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MailerLite Free Trial and MailerLite Free Plan 2024: Try MailerLite for FREE

Activate Your Mailerlite Free Trial and Mailerlite Free Plan Now to test MailerLite Features & this Email Marketing platform. Get MailerLite 14 days Free Trial just by signing up.

If you are searching for a MailerLite trial, then you are at the right place.

Mailelite is one of the latest email marketing tools, that provides great features and helps in making a stronger customer relationship.

Follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to activate your Trial of Mailerlite.

Create amazing designs without HTML knowledge. Personalize your email so that it gets delivered to the right customer.

In This Article, We are sharing all the Details You Need To Know About Mailerlite trials We also Shared Its Features and Plans.

MailerLite Free Trial Post Summary:

MailerLite Trial DurationUp to 30 Days
Email Count12000 emails/month to a maximum of 1000 contacts.
MailerLite Free Plan couponsLink Activated
Email CampaignsYes
MailerLite Free Trial FeaturesEmail Automation, Advanced Segmentations
Remove MailerLite logoNo, only for a paid account
Live Chat SupportNo

(#1 Method)

Mailerlite Free Trial for 30 Days

Activate MailerLite 30 Days Free Trial

Sign up for a trial account.
Access Premium Features for 1,000 subs and send up to 12,000 emails.

Mailerlite provides a 30-day free trial which you can try with Premium Features. You have every facility that they provide. From Email Automation to Promotion Pop-ups.

You have access to unlimited domains. You can create and customize templates, in addition, you have access to features like Clicks maps and open by location.

This trial of 30 Days lets you create your custom design and you are free to use even the premium features that are not available in the free plan like, promotion Pop-ups, auto resend, create templates, and many other premium features to try and use for your good.

How to Start MailerLite Free Trial?

This Mailerlite Trial For 30 days allows you to use even the premium features. So after your, test Free Plan advise you to at least try this free premium plan for 30 days to get full exposure to the Mailerlite Interface.

MailerLite Free Trial Account Sign Up
MailerLite Free Trial Account Sign Up

To start your Trial you need to visit the Mailerlite website and click on ‘Sign up Free‘ After that you need to enter your email name and other details.

You may be asked some questions to make the toolset for your compatibility. After all processes, your 30-day free trial will be started automatically. Mailerlite Free Trial is Link Activated.

(#2 Method)

Get Mailerlite Free Plan

Mailerlite provides a free plan in which you can send 12000 emails/month to up to 1000s subscribers. Create amazing campaigns and build professional beautiful newsletters. Even the free plans provide email campaign reports.

Use a drag-and-drop editor to make beautiful email templates and newsletters. A/B testing, email automation, advanced segmentation, etc.

Get start with free account
MailerLite Sign up Processs

There are lots of features that are included in the Mailerlite Free Plan, it is only limited by the number of emails and contacts it offers for Free.

MailerLite Free Plan Key Features:

  • Email campaign reports
  • Surveys
  • Email Automation
  • Advanced Segmentations
  • Landing Pages, etc.

How to Activate MailerLite Free Plan?

Mailerlite free plan has no limit duration and you get to use loads of features in this free plan, despite being free you should try this Free plan, and Do your stuff you will enjoy the interface.

MailerLite Free Trial 2023

To Start your Mailerlite Free Plan you need to visit the Mailerlite website and click on login or register yourself.

Enter your details like name, email, and phone number, and create a password. Enter details and select things as per their instructions and Free Plan will be automatically activated after completion of all steps.

Here I have mentioned Simple steps to follow:-

  1. Visit the Mailerlite Website.
  2. Click on ‘log in’ or register.
  3. Enter details.
  4. Select your requirements or answer some questions to set up your account.
  5. Your Mailerlite Free Plan will be activated.

Choose The Best Plans For You!!

Mailerlite Pricing Plans After Trial

Mailerlite provides a paid plan where you have access to almost every feature that they provide.

The pricing of the plan depends on the number of subscribers you have the more you have the more the price you pay.

For unlimited emails for 1-1000 subscribers, you pay $15/month, up to 2500 for $15/month, up to 5000 for $30/month, 10000 for $50/month, and so on.

Growing Business Plan:

  • Unlimited monthly emails
  • 3 users
  • 24/7 Email support
  • All is Free, plus
  • Sell digital products
  • Unlimited templates
  • Dynamic emails
  • Auto resend campaign
  • Unlimited websites & blogs
  • Unsubscribe page builder

Advanced Plan:

  • Unlimited monthly emails
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 Live chat & email support
  • All in Growing Business, plus
  • Facebook integration
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Promotion pop-ups
  • Multiple triggers in automation
  • Preference center

MailerLite Pricing Yearly 1000 subs.
MailerLite Pricing Yearly 1000 sub with Free Plan
No. of SubscribersEmails/MonthBusiness GrowingAdvanced

Note: These Prices are based on annual billing.

Compare and choose the right plan for you:

MailerLite Pricing Plans – Get a Right Plan at Actual Price

Reasons To Choose MailerLite.

Why Choose Mailerlite Free Trial?

why choose mailerlite free plan

Mailerlite Free Trial allows you to learn email marketing for free. Mailerlite offers so much in its free plan that you can enjoy email marketing.

They focus on creating a stronger customer bond while keeping the functionality of the tool simple and easy to use.

Custom Email campaign, Analytics, A/B testing, Templates, design and tell what else functions are free to use.

Grow your audience with landing pages and impressive pop-ups and keep engaging them with an embedded form.

Mailerlite focuses on creating customer bonds, their personalized email campaigns make the email reaches the target audience at the right time, and ensure that it lands in their emails. Monitor your email campaign so that you can work on what is best for your business.

Get to Know About It.

How To Make The Best Use of MailerLite Free Plan?

Mailerlite Free Plan offers a variety of useful features and that is just enough, to begin with, email campaigns, A/B testing, email analytics, reports, and even automation those features are just enough to get your work in the initial phase of your business development.

You are free to send around 12000 emails to 1000 contacts which we think is more than enough when you start a business. When your business gets leveled up buy their paid version of the free Plan paid off.

After Spending and learning from Mailerlite Free Trial and getting satisfied with it try to move on to the 14-day Mailerlite Free Trial to get real exposure to the interface.

This trial plan offers all the premium features to try and use for your good for 14 days. Since you have used the Mailerlite Free Plan you have the benefit of using the Mailerlite Trial for 14 days very efficiently.

Some Details About MailerLite.

Mailerlite Overview

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


MailerLite tool is only made for Email Marketing solutions with some powerful features. We like this tool due to its simplicity a beginner can easily …
Starting Price


Free Trial

Yes, Up to 1000 Subscribers

Payment Option

Credit Card, Paypal


Very Easy and Effective Tool

In the first year, MailerLite’s revenue was 1,652 EUR. It took us 3 years to hit the first million. 1,038,488 businesses, startups, and freelancers around the world trust MailerLite. They send more than 1 billion emails every month.

MailerLite Email Marketing Home

Our office is in Vilnius, Lithuania, but half of our team works remotely from places like the USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, and Bali. In 2019, SaaS Magazine recognized MailerLite as the 5th fastest-growing SaaS business worldwide.

Get To Know The Overall Details:

Mailerlite Reviews : Pros and Cons

Mailerlite focuses on creating simple yet powerful marketing. Mailerlite keeps the functionality great while keeping in mind the easy functioning of the tool. They have a 24/7 support system where you can ask and clear any query that you face.

Key Features of MailerLite:

  • Email and Live chat support 24/7
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Landing pages
  • Unsubscribe page builder
  • Email automation
  • Email campaign reports
  • Mobile-optimized landing pages
  • Survey and quiz

Should I Try MailerLite Free?

Conclusion – Access Mailerlite Free Trial in 2023

Mailerlite Free Plan and Mailerlite Trial both have many features. Mailerlite Plan has fewer features than 14 Days Trial of Mailerlite it is for an unlimited duration, so if you plan to use the interface for Free the whole time Free Mailerlite Plan is For you.

Mailerlite Trial is only for 14 days, but it offers all the Mailerlite Paid features. Both the plans are link-activated, which means you don’t need any coupon, just log in, and you are good to go.

Try all out features of the Mailerlite and get the maximum out of it by testing everything that they are willing to offer, test Custom HTML editor, newsletter templates, promotion Pop-ups, delivery by time zone, dedicated IP, Unlimited domains, A/B split testing, etc.

Some Queries Related To This Post –

FAQs: Mailerlite Free Trial

Here are some frequently asked questions that will surely clear your doubts and queries related to the Mailerlite Free Trial and MailerLite Free Plan.

How long is the Mailerlite Free Plan?

MailerLite Free Plan has an unlimited duration of validity but with a limit of 12000 emails/month to only 1,000 subscribers.

What if I pay annually to MailerLite?

It is a very good decision to save money. Mailerlite Offers a 30% discount when paid annually.

How does Mailerlite decide its plan costs?

Mailerlite decides the price of the plan on the number of subscribers you have. The more the number of subscribers the more the price you pay.

What are the features of the Mailerlite Free Plan?

Key Features of Free Plan:
1. Email campaign reports
2. Surveys
3. Email Automation
4. Advanced Segmentations
5. Landing Pages, etc
For a 14-day Mailerlite Free Trial:
You will get access to their premium features for 14 days.

Get more Details about this Marketing Tool.

More – Mailerlite Related Info

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


MailerLite tool is only made for Email Marketing solutions with some powerful features. We like this tool due to its simplicity a beginner can easily …
Starting Price


Free Trial

Yes, Up to 1000 Subscribers

Payment Option

Credit Card, Paypal


Very Easy and Effective Tool

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