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Jasper AI Promo Code 2024 [Upto 40% Discount & Save $240]

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Searching for the Jasper AI Discount?

Here, we have mentioned all the Working and New Jasper Deals and Discounts.

Jasper AI is a very useful AI-based software to create Website Content, Emails, Social Media Posts, and Ads easily, effectively, and quickly.

Jasper offers some discounts and free credits for their new users. that users can easily avail using our shared coupons or Jasper deals.

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Jasper AI Coupon and Discount Summary:

  • For new users, Jasper provides a 7-day Trial
  • Jasper OFFER 20% Discount on Annual Plans
  • Jasper offers 2 Months Free with an Annual Plan
  • It provides _ a day money-back Guarantee
  • Jasper doesn’t provide any Lifetime Deal

Latest and Active Deals.

Jasper AI Coupon Codes (Updated)

Jasper Logo Jarvis New Logo

Get a 20% Discount on Jasper AI Best Discount

Avail 20% Discount when you select the Annual subscription over the Monthly Subscription.

Jasper Creator Plan – Monthly Most Selling

Get the Jasper Creators Plan starting from $49/month with Unlimited AI Words, 50+ Templates, and 50 Memories.
$49/mo Get Offer
(Most Selling) Best Plan for Bloggers and Businesses.

20% OFF Jasper Creator Plan – Yearly Money Saving

Get the Jasper Creators Plan starting from $49/month with Unlimited AI Words, 50+ Templates, and 50 Memories. Get a 20% Discount and Save $120 on this Plan.
$39/mo Get Offer
(Most Selling) Best Plan for Bloggers and Businesses.

Jasper Pro Plan – Monthly most selling

Get the Jasper Teams Plan starting from $125/month with Unlimited AI Words, 150 Memories, and 3 Brand Voices.
$69/mo Get Offer
(Most Selling) Best Plan for Bloggers and Businesses.

20% OFF Jasper Pro Plan – Yearly

Get the Jasper Teams Plan starting from $59/month with Unlimited AI Words, 50+ Templates,150 Memories, and 3 Brand Voices. Get a 20% Discount and Save $312 on this Plan.
$59/mo Get Offer
(Most Selling) Best Plan for Bloggers and Businesses.

Jasper Business Plan Discount

Get the Business Plan for more than 10 team members with API access, an account manager, and other key features.
custom Get Offer
For Growing Teams and Businesses.

Jasper Ai Student Discount

Yet, there is no special offer for students on Jasper. Students can buy Jasper at regular prices and avail 17% yearly discount.
For Student and Education.


Jasper Lifetime Deal

Does Jasper provide a Lifetime Deal also?
INFO – Jasper AI does not have any lifetime deal, Now there are 2 Plans and 1 Exclusive Free Trial option.

In the Jasper AI Lifetime deal, user-pay only once for the software. Jasper continues is upgrade its features and configuration options.

Even though the company is not offering a discount they are improving the tool day by day and making it more sufficient and competitive in the market.

Now Jasper AI has Boss, Mode, Recipes, and more options to create new content. Their high-quality copywriting features are always worthy of every content creator

Hope this summary clears you up about the JasperAI discount.

Jasper Coupon Code and Discount

Choose the right plan.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Right now, Jasper provides only 2 kinds of plans. Earlier it used to provide the 3 plans.

These 2 Jasper Plans Are:

  • Creator – Basic Features
  • Pro – Additional Features

Let’s get more details about these plans and know about their features and actual price.

Explore the JasperAI Plans and Select the right plan for your business.


Jasper Creator plan

For hobbyists just getting started

This plan will cost you around $49/per month. Also, this plan offers unlimited words of credit. You will not get the long-form assistance in this plan that can help you in writing the article. 

The features that you will get in this plan are-

  • You will get 50+ short-form copywriting templates 
  • An unlimited number of users can use it
  • With the help of this plan, you can create 5 project folder
  • By using this you can create content in 25+ language
  • Access by chat support
  • You can access the AI copywriting community
  • Unlimited Words
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • 50+ Templates
  • 50 Memories
  • 1 Seat

Jasper Creator Plan Price:

  • Monthly Billing: $49/month
  • Yearly Billing: $39/month


Jasper Pro Plan

For bloggers & businesses

Jasper Pro Plan is the best solution for Digital Agencies, Bloggers, and SEO Writers. It has multiple features and advanced writing modes that give you flexibility and increase your writing speed by 5x.

This Plan comes with Team Management, SEO Optimization, Grammarly, and plagiarism checkers tools.

You can buy this plan by investing $69/month and this all also comes with unlimited word credits. You will also get features like recipes and commands in this plan.

Jasper Pro Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Words
  • 3,000 Characters output
  • Command Jasper Mode
  • Surfer SEO Partnership
  • 50+ copywriting Templates
  • Grammarly & Plagiarism Checker
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • AI Copywriter’s community
  • Unlimited Words
  • 3 Brand Voice
  • 50+ Templates
  • 150 Memories
  • 3 Seat
  • Document & Workflows

Jasper Pro Plan Price:

  • Monthly Billing: $69/month
  • Yearly Billing: $59/month

Also check:

Enjoy JASPER AI FOR FREE – 7 Days Free Trial

Quick Overview-

About Jasper.AI?


Jasper(previously known as Jarvis.ai and Conversiona.AI) is a kind of copywriting AI assistant that will help you to write good copy. The technology that is used in Jasper is GPT-3 and with the help of this, it creates content.

If you are the one who wants to write a good copy with the help of artificial intelligence then Jasper is the best tool available for you. If you are a copywriter, marketer, or businessman then it is very helpful for you because it helps you when you have writer’s block. It creates a high-quality copy in no time.

It can write various things like landing page copy, Facebook ads, blog posts, and sales page copy. If you have to write an e-commerce copy or marketing email Jasper helps you with everything.

If you are a marketer, businessman, or webmaster then it is a must-use tool for you. It will help you to create a great copy.

Jasper Key Features:

Jasper AI Copywriter Features
  • AI Templates – Jasper comes with a selection of templates that give you a jumping-off point for content creation.
  • Jasper Commands – Give simple commands and create amazing content
  • Jasper Recipes – Recipes are AI-generated content templates that you can use to create high-quality content quickly and easily.
  • Support 25+ Languages – It can create content in 25 languages, best for businesses who want to target a global audience.
  • Surfer SEO Integration – Another AI-powered tool to improve your ranking on Google SERP.
  • Grammarly Integrations – Fix all the Grammatical errors and make a good tone of your content.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Copyspace embed system creates plagiarism-free content

Who Should Use Jasper AI?

  • Bloggers – For Bloggers, Jasper is a very helpful tool. Create long-form content with the help of Jasper in minutes. It can save you thousands of dollars on writing tasks.
  • Entrepreneurs – Multiple templates are there to create different types of content for your business.
  • Marketers – Get short engagement and Ad content with the help of copywriting templates.
  • Agencies – Create tons of content for your clients with Jasper.

What can Jasper Create with the help of AI?

Well, there are lots of uses for this Jasper copywriting assistant.

Jasper Banner with Key Features

In this world of content marketing, where everyone needs content and words for their business, Jasper helps you in creating better content that is unique, readable, easy to remember, and accurate with its AI.

  1. You can write long articles and blogs with the help of Jasper for your business.
  2. You can write lead-generating sales copy.
  3. You can write cold emails.
  4. You can get the email subject line by using Jasper.
  5. You can get blog post ideas.
  6. You can write a book by using Jasper.
  7. If you have an e-commerce store then you can create a product title and description.
  8. It is also used for Quora answers.
  9. You can generate a good question with the help of Jasper which will help you to increase your engagement in the Facebook group.

Create long-form unique content.

How Does Jasper Work?

Jasper is a tool that helps you to create an amazing copy in no time. By using this tool you come up with thousands of words without sacrificing your quality and time.

Here are some simple steps to create AI-generated content using the Jasper.AI tool.

Step:1 – Go to Jasper Templates


Jasper has lots of templates based on content creation type.

Here we are selecting long-form content that is mostly used by bloggers to create in-depth content.

Stpe:2 – Create a new document

Here users have 2 options:

  1. Start from scratch
  2. Blog post workflow

We are selecting here the ‘Blog post workflow’ option 2.

This will allow us to create a blog post from the beginning.

Step:3 – Describer the content you want to create and Enter Keywords

In this step, the user has to describe what kind of content they want to generate from Jasper. As better you can describe your topics Jasper can create better high-quality content.

Enter Keywords: Optimize your post for some targeted keywords.

Step:4 – Enter the Title or Generate New Ideas

Enter the Blog Post title, Click on ‘Generate Ideas’ and Jasper will generate new titles. As you like you can select or else use your own entered title.

Jasper blog post steps

Step:5 – Intro Paragraphs

Write an introduction to your blog posts, a post beginning should be more engaging. So we recommend writing this on your own.

Step:6 – Open Editor

Click on the Open Editor button. It will now show you a complete editor with new features to ready your article for publishing.

Step:7 – Select the Blog Post Outline

Jasper also helps you create outlines for your blog posts. Even now with Surfer SEO integration you can also check your competitor’s outline and copy it into your content.

Step:8 – Compose the content

After setting it all, you just need to hit the ‘compose content’ button.

Now using GPT-3 Jasper will create long-form content for your blog post.

Lengthy and In-depth posts also perform better on SERP, they cover multiple keywords and provide a detailed guide to visitors that is why Google Search Algo also likes them and listed them in a good position.

If someone doesn’t know how to create marketing content then Jasper is the perfect option for you. If you want to save your time and money then Jasper is a good choice for you.

This tool also connects with a Surfer SEO tool that will help it to create SEO-friendly content that is most likely to rank on google. This tool work for every business.

Jasper is also a better tool for bloggers, to create unlimited content with its boss mode and publish new articles on specific keywords.

Even Digital marketers can also create Swipe Emails, Advertisement descriptions, and Long Blog Posts.

Should You Avail Of This Deal?

Conclusion – Jasper Discount and Coupons 2024

The Web Me Tools team has shared the best deals, maximum discounts, and Jasper coupons here.

Jasper AI Discount Code Summary:

No. of Jasper Offers6 Deals
Jasper Starting Price$49/month (Monthly Subscription)
Discount on Jasper20% Discount
Free Trial on Premium Plans7 Days
Maximum Saving$312 on Pro Plan

You can easily get the Jasper.ai discount and 2 free months on this.


If you are in search of a great copywriting tool then Jasper is the best choice for you. Jasper helps you to create a high-quality copy. You don’t need a high-paying copywriter if you use Jasper for your copy.

Jasper AI copywriter has good reviews on G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

The free version of Jasper will help you create a good copy. Don’t search for the lifetime offer in Jasper because it doesn’t offer so take the starter plan and get your work done.

If you are stuck in copywriting then Jasper is the tool that can help you. Don’t think too much and grab the Jasper right now.

FAQs –

Queries Related To Jasper Discount Code

Is Jasper worth buying?

Yes, it is one of the best tools available in the market for copywriting. A lot of people trust the tool. So you can purchase Jasper without being worried.

What is the starting price of Jasper.ai?

It comes with three different plans if you want to access the starter plan it will cost you $29/month.

How can I get the Jasper AI coupon code?

You can get a two-month free trial if you buy an annual plan or you can get a 7-day free trial. Now the time Jasper didn’t offer any life plan.

Can Jasper.ai do all things own?

No, it is a copywriting assistant. You have to give commands and input for the content.

Can I use Jasper for free?

No, it doesn’t offer any free plan but you can take a 5-day free trial by taking the starter plan of Jasper.

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Now Unlimited AI Words with 7-Days Trial Account.

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Jasper AI Promo Code 2024 [Upto 40% Discount & Save $240]
Jasper AI Promo Code 2024 [Upto 40% Discount & Save $240]
$39/month $49/mo
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