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SEO Content Machine


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8.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Article Spinner
Ease of use
Customer Support
Value for Money
  • Goes well with every SEO tool
  • Easy to make changes
  • This is termed to be the best-supported tool in the SEO industry
  • Updated frequently, at least once a week
  • The developers of the program keep adding new features every then and now
  • Solving Google Captchas
  • Does not require any proxies
  • Helps in project scheduler
  • The titles of content are not as good as meant to be.
  • Content not perfect.
  • Can't set indicators whilst a mission finish
  • Requires outside spinner for powerful results.

SEO content machine has become the most widely used content writing software on the internet. If you are trying your way into the stream of Internet marketing, SEO tools, and SEO automation have to be part of life.

Articles play an important role in building the brand of your website. If you are publishing great content on your website on a regular basis, then Google will love you for sure.

In This Post Of SEO Content Machine Review, We Are Sharing:

  • What Is SEO Content Machine
  • SEO Content Machine Pros & Cons
  • How Does SEO Content Machine Work
  • Why SEO Content Machine Important For You SEO

It’s difficult to acquire rate 2 and rate 3 backlinks and the SEO content machine easily does the job. When it is running, it will check out the Web, search the pieces of content, download it, and arrange it into short articles that you can submit to the blog site or your website.

The software optimizes the search engine conveniently.

Does it Worth it?

SEO Content Machine Review

An SEO machine is a kind of tool that makes the work of content creation very easy and spontaneous with the results we require. But there are no tricks to using the machine.

You have to be very precise and on point to make things work. You need to use the tool very effectively for your professional work or otherwise.

SEO Content Machine Review

The SEO content machine is very unique and convenient as you don’t need to use any proxies or a VPS to run, which further helps in cost-cutting. It searches through hundreds of sites and creates unique content for you to use or post on the websites.

What Is SEO Content Machine?

The SCM tool is very handy if you need to work on content for link-building software. The article generation is being accessed by templates, and some exist for popular link-building programs, and you can convert the text into any of the formats you need for posting into other tools.

The program contains a lot of export templates such as Article Kevo, Autofillmagic, Chimp Rewriter, ESpinner, FCS Networker, GSA SER, Lincorne AIO, Magic Submitter, RankerX, Senuke, Sick Submitter, Spin Rewriter, Spinner Chief, The Best Spinner, Turbo Web20 Submitter, Ultimate Demon and WordAi.

SEO-Content-Machine Mainpage

It also has its template creator where you can create your templates.

Using the SEO content machine is quite easy, you need to just fire the software up and choose the content wizard to create content. Firstly, decide which format you want your articles to be exported in, next you need to select your desired spinner you want to use, you can use the free spinner by SCM if you do not wish the paid one. Remember that the quality of your outcome might depend on the kind of spinner you use.

SEO Content Machine Key Features

  • Content scraping
  • Creation of content
  • Re-mixing of content
  • Find out images and videos scrapper to fill in your articles
  • Insert images and videos into content
  • Has a built-in tool for looking for long-tail keywords.
  • Insertion of handy titles
  • Tier 1 content creator
  • Multi-Language Platform

Tutorial For Beginners

How Does SEO Content Machine Works

If you are an advanced user you can skip to the advanced setting below by clicking on the “Article Creator” task button, otherwise, we begin with the content wizard that auto-starts when you first install SCM.

If the content wizard doesn’t show up you can open it by clicking on the “Content Wizard” button.

SEO Content Machine

Content Wizard

The keyword selection window is the first thing you need to complete.

Following our example, we type in “dog training” in the primary keyword textbox.

Set the Google country to “USA” if you are trying to create articles in English. You can change the country and language if you need content in a different language like French or Spanish.

Click on “Next”.

SEO Content Machine

SCM will take a few seconds to find some additional keyword suggestions for you.

SEO Content Machine

Select between 1 – 5 keywords that are related to the article you want to create.

Selecting additional keywords will improve the relevance of the final created article.

Don’t select more than 5, as it will slow down the time it takes to build your article.

Click “Next”.

Now you need to tell SCM what type of article you want to create and how long you want it to be.

SEO Content Machine

Recommended settings are:

  • Article Type: HTML Article
    You can also select a different format such as “GSA SER” if you want to use articles for that program.
  • Quality: Readable
  • Paragraph count: 5
  • Paragraph variations: 1
    If you want to create 1 article that can be re-used many times, set the paragraph variations to 5+
  • Article Count: 1+ (As many articles as you need)
SEO Content Machine

You can get a detailed explanation of each setting by mousing over the control.

Click “Next”.

You now have the option to select an article spinner, aka an automatic article re-writer.

If you don’t have paid access to any spinners, you can use the freely included “Soft Spin”.

SEO Content Machine

When your articles are re-written the content appears in special code like this:

{hello|hi} word

This is normal and is spinner formatted text, ie spintax.

Some programs allow you to post content in spintax, at the time the article is used the spintax will be removed.

If the program you use doesn’t support spintax, you can export articles without those {|} symbols.

Click “Next”

Now you can select how many images and videos you want to appear in the article.

Set the image and video count to 1.

SEO Content Machine

Later on in the advanced settings area, I will show you how to use your own image urls and videos. You can even select where the images should appear etc.

Click “Next”.

The next step is to configure how many links you want to have appear in your article.

SEO Content Machine

Click on “Add Link” to open the link details window.

Below are example settings.

SEO Content Machine

The “Insert From” sets how many links will appear in your article.

You can click on the “Links FAQ” link at the bottom for a detailed explanation of all the settings.

Click “ok” to verify that your link settings are saved.

SEO Content Machine

You can duplicate links, and remove links using the buttons available on the window,

SEO Content Machine

Click “Next”.

There are no more settings in the content wizard to fill out. You could click finish to begin creating your article now.

However, we want to use our own images and videos, so click on the “Show Advanced Options” button instead.

Article Creator

The article creator window displays many additional settings for fine tuning your article.

SEO Content Machine

You can open this “Article Creator” window directly instead of using the content wizard too.

SEO Content Machine

Insert your own image urls

Click on the “Images” tab.

Under the “Image Source” panel, click on the drop down box and select “Custom”

SEO Content Machine

This will enable the custom Url text box, where you can paste your links to your own images.

Right click on the textbox to find the paste command.

You can also access 2 important tools here:

  1. Image finder
  2. Import images on your hard drive

The image finder is a quick way to find images for your keyword (or you can leave it up to the article creator to find it for you). This can be useful if your keyword doesn’t really return usable images in Google search, eg: Your keyword is “dentists in america”. You can instead use the generic term “dentist” to find images.

SEO Content Machine

Your final settings for a custom image urls will look something like this:

SEO Content Machine

Some other settings you might be interested in:

  • If you are creating an article that will be used in a wordpress blog, “Post Thumbnail” checkbox will allow you to set thumbnail images for your posts.
  • You can set the location of images in the post. SCM will randomly select a location.
  • The image size is automatically randomized 1 -> 10px in width to keep the image unique.

Insert your own videos

SCM will use your article keywords to find relevant videos from Youtube to insert into your article.

You can customize what videos to insert.

  1. Use your own Youtube username
  2. Use a Youtube channel ID
  3. Insert a list of your own video embeds

Click on the “Video” tab to see these settings.

SEO Content Machine

Click on the dropdown box in the “Video Settings” panel and select “Custom”.

SEO Content Machine

You need to insert a video embed. Eg <iframe>. You can get this from the actual youtube video.

SEO Content Machine

You can paste this iframe into the custom video embed box.

SEO Content Machine

Create your article

Once all the settings have been fine tuned, you can click on “Article” tab and click on “Save Task”,

Don’t forget to check the “Run Immediately” checkbox too.

SEO Content Machine

Keep an eye on the application log as the task is running.

Many times errors are warnings are logged here.

If the task creates an article with no content in it, you can read through the log to figure out what is wrong. Eg Google search returned no results etc.

SEO Content Machine

If you have errors they appear in red, otherwise warnings appear in orange.

SEO Content Machine

In the above image, Google was set to [none] meaning no content was found and subsequently no article could be written.

In-Depth Features Review

SEO Content Machine Features Review

SEO Content machine is an easy-to-use content creation tool and better in so many ways than the other tools available. The SEO machine manages your PNBs, Multi-Language content, content tool bag, custom content sources, and creates unique content using a free included rewriter.

This cross-platform tool enables each and everyone to create unique content. You can create content for connection building, PNBs, etc.

#1 Multi-Language

SCM was the very first founder of Multi-language content. Together with NEXT, SEO has redefined the improvement of the quality of creating content and its filtering and the process of downloading to find much more accurate content, free from junk and spam.

#2 s-Platform

The SEO tool machine runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Without any other proxies and further setup and no other brainers, you can achieve expertise on other platforms.

#3 Streaming UI Built for Speed

SEO employs standard UI components that are visible on the 1000s of sites. And that is how we have found out to do more than others. Advance features are hidden if you don’t wish to see them.

#4 Post to PNBs

You can very easily draft an article to WordPress/ Blogger or any other website that supports articles by email. The tool helps in maintaining your site network refreshing forever and ever.

#5 Content for all Link Building

By the tool, you can get the most out of your ink building applications. You can create Keyword targeted posts for content up to unlimited entries. The tool also supports renowned apps such as GSA, SER, Senuke, and Ultimate Demon.

#6 Super Content Inserts

You can insert pictures, videos, listings, questions and answers, subheadings and so much are more so that your content looks a little more alive instead of dull. SCM will do the difficult work of scraping perfect content for your articles. SEO also features a Content wizard that makes the process very easy to use SEO

Content Machine NEXT functions

#7 The Article Creator

It will process documents will 1000s of keywords and automobile insert pictures, links and videos, subheadings, and other lists, anything you want through the customized material panel.

#8 The writing assistant

You can filter paragraphs by automated generated lists of keywords. You will be able to find a lot of subjects applicable to your post. It is as simple as selecting a paragraph listing to start your article.

#9 Article downloader

When you are required to access a lot of pages with existing content online, the article downloader supports automatic articles rewriting and the use of article translation.

You just need to procedure a list of URLs and CSS for the ideal content you want. Search engine marketing offers you the capacity to scrape articles with none spinning.

#10 The URL finder

You can find the right URLs with the content you need. It locates the best 300 ranking sites, filters the content visually with spontaneous feedback to eliminate the URLs you do not require.

#11 The Post Updater

It schedules all your blog posts in one place. You just need to select a record of posts and post them into a WordPress Blog. Choose a randomized posting program, and SCM will help you to finish it up.

#12 The Archive.org Downloader

It finds the content that is no longer online and you can download the content, eliminate the HTML, and reuse it. It is appropriate for restoring content in the old sites.

Tier -1 content material creator

Search engine optimization content material gadget comes with a Tier 1 content material introduction app that sorts out your problem of mixing and mashing the articles and generates super spun articles. All you gotta do is enter 1 or more keywords into the search area and SCM will scrape the internet to get the related articles you can also import stored articles.

#13 Auto-post to WordPress sites

You can post generated content directly on WordPress sites and PNBs.

Why You Should Choose SEO Content Machine?

SEO Content Machine Help you in the process of re-writing an article to create new “original” copies in an attempt to avoid duplicate content issues that can result in a penalty from search engines like Google when article marketing your website.

If you go on the internet to search for anything you will find almost every site using SEO tools. Several sites need to update with fresh new content as part of the several PBNs, this type of work would not be possible to do yourself. This is why SEO content Machine tools help us to do the job better.

The SEO content machine manages PNBs, content tool bag, content in any language, customized content sources. SCM has an easy-to-use interface with which you can control which content you want to spin and produce.

It offers support for Blog owners and Word press websites also. With its help, you can automatically post blogs or press blog sites.

To get more detailed insights into its features, prices, and plans and how to make the best use of the software, we have tried to put together an article with enough details and information, so make sure you read it through.

Based On User Review.

SEO Content Machine Advantages & Disadvantages

SCM is one of the best Article Spinner tool, But Like Every Other builder, It has some Pros & Cons As Well as, With Some Experience with SCM, we are sharing SEO Content Machine Pros and Cons On The User Basis.

SEO Content Machine Advantages:

  • They provide use Free Trial without any credit card requirements.
  • There are no specific limits on Keyword
  • It works very well with almost every SEO Tool
  • You can Easily Translate one language to the other
  • They Provide a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • If you don’t like this tool, You will get your money back

SEO Content Machine Disadvantages:

  • Most of the time we need to change it manually.
  • You will get only 5 Days for a trial.
  • This time is not enough to experience this tool

Choose The Best Plan For You.

SEO Content Machine Pricing Plans

Some of the plans of the SEO Content machine are described below.

SEO Content Machine has 3 pricing plans at the moment in three manners, but it also comes with free trials. You can test out this software and you can do so for 5 days which is easy to determine whether the software is working well for you or not.













Content generator




Spinner tools




Blog Manager




Persistent tasks




Upfront bonus


Once you choose a preferred plan you will be sent an email, with a username and password with a link to the membership page where you can spot the download link.

Our Opinion –

Final Verdict: SEO Content Machine Review

In an era where technology is evolving every day, these kinds of tools are in so much demand for creating content.

Also, one of the best parts about the SEO content machine is that it is available at a very affordable price on three different bases, which is why it is easy to get your hands on it, and also, the free trial is a cherry on the cake.

It is possible to spin articles to create useful and unique “new” articles that can be submitted to other websites without fear of duplicate content.

As you can imagine, this takes more time and the number of good quality versions you can produce manually is limited by how much you’re prepared to fry your brain trying to re-word the same thing over and over again.

One of the other beneficial things which might have been left out is that the SEO machine eliminates the trouble of having Youtube video clip URLs.

It automatically inserts brand-new video clips on It alone can idealize articles without any other additional proxies. In the end, to make an opinion on this tool bottles down to what your purpose is.

FAQs –

Some Queries Related to SEO Content Machine

Here We are sharing Some Queries Related to SEO Content Machine Review.

Does the article creator combine paragraphs from different source articles?

The article creator will randomly choose a paragraph after picking it from its list of content It works in various steps
1. Finds the content
2. Spins content
3. Finds the right media
4. Generates content

What is content spun?

Once the content is downloaded; the article creator will use your article settings to find the best number of paragraphs to spin it. Any unused content is discarded.

What if one does not want to mix content-?

You can use the article downloader to get the article as a whole, and the article creator will do the job of mixing and jumbling the content it finds. We are hoping that we have been able to answer all the general and most helpful questions.

How We Get SEO Content Machine Lifetime License?

To Get SEO Content Machine Lifetime access, you need to buy its lifetime plan, which around $147, where you will get all the features you expect.

Specification: SEO Content Machine


Content Creator

Starting Price


Key Features

Multi-Language, Auto File Insert, URL Finder & Post Uploader,


Good Tool to Build Content for PBN & Link Building.