term. The HostGator Renewal Price will be the same for term length and at regular rates.
  • Flexible terms: Hosting plans can be purchased on a 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months basis.
  • Many programming languages: One of the hosting providers that support more languages. PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl, and Python are all allowed.
  • Refunds and Guarantees: HostGator comes with a 45-day money-back policy. Be aware that this will only apply to hosting services, you won’t get your money back for domain names. They also ensure that your uptime won’t be lower than 99.9% and if it goes below, you’ll be compensated.

Hostgator Renewal Cons:

  • Tricky prices and fees: Very cheap prices the first term and expensive upon renewal. $25 is charged if you need to restore from one of their backups.
  • Missing advanced features: For example, you don’t get staging areas and it doesn’t have a built-in server-side caching system.
  • Constant upsells: Like many other EIG products, their backend is packed with unnecessary upsell options.
  • Poor backups: Unless you pay for an add-on, you have access to only 1 backup.

 HostGator Plans Renewal Pricing

HostGator’s pricing plans start with its shared hosting Hatchling plan, which costs just $2.75 per month for your first term, and renews at $6.95 per month after that. After that, prices increase as you work your way up through the plans and different hosting types.

Check out the table below for a full breakdown:


What Does HostGator Offer?

Almost everything hosting related, that’s why their catalog can be confusing at times.

  • Domain names can be purchased at HostGator, although they aren’t a leading domain name registrar. For the first year, a .com domain costs $12.95, but upon renewal, you’ll be charged $17.99 – there are indeed cheaper options like Namecheap.
  • Their shared hosting plans are meant for small and medium projects that don’t get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. This type of service hosts different clients (websites) under the same server, similar to living in a shared house. Most likely the one you should get, at least to start with. Their prices go from $8.95 to $16.95.
  • WordPress hosting: For those looking for shared hosting that’s optimized for WordPress. These go from $12.95 for one site, all the way up to $81.95 per month. Personally, I think there are better alternatives for WordPress users (e.g. SiteGround).
  • VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You can think of this as a shared hosting server that has been divided into smaller sub-servers using a specific software configuration. These are great for smaller and medium sites that need a particular server configuration (e.g. need to use a different programming language). VPS plans at HostGator start at $80 per month.
  • If your project gets tens of thousands of visitors per month or needs a powerful server, you’d probably be better off with a dedicated server. You’ll have your own server and won’t share its resources with anyone else. At HostGator, you can get your own dedicated server starting at around $200 per month.
  • You can think of cloud hosting as a network of connected servers, meaning your website won’t only be hosted on one server but several. Resources (e.g. more memory or CPU) can be added or removed according to your needs. At HostGator cloud hosting starts (too cheap?) at $10.95 a month.
  • On top of these, they also offer a website builder called Gator for users looking to create their own website easily – no technical knowledge is required. Although it’s not a bad product, it’s still under development and other site builders offer more at similar prices ($8.95 per month).

This HostGator review focuses on their shared hosting plans, so from now on I’ll be referring to those.

HostGator Pricing And Renewal: What Do Their Shared Plans Include?

The first thing to notice about HostGator pricing is that they come with big discounts for the first term. Be aware that the costs at renewal are much higher. I always mention both prices so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Allowed domains1UnlimitedUnlimited
Support24 hours24 hours24 hours
Max. number of Inodes   (similar to number of files)250,000 inodes250,000 inodes250,000 inodes
Backup *Weekly   (only 1 available)Weekly   (only 1 available)Weekly   (only 1 available)
Backup restore cost$25 per restoration$25 per restoration$25 per restoration
Dedicated IPNoNoYes
First-term prices for 1-year deals$5.95 a month$8.95 a month$8.95 a month
Renewal price for 1-year deals$8.95 a month$11.95 a month$16.95 a month

HostGator Plans vs Competitor Plans 

We’ve looked at each of HostGator’s hosting plans in detail, so you should have a pretty good idea of which one you would choose for your own site. But before doing that, you probably want to know if you could get a better deal elsewhere, right?

HostGator’s prices match up pretty well on the whole with its main competitors, InMotion and Bluehost. It’s not the cheapest, but overall it puts some appealing deals on the table. Across all hosting plans, here’s how these three top competitors range in price:

  • HostGator’s prices range from $2.75 to $289 per month
  • Bluehost’s prices range from $2.95 to $209.99 per month
  • InMotion’s prices range from $2.49 to $589.99 per month

HostGator sits fairly close to Bluehost in its overall pricing range, and you can clearly see it offers much cheaper pricing than InMotion when it comes to its top-priced plans. But how do they compare on a plan-by-plan basis? Let’s take a look (all prices shown in the table are discount prices only):

Shared$2.75 – $5.95$2.95 – $13.95$3.99 – $13.99
Cloud$4.95 – $9.95N/A$21.04 – $69.34
WordPress$5.95 – $9.95$2.95 – $49.95$4.99 – $10.99
Reseller$19.95 – $24.95N/A$15.39 – $89.94
VPS$29.95 – $49.95$18.99 – $59.99$29.19 – $69.34
Dedicated$118.99 – $148.98$79.99 – $119.99$105.69 – $519.49

FAQs – HostGator Renewal Coupon & Price

we have added some useful FAQs related to HostGatorRenewal Price $ Discount Coupon 2024. If you have any queries or doubts you can clear them from these FAQs.

What is HostGator Renewal Pricing?

HostGator Shared Hosting Renewal price is $10.95/mo for the Hatchling plan, $11.95/mo for the Baby plan and $16.95/mo for the Business plan

Does HostGator Offer any Renewal Discount?

Hostgator offers introductory offers for renewal discounts and they are also some ways by following them you can Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals.

What are the best HostGator alternatives?

A2 Hosting and DreamHost are the best alternatives to HostGator. There are also other alternatives available but compare to HostGator there are the best.

How to Save Money on HostGator Renewals?

We have shared 3 ways to save dollars during renewals in this post. You can buy long-term hosting, build a new account or explore HostGator’s Best Alternatives.

Why is the Renewal Price higher than the 1st time Fee?

Web hosting companies sell their first-time customers a low-cost package, meaning they can order a web hosting plan at a reduced price.

Does HostGator offer any free trials?

Unfortunately not – hosting providers don’t provide free trials for their hosting plans. However, they do offer a money-back guarantee so that you can try out their hosting plans totally risk-free. HostGator has a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is pretty generous!

Can you cancel your HostGator account at any time?

Yes! If you cancel within HostGator’s 45-day money-back guarantee period, you’ll get a full refund of your hosting plan. If you cancel after that period, your plan will be canceled on the next renewal date, unless you specifically request your account to close earlier. It’s worth saying that canceling your plan doesn’t automatically cancel your domain name. 

Do you get a free domain with HostGator?

Yes, but only on certain packages – so be careful and check before signing up. It all depends on the type of hosting you choose. For example, its WordPress and shared hosting plans provide a free domain, but its VPS plans don’t.

Know, What we think about HostGator

HostGator Overview

  • Product
  • Specification
HostGator is a popular hosting provider that offers a range of hosting types, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Their hosting …
Starting Price


Domain Name

Free for 1 Year

SSL Certificate



$200 Ad Credit, Unlimited Hosting

HostGator Cloud hosting is a solid choice.

It is a very decent option for US-based sites with medium traffic.

The support could be better, but the Cloud infrastructure is very robust and delivers excellent speed and uptime. we will be interested to see how the regular shared hosting performs but also the managed WordPress solution of the company.

Under load, the HostGator Community servers perform well up to a point. Once more than 30 concurrent users start browsing the site, the overall response time jumps.

Then again, 30 users is a respectable number. If your site gets as many on a regular basis, you should consider moving away from shared solutions.

Here are some of the notable features of Hostgator hosting:

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free primary domain renewal
  • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
  • Free Adwords Credit
  • Free SSL
  • One clicks WordPress installation

Here I’m sharing Hostgator Discount Coupons that don’t expire and you can grab huge discounts when you buy hosting from Hostgator. I’m sharing two Hostgator discount codes and depending upon your requirement and billing cycle you can use any of them.

Also, remember this coupon code is valid for all shared hosting plans like Hatchling, Baby, and Business hosting plans.

So still confused? Find which plans we recommend

Conclusion – Hostgator Renewal Discount & Pricing

You’ll have noticed that HostGator’s prices are pretty affordable. Wow! Just $2.95 per month for hosting, you might be thinking, that’s amazing! What else do we need to know when it’s that cheap?!

Well, there is one important thing to know – HostGator, like most hosting providers, offers discounts for new users. These discount prices are the ones displayed on HostGator’s website because it’s a great way of getting started with your plan.

Hostgator Renewal Discount & Pricing

This discount lasts for your first term. That means if you sign up for a one-year plan, you get the first year at a discounted price; if you sign up for a two-year plan, you get the first two years at a discount. It’s also worth knowing you pay the total sum upfront when you first sign up.

So, what happens once your first term is over? Well, your plan will renew at the regular rate – this is how much the plan usually costs without the discount.

For example, HostGator’s Hatchling plan costs $2.75, to begin with, but renews at $6.95 once your first term is over.

PlanCheapest Discount PriceCheapest Renewal Price% Savings per month

This is common practice among web hosts, and can really work in your favor by giving you a great deal on your first hosting plan.

However, it means you need to keep both eyes open and always check the regular price before jumping feet – or rather, credit-card – first into a plan.

This will help you avoid sky-high renewal prices later down the line!

Still confused? Don’t worry – from now on we’ll be discussing both discount prices and regular prices so you know exactly what you’re signing up for!

You benefit the most from HostGator renewal discounts if you sign up for a longer billing cycle. However, you’ve got lots of choices – HostGator provides a variety of subscription lengths:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months

If you’re happy to “lock-in” for a long time, then you save the most money by choosing a longer billing cycle – monthly plans may sound appealing because they’re less of a commitment, but they’re also more expensive in the long run.

HostGator displays prices for the 36-month billing cycle on its site. So, to go back to the Hatchling plan, you’ll only get the cheapest $2.75 price if you sign up for 36 months. That same plan will cost $10.95 if you choose the one, three, or six-month plans.

Overall, when We take a look at all HostGator Renewal Discount has to offer, We think that HostGator is a mediocre hosting provider. They are one of the most popular hosting providers out there but We believe they are popular for two reasons.

They offer many different types of hosting plans so they are not limited to a specific niche of customers. The other reason for their popularity is the fact that they are renowned for cheap prices

However, their prices are cheap only during the discount time, so if you are looking to use HostGator for a limited time it is worth considering their services for the low prices.

Once the discount plan is over they get pricier than most other hosting providers, and you will end up paying a lot for a mediocre service.

Get More Info –

Hostgator Related Info:

  • Product
  • Specification
HostGator is a popular hosting provider that offers a range of hosting types, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Their hosting …
Starting Price


Domain Name

Free for 1 Year

SSL Certificate



$200 Ad Credit, Unlimited Hosting

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