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PodBean Alternatives & Podbean Competitors in 2024

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10 Best Alternatives to Podbean and Podbean Competitors in 2024. Compare all the Podbean Alternatives with their Features, aPrices and get One of Best Podcast hosting like Podbean.

Podbean is one of best Podcast hosts for mentors, there are many thing that make Podbean a Better Podcast tool.

But it also has some cons & a lack of features. that we are gonna discuss.

Also, we are sharing some best Podcast software with you!!

So, In this article…

We’ve shared the best Podbean alternatives, So you can choose the best Podcast Platform For You!!

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Let’s Start-

Are You Looking for Podbean Alternatives?

Today with various platforms on the web the ease of sharing your thoughts and Ideas is becoming stronger. The podcast is new to doing this Work. Even in my college, we have been doing talk shows on podcasts, where we share our most wonderful and worst moment to date.

We share our problems and solutions to make life a fun playground where everybody plays their role with happiness. Podcasts have a huge network.

It is super fun and entertaining. Just connect your microphones and walk or rest whatever you want to do while listening to stories, ideas, thoughts, and biographies. Listening to podcasts is like experiencing new things every single day. 

Why Search for Podbean Competitors?

Podbean is such a platform where you can record your platform and share your words with the world out there. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface where even beginners can record their podcast.

Even their free plan lets users create attractive podcast sites. Podbean helps you in getting new listeners and in monetizing your podcast.

Podbean Cons

  • Limited Security Features.
  • No uptime guarantee.
  • High-performance features rated Low.

But you need not worry, here We have mentioned alternatives to PodBean that will help you to spread your Ideas to the world out there.

Some of the Podbean Alternatives are:-

  1.  BuzzSprout
  2.  Transistors
  3.  Simplecast
  4.  Captivate
  5.  Libsyn
  6. Captos

Choose The Best Option For You-

Best Podbean Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Here are 12 Top Alternatives to Podbean with their Overview, Features and Plans.



  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


Buzzsprout is one of the most popular hosting providers for podcast. It is available in Free as well as the paid version

Podcast Hosting

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited Storage and Members, Reports


Best Solution to make your voice outreach.

Free Trial

Yes, 90 Days Free

In BuzzSprout you need not to worry about the file type. Just upload your podcast and it will also optimize your podcast automatically. BuzzSprout also supports affiliate marketing to get you more money. 

BuzzSprout offers a 90-day free trial which is just enough to get used to Podcast creation. You can have as many admins as you want to help you manage your podcast. 

It can integrate with various Podcast tools to help you create podcasts with ease. It gives you updates on your podcast performance so that you never miss the memory of any milestone.

This tool Lets you create your own unique podcast website. It provides you your own Domain to custom your Own URL.


  • Automatic episode Optimization
  • Transcript your Episodes.
  • Beautiful podcast Player.
  • Monetize your Podcast.
  • Multiple Members multiple Podcasts.
  • Podcast Tools
  • BuzzSprout API
  • Visual Promotion With Soundbite.
  • Customize Website.
  • Easy Navigation


BuzzSprout Plans:-

  1. Free plan – 2hours Upload/ Month Unlimited Team Members, upgrade to Remove Ad.
  2.  $12/ month –  3 hours Upload/ Month Unlimited storage, Unlimited members, Import podcasts for Free.
  3.  $18/ month – 6 hours Upload/month, All previous features, Advanced Stats.

Why BuzzSprout is Best Podbean Alternative?

BuzzSprout lets you create your own unique podcast website. BuzzSprout offers at least 2 hours/ month upload Limit which is Better than Podbean’s total of 5 hours. BuzzSprout offers Better choices at lower prices.  You can also promote your podcast on social media tools automatically.



Transistor Features are well designed to help you build and grow your audience. Transistor offers you to podcast multiple shows on the same account with just single monthly fee.

It allows you to test out new concepts and let you choose the theme for your podcasts. Admin can edit, manage shows and View analytics. Transistor provides podcast hosting and analytics for thousands of users.

PodBean Alternatives & Podbean Competitors in 2024
Image- Pocodefamily.com/

Transistor allows you to have unlimited storage and Bandwidth for your audio files. Transistors have a podcast-ready RSS feed. Its depth analytics lets you review the performance of your podcast and helps in managing it.


  • A podcast-ready RSS feed
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth for your audio files
  • Global CDN for your audio files
  • Customizable podcast website
  • In-depth analytics
  • Embeddable audio player
  • Support for multiple users
  • Integrates with Mail Chimp, and ConvertKit.

Transisitor Plans 

Transistor offers three plans.

  1. Starter Plan  –   $19/month Advanced analytics, 15000 per month Downloads.
  1.  Professional –   $49/month 75000 monthly Downloads, Enhanced private podcasting.
  1. Business  –    $ 99/ month

Why Transistor is Similar to Podbean?

Transistor doesn’t control or modify your podcasts in whatever way you want to do. You can run ads on your Podcast, create Patreon membership, and distribute as you, please. It also informs you if there is a need to upgrade your plan.



Simplecast is a reliable, rock-solid hosting infrastructure, where you can rest assured that your episodes are available to your listeners. If you want to see your performance you can just view it with their strong analytics design.

this Tool lets you say “Hello!!” to the world. Simplecast remains the easiest way to record and publish your podcast.

Simplecast lets your listeners play wherever they want. Simplecast distributes your podcast on google play to Spotify so you need not to worry about the distribution.

Simplecast gives podcasters all sizes and Shapes to design and record their podcasts. The Simplecast Show Migrator requires zero heavy liftings. They also have 7 days of support that you can solve before your big move.


  • A secure (HTTPS) site and RSS feed
  • Recast for you (and your listeners)
  • Email support
  • Customizable show website with custom domain.
  • Basic Analytics.
  • Unlimited storage & uploads
  • Manage multiple shows with one account
  • Unique Listener reports
  • Web player analytics
  • Technology analytics
  • Detailed Device analytics.

Simplecast Plans

  1. Basic – $15/month 2 team members, Basic Analytics, 20K downloads included per month
  1. Essential – $35/month 4 team members, Compare analytics across 2 episodes, 50k downloads included per month
  1. Growth  – $89/month 9 team Members, 120k downloads included per month, Network (ISP) analytics

Why Simplecast is Podbean’s Competitor?

If you are a statistical person Then Simplecast is the best it is for you to make your podcast journey super fun.

They have so many analytical tools that will help you in correcting your errors and help you make Quick decisions. They say information is new and old and that’s what Simplecast does with their Analytics.



This is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms on the NET. Captivate has been doing this for a very long time. When you captivate you need not worry about being a beginner or professional, they provide tips so that you can do your job.

Captivate supports publishing episodes with a couple of different workflows. You get IAB-compliant download statistics in a number of different views and graphs.

Image- cedricbochsler.ch/

It is one of the few hosting platforms that doesn’t make any changes to your files. What you upload, your listener will download.

Captivate lets you customize your own website for the shows. You link your podcast and website together even a beginner will be able to launch his shows without any problem.

Captivate Features

  • clean and simple.
  • flexible podcasting
  • industry-leading support
  • show title and subtitles
  • podcast cover art
  • podcast setting
  • donation links
  • RSS feed
  • embedded player
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • unlimited audio storage

Captivate Plans

  1. Podcaster – $19/month, 12000 downloads per month
  2. Audio Influencer – $49/month, 60000 downloads per month
  3. Podcast Brand – $99/month, 150000 downloads per month.

Why Captivate is an Alternative to Podbean?

Captivate is a solid platform to host your podcasts and it’s very easy to use. the user experience is impressive even the free websites are good. Unlimited Number of hosting and team members you can add. You can monetize your podcast using their tools.



When it comes to Captos you have access to unlimited storage. You can record as many shows as you want without worrying about the limit. Show your thought to your audience.

Captos is also a very good alternative of Podbean. Captos offers you a Podcast editing service so that you can modify the content layout and other stuff whenever necessary.

It also have a WordPress plugin so that you can manage your podcast seamlessly. You just have to upload your Podcast, create the feed, View the listener analytics and customize your Player. Its simple and easy.

The data is the gold today, on captors, you can collect data from all your platform onto one so that you can view and analyze the demographic data and respond to it accordingly.

Captos motivate you to Increase the frequency of your Podcast because its fun to share you beliefs, your thoughts and ideas.

Captos Features

  • Unlimited storage, shows, & listeners
  • Audiogram & YouTube integrations
  • Built-in transcriptions
  • Podcast editing services
  • Create Multiple feed
  • View listeners analytics
  • Customize the player
  • Transcriptions on autopilot
  • Create multiple shows

Captos Plans

  1. Starter – $19/month Up to 100 Private Subscribers, Unlimited Podcast, Unlimited listeners.
  2. Growth – $49/month Up to 250 Private Subscribers, Video Republishing to YouTube.
  3. Pro – $99/month Up to 500 Private Subscribers, Advanced Analytics, video File analytics.

Why Captos is Best Podcast hosting over Podbean?

Captos Focus on perfect to get your desired result. They have years of experience across the industry to get you the best. It has a very easy-to-use interface even for a beginner. The best Podcast hosting platform WordPress users manage their podcasts from their website.



Libsyn can host and distribute not just audio, but your pdf and video files too. The podcast page mini-sites are the perfect branded mobile-compatible listening destinations. You are in control of your hosting podcast, distribution, and monetization.

Image- elegantthemes.com/

Libsyn’s monetizing tool lets you monetize your content and you can also opt for advertising. Libsyn has a great team that will reach your goals. Libsyn delivers enterprise-level tools to customize your podcasts to the next level.

Also, the Libsyn publishing hub allows for the perfect workflow for publishing podcast episodes directly from your WordPress Website.

Libsyn Features

  • user agents stats
  • destination Stats
  • Geographic heat map
  • Social Media Stats
  • data range selector
  • Publisher Hub
  • FTP upload support
  • smartphone app
  • Monetization Tools
  • Support care.

Libsyn Plans

  1. Classic 50 – $5/month, 50MB monthly storage, Unlimited audience.
  2. Classic 250 – $15/month, 250 monthly storage, Monetization.
  3. Advanced 400 – $20/month, 400 monthly storage, my Libsyn premium Paywall, custom Mobile app
  4. Advanced 800 – $40/month, 800 monthly storage, Libsyn advanced IAB v2.0 Stats.

Why Libsyn is Podbean’s Competitor?

Libsyn has a huge community with a very long history. Its interface is simple and impressive. It’s easy to upload audio and regenerate audio files on Libsyn.

Their customer service is of standard quality. Also, Libsyn is IAB v2.0 certified in stats and in-depth audience analytics.

Queries Related To This Post-

FAQs – Podbean Alternatives & Competitors 2024

  1. Why try PodBean alternatives even though it offer so many services?

    Yes, it right that PodBean offers so many services but it cost is really high. You need to pay for every Add-ons that you take. Also, they have limited services for the base plan and you need to upgrade to the advanced subscription for most of your needs.

  2. Is it good to use BuzzSprout?

    Yes, it is right that PodBean offers so many services but it cost is really high. You need to pay for every Add-on that you take. Also, they have limited services for the base plan and you need to upgrade to the advanced subscription for most of your needs.

  3. Which is better Podbean or Buzzsprout?

    There are many points that make buzzsprout better than podbean and one big points is it interface its interface which looks very easy to use, even for beginners.

  4. Is Anchor better than Podbean?

    In a comparison of Anchore and Podbean, we can say that Pobean can win easily. because there are lots if features that are missing out in Anchor.

Our Opinion-

Conclusion – Podcast hosting like Podbean & Alternatives

In this post, we’ve shared the best Podbean alternatives with their overview, plans, and features. So you can choose the Best podcast hosting similar to Podbean.

PodBean have a user-friendly user interface and offer various service which makes it good whether you are a professional or a beginner. Though PodBean offers many facilities their price and Limited advanced features make us try out different podcast platforms.

We hope this article, helps you in selecting a podcasting hosting tool like Podbean.

BuzzSprout offers the longest free trial of 90 days. So if you want to get your hand adjustable to the podcast you can go for it. Whereas transistor offers you unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Simplecast is a reliable, rock-solid hosting infrastructure that lets you forget loads of work. Libsyn has the best publishing Hub. Lastly, Captos have a very friendly user interface.

If you have a budget you can go for the PodBean, but if you are in the initial phase of your Podcast and cannot invest much then in my opinion BuzzSprout is the best platform where you can try and hand on and can have a very good Podcasting experience.

Not Found a Better Alternative to Podbean

Try Podbean self:

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos
Are you looking for the best platform to launch your audio show or podcast episodes? And wants to build your one more source of income? If yes, …

Podcast Hosting

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth, Monetization, Custom Player

Free Trial

Yes, Always Free


Best Solution to Make your Voice Listenable.

Podbean Review (Pros & Cons)

Podbean lets you share how you feel. Podbean provides high quality and bandwidth so one can download the podcast and listen to them offline.

Podbean has tons of features and all on just one Platform. All Podbean accounts come with a particular subdomain. Podbean is unbelievably easy to fire-up and expresses your feelings.

Podbean Home Page

You can easily start a podcast with Podbean.

Podbean Features

  • Unlimited space
  • Modest price
  • Great ease and timeliness of uploading
  • High quality and Bandwidth.
  • Professional Podcast website.
  • Own domain Integration.
  • Schedule publishing
  • Distribution and Promotion
  • Embedded Players
  • Auto Social Media sharing
  • Podcast Statistics.

PodBean Plans

Here are Podbean Pricing Plans.

  1. Basic – Free plan.
  • Your own podcast Site.
  • Beautiful free themes.
  • Embeddable players.
  1. Unlimited Audio.   –   $9/month
  •  Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth.
  • Custom design.
  • Monetization- AdMarket place.
  1.  Unlimited plus.    –  $29/month
  • Premium sales.
  • Patron Program
  • PodAds.
  1. Business plan –  $129/month
  • Live Chat Support
  • Multiple admins
  • Podbean Pro App.

Podbean Pricing Plans – Choose a Best Plan

Though Podbean has loads of features there are some flaws that make me list out some of the Podbean alternatives that there are in the market. 

More – Podbean-Related Info:

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos
Are you looking for the best platform to launch your audio show or podcast episodes? And wants to build your one more source of income? If yes, …

Podcast Hosting

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth, Monetization, Custom Player

Free Trial

Yes, Always Free


Best Solution to Make your Voice Listenable.

Podbean Pricing Plans

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Overview of Podbean Plans, Features, Pricing, and Total Cost.

PodBean Alternatives & Podbean Competitors in 2024

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