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Looking for Linode FREE Credit?

On this page, we have shared Linode Promo Codes and FREE Credits.

So new users can try Linode free and test applications on its VPS servers. Check the compatibility of this platform up to 60 days after this, users can continue just at $5/month.

Linode is the Best Cloud platform to host your Websites, Applications, AI Programs, and Games.

It is the best option to try FREE VPS Servers with Credit and test them for your applications.

On this page, you will get Working Linode Coupons and Linode Trial Deals.

Linode Credit Coupon Summary:

Maximum Linode Credit$100
Linode Promo Codes4 Offers
Linode Trial Days60 Days
Credit CardYes, Needed
Special OfferCloudways $100 Credit

A step-by-step guide.

Steps to start Linode Free Trial

There are very simple steps to avail of the Linode credit and sign up for a new account. Here we have shared all the steps with their screenshots and a short explanation.

This will help you to sign in on Linode and make use of it.

Step:1 – Visit the Linode website using this Special Link

Step:2 – Sign up on Linode using Gmail, GitHub, or Email

Linode Create New Account - Email Signup

Step:3 – Enter your Email, Username, and Email if you select to sign up using Email.

Verify your email if signing up using email.

Step:4 – Enter your personal information

Linode Account Signup - Personal Information

Users have to enter their complete name, address, company name, phone, and other details.

Stpe:5 – Enter billing information

Linode Account Signup - Biling Credit Card section

It will hold your $1 until you don’t use their services.

You have successfully signed up on the Linode and it will add this $100 credit to your billing account.

Users can use this FREE Credit to test any application or use Linode servers to check its features.

Know more about Linode Service.

Linode Products and Solution

1. Compute

The computing engine is everything it takes to get a website up and running. In this category, Linode has several products you may choose from and kickstart your next web project.

Info – Linode Compute Plans are Explained in the next section

2. Storage

Apart from hosting purposes, you can use the Linode dashboard to create your own cloud storage disks on the fly.

Block Storage – The high availability block storage costs $1 per 10 GB which is stacked with speed-optimized HDD and ultra-fast NVMe disks. You can use this to store custom ISO files, your website backups, snapshots, and similar stuff.

Object Storage – In case you need storage to attach to a Linode like you do in AWS S3, Linode’s object storage is there to make it possible. You can use this to store static content of your websites like images, CSS, and JS files as well. Furthermore, this can be used to host static web pages too.

Backup Storage – backup storage is yet another awesome product by Linode where you need not create a backup of your Linode manually and upload it on block storage. It costs 2.5$ per month extra on top of your standard Linode’s compute cost to avail automatic daily backups.

3. Services

You should be able to deploy your web application on the cloud even if you’re a perfect noob to cloud computing. Yes, Linode’s cloud platform professionals and experts can help you out and do it for you. This is covered under professional services by Linode.

Which Compute Plan to choose and how?

Linode Pricing Plans


Shared CPU Plan

Linode Shared CPU Plans

RAM: 1 GB – 192 GB, CPUs: 1- 32
Storage: 25 GB- 3840 GB, Transfer: 1TB – 20 TB
$5/mo-$960/mo Visit Plan
Linode shared hosting Pricing

These instances offer a balanced array of resources and can support a wide range of modern cloud applications, from personal projects to production deployments of an enterprise application

Shared CPU Plans Uses:

  • Websites and web applications
  • Code repositories
  • Game servers
  • Database servers
  • Code repositories
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Container clusters
  • Application and database clusters
  • Content delivery network (CDN) nodes


High Memory

Linode High Memory Plans

RAM: 24GB – 300 GB, CPUs: 2- 16
Storage: 20 GB-340 GB, Transfer: 5TB – 9TB
$60/mo-$960/mo Visit Plan

High Memory instances feature higher RAM allocations relatively fewer vCPUs and less storage. This keeps your costs down and provides power to memory-intensive applications. As of June 16, 2020, all high-memory plans utilize dedicated CPU cores

High Memory Plan Uses:

Primary applications for High Memory instances are in-memory caches and in-memory databases, like Memcached and Redis.

These applications offer very fast retrieval of data, but they store data in a non-persistent manner (with some caveats). So, they are usually used in conjunction with another persistent database server running on a separate instance


Dedicated CPU

Linode Dedicated CPU Plans

RAM: 4 GB -512 GB, CPUs: 2-64
Storage: 80 GB-7200 GB, Transfer: 4TB – 12 TB
$30/mo-$3840/mo Visit Plan

Dedicated CPU instances offer entire dedicated CPU cores for your own Linode’s use. No other instances can run processes on the same cores that you’re using, which means that your software can run at peak speed and efficiency

Dedicated CPU Plan Uses:

  • CI/CD toolchains and build servers
  • CPU-intensive game servers, like Minecraft or Team Fortress
  • Audio and video transcoding and streaming
  • Big data and data analysis
  • Scientific computing
  • Machine learning


GPU Instances

Linode GPU Instances Plans

RAM: 32GB – 128GB, CPUs: 8-24
Storage: 640GB-2560 GB, Transfer: 16TB – 20TB
$1000-$4000/mo Visit Plan

GPU instances are the only plan that gives you access to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards with Tensor, ray tracing (RT), and CUDA cores. GPUs are designed to process large blocks of data in parallel, meaning that they are an excellent choice for any workload requiring thousands of simultaneous threads.

With significantly more logical cores than a standard CPU, GPUs can perform computations that process large amounts of data in parallel more efficiently.

GPU Instances Plan Uses:

  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Big Data
  • Video Encoding
  • General Purpose Computing Using NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit
  • Graphics Processing

Know more about Linode Hosting.

About Linode

Linode is founded by Christopher Aker back in 2003. Now it has its service in 130 countries and is used by 400,000 users worldwide. Linode only provides Cloud and VPS hosting solutions for big enterprises and businesses at very affordable prices.

Linode’s Cloud and VPS hosting solutions are Fast, Easy to Use, and Affordable. They have a total of 11 Data Centers across the globe to provide the fastest speed and quick response to the users.

This web hosting allows users to install any third-party app or any CMS with simple clicks. It also has diversified solutions for Object Storage, Block Storage, Load balancers, and a Limode Kubernetes engine.

Linode Linux Servers

Linode Features:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Rescue mode – critical error recovery
  • Linode CLI (command line interface)
  • One-click scalability of plans
  • Configuration cloning
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Scaling and cloning
  • Recovery Mode also called Rescue Mode
  • 9 data centers across 3 different regions
  • DNS Manager
  • Command-line access
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) manager
  • IPv6 Support
  • Free snapshots
  • Varied distribution support (15 Linux distributions)
  • Linode API
  • Virtual console for server access
  • Custom stack deployment capability

Enjoy All The Benefits…

Why you should start Linode Trial

Linode is an amazing hosting with cool features and an optimized cloud environment for applications.

there can be lots of reasons to choose Linode Promo Code, but here on this page. We are sharing only a few key points that you should know about Linode.


Linode Free Trial Credit


The best part of Linode is that it offers an exclusive $100 credit for new customers and visitors.

You can easily avail of this Linode Free $100 credit using our special link.

After this, you have to sign up using a Google or Github account and verify your profile and payment method (It won’t deduct any amount until your resource limit crosses 60 days) from the credit card.

You can use this Free Credit for any Linode Compute Plan (To Host your Website or Application) or Storage Plan (To use it as online personal space).


Quick Launch and API Access

You can easily launch a server within seconds after activating your account. Thus, you get enough time to focus on improving the strategies and targeting key cores of your online business.

The API platform on Linode is very advanced and has DNS management and scaling facilities. You have to be skilled enough to make the best use of these resources.


Easy-to-use Control Panel

The unique Linode Manager Tool is used by the customers to deploy a Linode and select the Linux distribution they wish to change or its settings. Linode Manager is easily accessible via the desktop r by the company’s free iPhone app.

How to Choose a Control Panel

The custom control panel handles all the server administration for Linode’s virtualization. On paying more for the Managed add-on, other control panels like cPanel are also included.



Linode Uptime

Linode guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and is also mentioned in its Terms of Service document. Although it does not show the exact uptime statistics, one can monitor it using any uptime monitoring tool such as Pingdom.

Linode Gmetrix

Security and Backups

inode considers security as one of its highest priorities. One can see this from their extensive guides and materials on firewalls, SFTP guides, and SSL administration.

The server manager handles the Backups for you, so it can be you or anyone you choose to manage the server. Linode also advises proper backup utilities, locations, and frequencies.


Linode Community and Support

If you have any inquiries or questions in mind, you can visit the Linode library, which is an extensive technical knowledge base. There are also Linode community forums where you can get others’ assistance and help.

We can’t forget to mention the Linode tutorials section where You can learn how to install various stacks, manage applications, deal with common bugs, and much more.

For support requests, there is a ticket system and a US telephone number. Their email support is also prompt and usually answers within a few minutes.


Free Bundled Services

There are No-cost security, networking, maintenance, and monitoring solutions. Buying and managing cloud infrastructure should be simple. These free cloud services will help you launch, secure, and scale your applications.

Clear Your Doubts Here.

Question-Answer on Linode Trial Account

Is there any Free Linode Trial?

Using Web Marketing Tools’s special link you can get Linode Free $100 Credit for 60 Days. You can try Linode for free for up to 60 days.

What is the Linode Promo Code?

Linode Promo code or Linode Coupon is a set of words that can provide you with a discount on Linode billing.

How does the Linode Hourly Billing work?

Based on your use of resources and selected plan, Linode charges you hourly. Your bill will directly belong to how long you use their service.

What can I do with Linode Free Trial?

With free $100 credit, you can use Linode’s Computer Plans, Storage Plans, and NodeBalancers for a maximum of 60 days.

How do I locate my Linode IP Address?

Go to Linode Manager >> Remote Access Tab.
Here you can see your private and public IP addresses.

What happens if someone crosses Linode Monthly Data

It will charge you $0.01 per GB after your bandwidth crosses the monthly limit.

Should I Choose It?

Conclusion, Should you Start Linode Free Trial?

Linode Word is made from Linux and Node.

Linode platform specializes in providing hosting solutions for Linux applications.

Linode Reviews

If you are an Application Developer or Tech Startup and looking for Cutting-edge Linux-based Cloud and VPS hosting then Linode is the best platform for you.

With Linode Coupon Code 2024 you can get an Amazing Discount Right Now.

Linode is a powerful cloud hosting platform that focuses on high-performance SSD Linux Servers that are ready to manage your visitors and handle all the server-side requests.

Its secure environment prevents the application from interpreting due to any cyber issues.

Linode does not use terms like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, or any other web hosting providers. However, they are proving the best online storage option in the market.

So, if you want to try Linode for free, We recommend you to choose Linode Free Trial or if you want a discount on the Linode plan, you can choose Linode Promo Code.

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