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iPage Renewal Price & iPage Renewal Discount 2024

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Get the iPage Renewal Coupon at the cheapest price & Check the iPage Renewal Price. We have shared 3 Ways to Save Money or Get a Discount on iPage Renewal, Check iPage Renewal Pros & Cons before renewing your hosting.

iPage is a well-known host offering one single plan, a website builder, and WordPress hosting. Plans include a free domain, free SSL, and free email.

Looking for iPage Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon 2023?

Get Know about iPage Renewal Discount with iPage Renewal Coupon. Pros & Cons of iPage Renewal and 3 Tricks to Save Money on iPage Renewals Plans.

iPage seems to be an overly advertised hosting provider with a bit old-fashioned homepage.

iPage Renewal Post Summary:

iPage Renewal Price$7.99/mo
iPage Renewal CouponDoesn’t Provide
Save Money on iPage Renewal 3 Ways Shared
iPage Money Back30 Days
iPage WordPress Hosting Renewal Cost$7.49/mo
iPage Renewal Price & iPage Renewal Discount 2024
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Know, How much it cost to renew iPage?

iPage Renewal Price in 2023

In this post, in terms of the renewal pricing and how much you would have to pay to renew the iPage web hosting service, we’re having this well clarified to you. Read along and let us know if you need any assistance or have any concerns in the comments section.

You’ll have to extend the service at the standard rate after the first term expires. This means that on renewal pricing, you will not get any discounts.

While this is really rational, with this particular price increase in renewals, certain clients don’t like web hosting providers.

iPage Renewal Price

For the very first word, the company provides an exclusive discount. So, for instance, if you start today, iPage is able to deliver a huge discount that is up to (-) percent to win you first and foremost as a paying consumer.

iPage has multiple plans across all its hosting types, as well as different subscription (iPage Renewal Coupon 2023) lengths, which also affect the price.

Read to know all about iPage web hosting renewal plans

iPage Web Hosting Renewal Price

Here, I’m breaking down iPage Web Hosting Renewal Price even more for you. I’m showing you the same rates you’re going to pay on all of them; the introductory and renewal rate costs.

Let’s get started and see how much your iPage web hosting account can charge you.

Go PlanIntroductory PriceRenewal Price
12-month term$2.99/mo$9.99/mo
24-month term$2.49/mo$8.99/mo
36-month term$1.99/mo$7.99/mo

The rates are, We must agree, very fair and inexpensive. Please remember that you are buying a web hosting package from a leading provider of web hosting. For more than 15 years, iPage has been delivering professional services for its customers.

The Web Hosting Go plan renews at $9.99/mo which is not expensive compared to other Web Hosting Providers.

iPage WordPress Hosting Renewal Price

iPage offers one of the most low-cost WordPress hosting plans. If you are just starting out with a small budget, then iPage can be a great starting point for your website.

plan12 months TermRenewal Price
WP Starter$3.75/mo $10.49
WP Essential $6.95/mo  $9.65

WordPress Hosting Monthly plan starts at$ 3.75/month that is a WP starter plan and if you decide to buy this plan for a long duration you can save a lot of money because of the introductory offer you get this plan for only $3.75/month. iPage renewal price for WordPress Hosting is starting at $10.49 per month.

iPage Domain Renewal Price

ipage domain renewal

A domain name is billed annually. It’s not a service for a one-time fee. A recurring fee is involved in getting a domain name on the internet as per ICANN.

TLDRegistration PriceRenewal PriceMinimum Term
.org.za$20.99 per year$20.99 per year1 Year
.ac$59.99 per year$59.99 per year1 Year
.academy$33.99 per year$33.99 per year1 Year
.accountant$19.99 per year$87.99 per year1 Year
.accountants$108.99 per year$108.99 per year1 Year
.actor$13.99 per year$47.00 per year1 Year
.ae$70.99 per year$70.99 per year1 Year
.com$9.00 per year$19.00 per year1 Year
.agency$3.99 per year$33.99 per year1 Year
.airforce$37.99 per year$37.99 per year1 Year

With iPage, your domain is free for one year. At the end of the year, you will be prompted to renew your domain, but at a cost. To renew your domain, you can expect to pay anywhere from $9.99 to $34.95.

The cost associated with the domain directly relates to the extension. For example, if you want to renew a .com extension, then the price is $14.99 per year. On the other hand, if you want to renew a .net extension, then the cost associated is $9.99 per year.

Overall, while the renewal price is not too high, it still is another added cost that you could consider when purchasing iPage.

iPage Renewal Price & iPage Renewal Discount 2024

Get the Best discount for iPage Renewal

iPage Renewal Price Discount 2023

  • Web Hosting Starting at $1.99/mo in introductory offer.
  • WP starter Starting at $3.75/mo for 12-month terms in the introductory offer.
  • WP Essential Starting at $6.75/mo for 12-month terms in the introductory offer.
  • Get a good deal if you renew the domain for a year starting at $9.99/yr.

What do you need to know before selecting an iPage plan?

Pros and Cons of iPage Hosting Plan Renewals

iPage Hosting Renewal Pros:

  • Affordable Shared Hosting: Clearly pricing is a solid reason why iPage can still be a good choice for 2018, especially if you don’t mind signing up for longer periods.
  • Lots of freebies: All plans have some extra features included for free, which makes these packages more appealing especially if you plan on taking advantage of the freebies offered.
  • Flexible terms: Hosting plans can be purchased on 12, 24 or 36 months base.
  • Flexibility: All plans are scalable, allowing you to add more resources or upgrade to other packages if you need to expand.
  • Beginner-friendly: iPage is an inclusive host that welcomes beginners by offering many features that benefit first-time users.

iPage Hosting Renewal Cons:

  • High renewal rates: Yes, iPage offers good introductory pricing on their shared hosting, but only if you commit for 3 years, and the renewal rate after the promotional is much higher.
  • No SSD storage: Although iPage has some plans built on cloud technology, they’re yet to offer SSD storage as well, which delivers better speed and performance than traditional hard drives.
  • Lots of Upsells: At checkout, iPage pushes some extra features like Site Security tools, SSL, Site Backup, and Restore, some of which are marked by default, so be careful to uncheck them if you don’t need them. Some hosts will offer these for free with their plans, especially backups.
  • Only Linux hosting: iPage does not offer Windows-based hosting or the option to choose a preferred OS on VPS or dedicated packages.
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Best 3 practices to save money while Buying iPage Renewal

3 Tricks to Save Money on iPage Renewal Price:

We will tell you multiple ways (that actually work) of saving money on iPage Hosting Renewals.


First-Time Buyers:

This is the best time to save money for the long term. This is the time when you will get the most discount and offers. The competition between the Web Hosting providers is here. They will do everything to get you on board.

There is hardly any discount available at the time of renewal. So, you got to make use of this time.


Save Money On Web Hosting Renewal: Repeat The Process:

It is very hard to find a promo coupon code on renewals. We haven’t found any web hosting service that provides promo codes on renewals.

There are two ways by which you can save money on renewals:

  1. 1 Ask your web hosting provider for a discount.

1.2 Move your website to a new hosting provider.


Try iPage Alternatives [Easy & Free Migration]

Ipage Renewal price not expensive compare to other hosting providers but you can also opt for some alternatives that are cheaper than iPage.

Last but Best way to save money on higher image renewal prices is to Choose a Better Alternative to Hostinger Hosting.

There are too many nice options, fair price options, and better performance & help for the best iPage alternative.

FREE & Expert Migration Service is the best feature of all these hosting services, which helps you to fully FREE migrate your entire site from an older web host to new chosen hosting & it is a very simple operation.

FAQs: iPage Renewal Coupon 2023

We have added some useful FAQs related to iPage Hosting Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon 2023. If you have any queries or doubts you can clear them from these FAQs.

  1. Does iPage Offer any Renewal Discount?

    iPage offers an introductory offer for a renewal discount and they are also some ways by following them you can Save Money on iPage Hosting Renewal pricing.

  2. What is iPage Renewal Pricing?

    iPage WordPress hosting renewal price starts at $10.49 and, Web Hosting at $9.99/mo.

  3. How to Save Money on iPage Renewals?

    We have shared 3 ways to save dollars during on iPage renewal pricing in this post. You can buy long-term hosting, build a new account, or explore iPage’s Best Alternatives.

  4. What are the best iPage alternatives?

    Hostgator, Hostinger, Dreamhost, and inMotion are the best alternatives of iPage.

  5. Why is the Renewal Price higher than the 1st time Fee?

    Web hosting companies sell their first-time customers a low-cost package, meaning they can order a web hosting plan at a reduced price.

Should I Renew My Ipage Hosting Plan?

Conclusion: iPage Renewal Pricing & Discount

Overall, We found iPage hosting to be good for what they are. If you have a small website, they’ll do just fine.

Their deep discounts on plans that you can lock in for 3 years is their main selling point. If that pricing sells you (and you don’t mind the upsells everywhere), go sign up with iPage here.

iPage is good if you want deeply discounted upfront pricing and you are comfortable doing DIY troubleshooting and installation. iPage is not good if you need hosting with more resources, dependability, and valuable add-ons.

iPage Renewal Price & iPage Renewal Discount 2024

If you are just starting out with a small budget, then iPage can be a great starting point for your website. No doubt, iPage is the best web hosting at an affordable price in 2023.

iPage offers one of the most low-cost shared hosting plans. They offer all the tools you will need to build your website with reliable and fast servers.

at the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned all the detail that will help you to check the Ipage renewal prices.

Get More Details About iPage Web Hosting.

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