8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #6 in category Course Builder Platforms
Ease of use
Customer Support
Customer Support
Course Managment
  • Super easy to use and set up.
  • Both the frontend (storefront) and the backend (course player) has a clean, modern design out of the box.
  • Create individual “Posts” for your membership.
  • Embed checkout/buy buttons on an external website.
  • Handles EU Digital Goods VAT tax.
  • Inbuilt live chat widget.
  • Offers free migration to Podia.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • Zero transaction fee on all plans.
  • The course builder lacks flexibility
  • Doesn’t support cloud import.
  • Missing quizzes, assignments, certificates, course compliance, etc.
  • Doesn’t let you create a standalone community.
  • No mobile app feature.
  • Not suitable for building a fully-fledged website.

Know about complete detail of Podia Review.

So in this article, We have sharing you Podia Plans, pricing, features and total cost Of Podia and a Quick Review.

Podia is one of the best and most affordable platforms for creator to launch their first digital product and to grow their business you can list your online course and sell them

So Stay Tune and read this article tell and it will definitely help you to choose the right plan

Let's get started.

About Podia

Podia is one of the best and All-in-One platform that offer you to sale and market online courses, memberships, digital products and so on.

It also provides you good email marketing features that help you to grow your network. A digital marketer, I would recommend and it is a good alternative of teachable and kajabi.

Founded – 2014

Podia Offer:

  1. Online courses
  2. Memberships
  3. Digital products, and
  4. Webinars

As We have compared to the teacher will it offer many features and the pricing of teachable is a little bit expensive and We would not recommend teachable

Podia Labs, Inc. Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - Logovtor.Com

Podia was founded in 2014 by Spencer Fry At the greater New York area, east coast, North Eastern US. Podia. Podia is all in one platform that help you to create online courses and to sell them and I would recommend this platform for beginners

Now the interface of Podia is easy to understand and it also helps you to design your website easily the support team also helps you too.

Podia also offers many features and it one of the best platforms to launch your online course as it is very pocket friendly and very simple to begin with a website and it also offers digital downloads online courses members and so on and that is the best part of Podia

Podia Sell Online Courses Home

You can also create a wonderful and beautiful storefront within a few minutes and start selling your digital courses, and digital products online without any technical knowledge and scale and without any third party plugin

Now you can simply handle each and everything from content creation to sending a newsletter to your customer

We have decided our four principles that creator first for everyone equally friendly and fun always looking to the future and we committed our user the best service we offer.

Podia Features

Here are the key features of Podia:

  • Your own storefront
  • Online courses
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Free migrations
  • 7 days a week support
  • Messaging
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Unlimited everything
  • Digital downloads
  • Additional teammates ($20/mo each)
  • Third-party code
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Offsite buy buttons
  • Blog
  • Zoom integrations
  • Memberships
  • Online courses
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Messaging
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
Podia Features

Podia Review and Highlights

Podia offers a solution for all of your requirement and it is is one all in one digital storefront platform that offers you everything that you need to create and sell online courses digital downloads memberships now I am sharing you some Podia review and highlights features

  • Membership
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Downloads
  • Email Marketing
  • Podia Editor

Let's understand its highlighting features one by one and in detail


Membership  Site: 

It offers you membership site software that help you to generate a decent passive income when you are sleeping.

Podia help you so that you can create and manage your online community easily without having any skill and need of designs of software like payment content delivery and email updates and many more things are included so you do not have to spend much

  • Offers Multiple Plans: Podia help you to create multiple plans and a variety of membership for different level resources and price.
  • Creates Member-Only Content:It also helps you to saves your time you can easily share videos image audio content or text with your community easily with some click. And the paid members get updates when you will share any updates
  • Interact With Your Members:  It also helps you to easily interact with your members aur we can say community membership with Podia you can easily get connect with your audience.

Online Courses:

you can also create and sell online courses write via click of the mouse and it is the easiest platform on the planet.you can easily make by putting everything you need to create sale and manage your online courses write in one place and it's damn easy

  • Unlimited Everything: The unlimited everything comes with unlimited benefits and all plans comes with unlimited multiple bandwidth file size and an unlimited number of courses sales or anything as
  • Drip Course Content: It also help you and drip course content which help your audience to get immediate assistance to your online course and you can deliver this section by section over time by email.
    • Dropping your course content will definitely help your audience and help you to control over the e-learning complete process and experience.
  • Upload Any File Type: Podia also accept any file type and generally support video MP3 Text Links PDF,PSD, PPT along with many other files supported too.

Digital Downloads

You can also sell digital downloads right without having any technical knowledge as here Podia offers you everything for your need you can simply upload files and your ready to sell its really dam easy

  • Sell Anything: Podia supports many other file types. Now The Sell anything feature allows you can easily sell digital downloads of any kind of file size includes ebooks PDF cheat sheet checklist audio files and many more things are included
  • Speedy Check-Out:  The Speedy Checkout help the audience and the cell space are optimized for higher conversion rates and the customer can easily buy your product and start doing direct downloads in seconds it's very helpful for the audience as well as for more conversion.
  • No Account Required: The best feature of Podia is no account is required the customer needs an email id and the payment it info in order to buy the downloadable product it also saves time. There is no account creating a process for the registration process.

Email Marketing:

It also offers you an email newsletter platform that designs for creators and helps you to grow your network. As we all know the email list is the most valuable marketing tool nowadays and here with Podia you are getting that feature.

Podia will definitely help you in building that list and nurture it to create more email marketing for your audience

  • Send Drip Contents: Really, Drip campaigns are one of the great ways to build entire sales funnels right within Podia.
  • Send  Newsletters: you can also send the newsletter to your customer right from the entire list or you can send more targeted updates right other than specific segments to your audience
  • Grow Your List: You can also grow your list by doing email and a growing an email list is one of the most important things for many creators.The better email list you have more chances of sales will be.

Podia Editor:

With the help of Podia editor, you can simply assess to each and everything and have a life complete control over the look and feel of your storefront as well as the sales pages and this is the best feature

  • Live Preview:  You can also see live preview of what you are changing and it also shows you in a separate tab in order to preview your content
  • Customizable Layouts: All the things out there are fully customizable as heer with Podia Editor you can easily customize every element.
  • Fast and Simple: The best part is that here you do not have to to be a designer or a developer it's very fast and simple you just have to drag and drop on your way for creating your simple and stunning page right with Podia.

Fast Payment Method

The two payment method integrated into Podia are:

  • PayPal, and
  • Stripe

Podia help you in every way and it accepts Paypal and it is one of the popular payment methods that everyone bonds but it's not integrated for membership plans instead you can use stripe as an alternative

Stripe it's also very much popular and it is also one of Podia payment options and it typically proceeds within two business days and you do not have to wait much longer for your revenue in your bank account.


Excellent Customer Support

Podia also offer great and top-notch support as you have already seen on some of Podia Reviews, the customer support is best and solve your all technical and all your issues as soon as possible

You can also so do live chat on the website or by sending an email to them to get instant support.

Podia Plans

Podia Pricing Plans

Podia offers only two different pricing plans which are different it and it depends on user need the price is also very affordable and Pocket friendly and I will guide you so that you can choose the right plan according to your requirement

Podia is one of the best platforms where you can host and sell your digital product and grow your audience and business.

It's also very affordable and Pocket friendly where you will get customer support and many advanced features and you will also get access to powerful marketing features like affiliate management and embeddable buy Buttons.

Podia plans , Pricing are very pocket friendly and value for money for everyone who wants to start sailing online courses and want to launch their first course.

Your Own storefront
Online Courses
Digital Products
Email Marketing
Additional teammates ($20/mo each)
Zero transaction fees
Unlimited everything
7 days a week support
Free migrations
Zoom integrations
Offsite Buy Buttons
Affiliate Marketing
Third party code
14 days free trial
Cancel anytime
Demo Plan
PRICING (Paid Annually)

Saves Upto $158


Podia Pricing

Podia offer 2 different kinds of pricing plans which are very affordable and features are different in different plans and its depend upon you and your requirement which are mentioned below:

Monthly Subscriptions:

  • Mover Plan- Costs $39/month
  • Shaker Plan- Costs $79/month

Annual Subscriptions:

  • Mover Plan- Costs $32.5/month
  • Shaker Plan- Costs $66/month

Here you can see Podia offers both annual and monthly subscription with mover and Shaker plan. And if you choose your favourite plan at annual subscription you can save upto $158 with annual building

Podia seems best for beginners organisations universities and for entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their online courses at a very pocket-friendly price

Mover Shaker
Monthly Plan Price$39/mo$79/mo
Total Annually Price$468$948
Annually Plan Price$32.5/mo$66/mo
Total Annually Price$390$790
  • It is Podia Regular price without any Coupon or Offer.

If you are generating a good amount of money from your course, then only go with this option because it is a little bit costlier.

Their Shaker plan starts at $79 per month in which you will can your own store front online courses digital downloads ravina email marketing messaging additional teammates zero transaction fees unlimited everything.

If you are generating a good amount of money and planning to build a gram of your own educators, then you can go with this plan.

Podia is best for

Podia is a great platform for creators where you can sell your online or Digital courses in your own digital storefront .it is a creation tool for creators bloggers coach entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to offer their digital products to the world.

You can also use Podia as a unique alternative to Teachable platforms

Podia offers you can create and post more traditional the platform has no limit on the number of courses emails or anything else

It provides you powerful email marketing tools sales pages webinar and affiliate marketing functionality that help you to earn more.

I think the platform may not be the best choice for brand new course creators. But for those with an intermediate or advanced amount of experience with selling online courses, I think Podia is worth trying.

Due to its price and features, this tool seems to be best for those, who have good knowledge of any particular topic and wants to educate others

This tool seems to be the best for:

  • Educators
  • Creative thinkers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • bloggers

Podia FAQ-

Here are some frequently asked questions which will surely clear doubts and queries related to Podia Plan and Subscriptions.

  1. What is the Starting Price of Podia?

    Podia price starts at $39 per month
    Podia Mover Plan – $39 per month
    Podia Shaker plan -$79 per month

  2. Is there any discount on the Podia Annually Plan?

    You can save upto $158 with Mover and Shaker Plan in Podia in annual subscriptions

  3. Is There Any Free Plan in Podia?

    Podia offers a 14 days free plan . The 14 days free trial which includes no contracts no long-term commitment cancel anytime hassle-free and for 14 days free trial

  4. What is the Best Plan for Beginners?

    I will recommend you if you are a beginner then you must try the Podia Mover plan that costs you.
    On monthly subscription – $39 per month
    On annual subscription -$32.5 per month

  5. How much will I save in an annual subscription in Podia?

    The basic plan , Growth plan and Pro plan cost you in annual and monthly subscription
    In monthly subscription
    Mover plan -$39 per month
    Shaker plan $79 per month
    In annual subscription
    Mover plan -$39 per month
    Shaker plan $79 per month
    You can save up to $158 on an annual subscription

  6. What are the payment modes of Podia?

    Podia accepts all online payment through debit card, credit card, Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

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