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Proton VPN Trial, Start 30-Days Risk-Free Trial or Download Free Application

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Activate Proton VPN Free Trial Risk-Free for 30 days in 2024, Proton VPN offers a trial option to new users to test its all premium services and features. Start your Proton VPN trial step by step, by following the below guide.

This is the best way to try the services with no risk of money, Proton VPN trial provides massive features such as a no-log policy, DNS leak protection, multiple devices support, and much more that you can access in premium services for free.

In this post, we will cover:

  • Proton VPN 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Proton VPN Features and Services
  • Benefits of Using Proton VPN Free Trial
  • How to Activate Proton VPN Risk-Free Trial
We have shared some major details where you can apply and claim Proton VPN free trial for upto 30 days

Post Summary of Proton VPN Free Trial:

Proton VPN Trial Type Risk-Free Trial
Free Plan or ApplicationYes Availabe
Trial Duration30 Day long
Access All Premium ServicesYes
Money Back Guarantee30 Days

Start Your Risk-Free Trial Now

Start Proton VPN Free Trial

We will show the simple ways to start your Proton VPN free trial, where you will be eligible to access all the services and features risk-free for 30 days and cancel it before to get your full refund.

Proton VPN 30 Days Risk-Free Trial

Access all the Premium Features of Proton VPN and try this 30 Days Risk-Free.

Proton VPN Free Download

Download a Free VPN Application with limited features and only 3 Server Locations.

By the policy of 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Proton-VPN 30 day free trial

Proton VPN offers a free trial for 30 days for any plan. So you can try all the plans for 30 days risk-free, if you are not happy with the interface or services you can cancel it before 30 days ends and get a full refund.

If you decide to use ProtonVPN for a long time, remember that they will automatically charge you once the 30-day period is over. Once that happens, you won’t be able to get a full refund. So, be careful and remember to keep track of your subscription to avoid accidentally spending your money.

Now let’s check out the easiest ways to activate the Proton VPN 30 Days Risk-Free Trial.

Step By Step Guide

How to Activate ProtonVPN Trial

Here we have shared the steps that you can follow and claim the risk-free trial:


30 Days Risk-Free Trial

Start your free account now

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to the Proton VPN official website, you will be taken to the homepage of Proton VPN.

Step 2: Now Click on the blue button ‘Get Proton VPN Now‘ it will move to the next page. After this, you will see several plan options which are monthly, 1-year, and 2-year plans. You have to plan any of them.

Pricing Plan-Proton-VPN

Note: Remember!! you will be charged for this, but you can apply for a canceled subscription and get a full refund.

Step 3: After choosing the plan, you will be moved in to account setup section. Now enter your email address and password, and confirm the password twice.


Step 4: Once you completed your account details, it will ask for a verification code that will appear in your Gmail account, enter the 6-digit code and click to verify.

Proton-VPN-verification code details

Step 5: After the verification, you will be taken to the payment section that offers two ways to make a payment.

Step 6: Select your desired payment method and enter your personal information, after this, click on pay. (don’t worry your all information will be safe and protected by Proton’s No-log policy)

Proton-VPN-payment method

Step 7: You will be redirected to the downloads page where you can download the Proton VPN platform. Install the platform and signup for your free trial account. Now you can access all the premium services and features for 30 days.

Proton VPN offers a 30-day risk-free trial in every plan so you can select any plan to use the services for free.

Know More About This Platform

Overview of Proton VPN

ProtonVPN was created by a group of scientists and engineers at Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss company known for caring about privacy and security. The founders of ProtonVPN are Andy Yen, Jason Stockman, and Wei Sun.


They started the company in 2014 to develop ProtonMail, which is a safe and encrypted email service. ProtonMail became popular because it focuses on protecting user privacy, using encryption that keeps messages secure, and being open-source, which means the code is available for anyone to inspect.

ProtonVPN is trusted by people who want to safeguard their personal information and browsing habits. Every individual can use who values their online privacy, such as activists, journalists, and anyone who wants to enhance their digital security.

Let’s look at the key features of Proton VPN where you can get more ideas and information from it:

Key Features of Proton VPN:

  • Protecting your Privacy: ProtonVPN encrypts your internet traffic, making it unreadable to anyone trying to intercept it.
  • Securing your Connection to Public Wi-Fi: When you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in coffee shops or airports, your data becomes vulnerable to interception.
  • Bypassing Geographical Restrictions: ProtonVPN allows you to access content that may be restricted or blocked in your country.
  • Enhanced Online Security: Using ProtonVPN adds an extra layer of security to your online activities.
  • Anonymous Browsing: ProtonVPN masks your IP address and assigns you a different one from its server locations.
  • Torrenting and P2P Sharing: ProtonVPN supports peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and torrenting on specific servers.

Know the features in detailed

Proton VPN Features of Free Trial

Here we have shared the major details about the Proton VPN features:

1. No-Logs Policy:

During the free trial period, ProtonVPN adheres to its strict no-logs policy. This means that it does not collect or store any information about your online activities. Your browsing history, connection logs, and other data are not retained, ensuring your privacy.

No-logs-policy Proton-VPN

It is an essential component of their commitment to user privacy and security. It gives users peace of mind, knowing that their online activities are not being monitored, recorded, or shared with any third parties.

2. Secure and Encrypted Connections:

ProtonVPN employs strong encryption protocols to secure your internet traffic. This helps protect your data from potential eavesdropping and ensures that your online communications are encrypted and private.

It also employs secure tunneling protocols. These protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard, create a virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server.

3. Access to Multiple Server Locations:

The free trial allows you to access a selection of ProtonVPN’s server locations across different countries. This enables you to bypass geographical restrictions, access content that may be restricted in your region, and experience the benefits of connecting to servers in different locations.


It operates servers in various countries around the world. This diverse network of servers enables you to choose from a wide range of locations when establishing your VPN connection.

4. Limited Bandwidth:

The free trial comes with a specific bandwidth limit. While the exact limit may vary, it allows you to use the VPN service for a certain amount of data transfer within the trial period.

This limitation is in place to ensure fair usage and to prevent abuse of the service. By implementing a bandwidth limit, ProtonVPN can manage server resources and maintain optimal performance for all users.

5. Compatible with Multiple Devices:

ProtonVPN’s free trial is available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This allows you to try out the service on different devices and platforms.


The compatibility of ProtonVPN with multiple devices ensures that you can protect your online activities and maintain your privacy across all your devices.

Whether you’re using a Windows PC, a MacBook, an Android phone, or an iPhone, ProtonVPN offers solutions tailored to each platform, allowing you to secure your internet connection and enjoy a consistent VPN experience across your devices.

6. Customer Support:

ProtonVPN has a helpful section on its website called the knowledge base and FAQs. It has lots of information about how to set up ProtonVPN and how to fix common problems.

Proton-VPN-Customer Support

They provide detailed guides and answers to questions that people often ask. This makes it easier for users to solve issues on their own without needing to contact customer support. The knowledge base and FAQs give users the knowledge and tools they need to fix things themselves.

Know its advantages-

Benefits of Using Proton VPN Free Trial

  • Test Performance: During the free trial, you can assess the performance of ProtonVPN, including its connection speeds, stability, and reliability.
  • Explore Features: The free trial allows you to experience the features and functionalities of ProtonVPN without any upfront payment.
  • Assess Customer Support: During the free trial, you can reach out to ProtonVPN’s customer support if you have any questions or face any issues.
  • Determine Value for Money: By testing the free trial, you can assess if ProtonVPN’s features, performance, and security measures justify the cost of a paid subscription.
  • Compatibility: The free trial allows you to test ProtonVPN’s compatibility with your devices and operating systems.
  • Assess User-Friendliness: The free trial enables you to gauge the user-friendliness of ProtonVPN’s applications and interfaces.
  • Privacy and Security: By using the free trial, you can experience ProtonVPN’s commitment to privacy and security.

Our Opinion-

Conclusion- Proton VPN Free Trial for 30 Days

We have provided all the major details related to Proton VPN free trial. Where you can use the services and features free for 30 days.

The ProtonVPN free trial provides an excellent opportunity to test and evaluate the service before committing to a paid subscription.

By taking advantage of the free trial, you can explore the features, and performance, and experience the benefits of using ProtonVPN. It allows you to test the user-friendliness of the applications, evaluate server locations, and gauge the level of privacy and security provided.

It allows you to test the user-friendliness of the applications, evaluate server locations, and gauge the level of privacy and security provided.

At the end of the post, we hope that this article was informative for you, we just want to say that we have mentioned all aspects of Proton VPN Free Trial.

Queries Related To This Post

FAQs- Start Proton Free Account

Here we have added some frequently asked questions about Proton VPN Free Trial:

Is the ProtonVPN free trial really free?

Yes, the ProtonVPN free trial is completely free to use for the specified trial period.

Is my personal information required to start the free trial?

To start the free trial, you will need to create a ProtonVPN account using your email address.

Does ProtonVPN provide a money-back guarantee?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers 30 days money-back guarantee, you can apply to cancel the subscription within 30 days and get a full refund.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan during the free trial?

Yes, you can upgrade to a paid subscription at any time during the free trial if you decide to continue using ProtonVPN’s services with all the features and benefits of a paid plan.

Does the Proton VPN 30 days risk-free trial only available for specific plans?

No, you can choose any plan you want but you will be charged for this. After you can apply to cancel the subscription and get a 100% refund within 30 days.

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